Paris Hotel Map Casino Level

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

The Paris Hotel Map includes the main casino, Paris theater, and many bars and restaurants. Once you enter the Paris Hotel you’ll find yourself closest to the main casino marked in green.

Paris Hotel Map Casino Level

The many bars and tasty restaurants are sprinkled throughout the map in purple. Also marked in purple, you can find a buffet and nightclub to enjoy.

All the walkways are shown in yellow making the map easy to navigate. Use the walkways to find the majority of various retail shops and entertainment venues (in red).

If you need easy access to any hotel services, ballrooms, or meeting rooms, reference the blue spots on the map which are labeled accordingly.

The Paris hotel has so many options for Vegas fun. You might need a map to find your way around the resort, but surely you won’t need one to spot the famous Vegas Eiffel Tower.

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