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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

The Palazzo Las Vegas is the sister property of the Venetian and one of the most beautiful resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re planning a stay, one of the most important details to know before you arrive is how to navigate Palazzo parking. 

Palazzo Vs. Venetian Parking 

The Palazzo is connected to the Venetian Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. While they are connected, and you can easily walk between the two, they don’t share a parking garage.

Hotel guests at the Venetian resort should park in the Venetian garage, while guests of the Palazzo should park in the Palazzo parking garage. 

Between both resorts, you’ll find two complimentary parking garages, which is wonderful since free parking is something that’s difficult to come by on Las Vegas Blvd. 

The Palazzo Parking Garage 

Palazzo Parking Garage

The Palazzo parking garage is unique in that it is an underground parking structure rather than one that sticks itself out stories high into the Las Vegas skyline. The Palazzo is smaller than the Venetian Hotel, so its parking garage is smaller too. 

The parking garage at the Palazzo is four levels, while the Venetian parking garage is eleven stories tall. If you’re just visiting to dine at a restaurant, take in a show, or walk around the Grand Canal Shoppes, both complimentary parking garages are convenient. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. 

The parking garage at the Palazzo is very nice and possibly one of the cleanest and safest parking garages on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s well-lit, and given its location directly under the Palazzo, it’s more convenient and less of a walk to access the resort. 

Free Parking at the Palazzo 

Perhaps the most noticeable standout feature of the self-parking garage at the Palazzo is that it’s completely free. Both the Palazzo and the Venetian Las Vegas offer free self-parking, both for guests who are staying in a hotel room and for visitors who just need a place to park their car while they enjoy the amenities or go shopping. 

Even though there’s no charge for parking, it’s usually not a challenge to find a parking spot. An exception to this might be when there’s a major event, festival, or convention happening close to or at one of the two resorts. 

The self-parking garage at the Palazzo is also a very convenient spot to park if you want a location that’s close to many different entertainment venues, casinos, shopping, and dining options. 

The Venetian Las Vegas is connected to Treasure Island and Mirage by a pedestrian bridge. So, you can take advantage of the complimentary self-parking at either the Palazzo or Venetian parking garage and easily move between the resorts without the worry of navigating the traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Valet Parking & Fees 

The Palazzo offers both guests and visitors the option to enjoy valet parking services. While self-parking is complimentary, there is now a charge for valet parking. 

Currently, valet parking costs a flat rate of $35 per day. It might not be worth it to spend $35 to use the valet if you’re planning on only spending an hour or two at the resort.

However, if you’re staying there or plan on a longer stay, it’s still a decent deal in a city like Las Vegas, where parking can really eat through the wallet. Grazie Rewards Elite members can use valet services for no charge. 

The valet parking drop-off locations are at the upper-level Porte-cochere, which can be accessed via Las Vegas Boulevard. This is the same entrance off the Strip that will take you to the main entrance and main lobby of the hotel. 

There are separate pick-up locations when you’re ready to retrieve your car from the valet. This is a designated area that’s underground at the Palazzo, but don’t worry. It’s easy to access and offers plenty of comfort and amenities while you’re waiting for your car to arrive. 

Parking Time


Every day of the Week


EV Charging & Parking 

Both the Palazzo and the Venetian Las Vegas offer charging stations and parking for electric vehicles. At the Palazzo, there are three Teslas and two banks of GE chargers in the limo and valet parking area.

If you’d rather self-park, there is one charging station next to the employment center, which is on level P2. There are also three GE charging stations on level P4. 

The Venetian offers three GE charging stations at their valet parking and a total of six charging stations on level six of the parking garage. 

Between the resorts, there are good options for electric vehicles, and it’s convenient parking if you’re spending some time at the Grand Canal Shoppes. 

Oversized Parking 

Palazzo Oversized Parking

The Palazzo doesn’t offer any oversize parking on-site. Between them and the Venetian, there are limited oversized vehicle options. Over-sized vehicles must meet height restrictions and be between 6 ft 8″ and 8 ft 3″ to use the oversized parking area. 

For information on oversized parking and availability, contact concierge services at the hotel. 

Location & Map 

The Palazzo at the Venetian Resort is located at 3325 S Las Vegas Boulevard. The main entrance to the self-parking garage can be accessed via Las Vegas Boulevard or along the back side of the Palazzo Hotel and Casino via Sands Avenue. Just follow the signs, and they’ll lead you to the right spot. 

If you’re interested in Venetian parking, the main entrance can be accessed via the Koval Lane entrances. 

For reference, Palazzo Las Vegas is located about 3.5 miles from Harry Reid International Airport. 


Does Palazzo have free parking?

The Palazzo hotel and casino offers complimentary self-park privileges to both guests staying at the hotel and visitors. There is a fee for valet if you choose to use it. 

Can Palazzo guests park at the Venetian?

Technically the Palazzo and the Venetian offer guests and visitors a separate parking area, but since the properties are connected and both offer complimentary self-parking, you could park at the Venetian if you were staying at the Palazzo and vice versa. It would, however, be less convenient to do so. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Palazzo Hotel offers complimentary self-parking to guests and visitors
  • Valet services are available for $35 per day
  • EV charging stations are available in both valet and the parking garage 
  • There’s no parking for oversized vehicles on-site

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  1. I am a Las Vegas LOCAL ! I met friends at the Palazzo Grand Lux for dinner. My Handicap sign was posted … however, valet told me that there for no discounts for locals or handicapped. I spent less than 3-hours and paid $35 … way doesn’t Palazzo have a short-term plan for LOCALS ?

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