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Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Las Vegas has a lot of entertainment options. From casinos and adrenaline-inducing rides to extravagant shows, there is something for everyone to do. Las Vegas shows are almost second to none in production quality and variety. Some are adult-only shows, and others are family-friendly.

One of the best family-friendly shows in Vegas is Penn & Teller. Penn & Teller is a comedy magic show named after the world-famous magician duo that hosts it. Penn & Teller have been a staple in the city for years and is a must-see on an upcoming trip. 

Penn & Teller Vegas Show

Penn and Teller Las Vegas Show

Penn and Teller have had several live and on-screen appearances over the years, but their Las Vegas live magic show is legendary. Located at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino since 2001, this show is the longest-running headliner at the same Las Vegas hotel, and for a good reason! Penn & Teller is a Vegas classic that breaks all the rules of magic. 

Audiences will be amazed at elements of traditional magic, sleight of hand, classic sideshow routines, and innovative illusions. In the duo, each of the two magicians has their own role. Penn does all the talking as he narrates and introduces all of the tricks with stories, jokes, and audience interaction, while the mute Teller is the person that pulls off the action. 

One thing that sets this magic show apart from the rest is that sometimes Penn & Teller give away the secret of a few of the tricks, bringing the audience in on the illusions, just like you’ll see on an episode of Penn & Teller: Fool Us which we’ll dive into below. It makes it fun to see the secrets of the industry and adds to the performance.

However, they don’t always give all the secrets away, keeping the audience on their toes. After all, Penn & Teller wouldn’t be some of the best magicians in the world if they gave away the method for every magic trick they’ve created to the public.

Guests can expect a 90-minute show full of magic tricks you are familiar with, like a card trick or two, and a lot of ones that are unique to the creative duo, like Penn & Teller’s famous bullet catch illusion.

Penn & Teller Vegas Show Age Considerations

The Penn & Teller show is considered an edgy show but only requires audience members to be five years old to attend. You can take the whole family to experience the magic, but it is best for the 10-12 and older group because of the 9 p.m. start time, frequent profanity, and inappropriate jokes. 

Penn & Teller Theater


The Penn and Teller show is hosted in the Penn & Teller Theater at the Rio All-Suite Hotel. You’ll find the Penn & Teller Theater on Rio’s Convention Way just past Starbucks and the spa. The theater is quite large with high ceilings, which are good to keep up with the high demand of the public for tickets.


Penn & Teller Seating

The Penn & Teller Theater has a total of 1475 comfortable seats. There are the orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony seats. With so many options, all at different prices, it can be hard to decide which are the best seats for the money. 

Like in most theaters, in the Penn & Teller Theater, the orchestra and beginning of the mezzanine sections offer the best view of the stage. However, orchestra seats, especially those in the front, can get expensive. Luckily, there are three big screens that capture the close-up views, which makes it easy to see the performance from anywhere in the theater. 

The best value for the money tends to be in the back of the orchestra or the front of the mezzanine level. This way, you still have a decent view of the performance and can interact with the audience participation elements while not breaking your budget. 

Those who purchase tickets in the very back of the balcony section will have a bird’s eye view and might have trouble seeing the details on the big screen. Nevertheless, you will still be able to enjoy the show, and it will be at a great price.  

Seating at the Penn & Teller Theater begins at 8 p.m., an hour before showtime. We recommend getting there early because Penn plays the upright bass with a piano player as the audience is seated.   

Penn and Teller Tickets

Penn & Teller tickets can be found on the Rio Las Vegas or official Vegas travel site and start at $60; however, buying them online through third parties can save you some money so always check to see if there are any featured discounts! 

One thing that is nice about Penn & Teller tickets is that the magicians come out after select performances for meet and greet and photo opportunities. 

Penn & Teller showtimes can be found by date anywhere you purchase your tickets.

Penn & Teller Fool Us TV Show

Penn & Teller have most recently been known for their CW TV Show series, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Fool Us is a magic competition show where magicians try to fool Penn and Teller with how they do the tricks. If they manage to fool the famed magicians, contestants get a five-star vacation and get to be the opening act for the Penn & Teller show in Vegas. 

Several acts have fooled the duo, so you may see magicians from your favorite episodes featured as the opening act at select live performances if you get lucky. Penn & Teller: Fool Us has launched the careers of many new magicians and still does with every season.

As of November 2022, the show is in its 9th season with a new episode airing every week.  

Who Are Penn & Teller

Who Are Penn & Teller?

Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller make up the famous duo Penn & Teller who blur the lines between perception and reality using sleight of hand, illusions, and old-school magic. They have worked together since 1975. Penn & Teller’s popularity soared in the eighties after their three Broadway runs and tours around Europe. 

Over the years, they have had several of their own TV shows and appearances in films, talk shows, music videos, and other TV shows. For instance, their show Penn & Teller: BS! on Showtime was the longest-running series in the history of the network with eight seasons and 89 episodes. The duo has also appeared on other shows like Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

Along the way in their careers, they have gathered a group of accolades. Penn & Teller holds Emmy, Obie, and Writer’s Guild awards, and they even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Penn & Teller Early Days

For an idea of where they started, Penn attended Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, which is probably why we see his goofy, funny side in live performances.

On the other hand, Teller’s degree is in Classical Studies and he taught Latin at a high school before becoming a magician. In his early magic days, he started to remain silent to provide dramatic effect and has carried that vow of silence on stage ever since no matter which trick they are pulling off. 

Penn & Teller’s Individual Success

Despite racking up quite a page of history and accolades as a group, they each have had their own individual success in the world as well. Teller has directed plays on and off Broadway and has written two books.

Penn has written three books himself, two of which were New York Times best sellers, and has dabbled in game show hosting, Dancing with the Stars, and two seasons of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Penn & Teller Age

As you might have guessed based on their track record and extensive careers, they are not young, new magicians. Penn is 66, and Teller is 73, making them veterans of the magic industry.

However, do not be fooled by Penn and Teller’s age because they sure know how to put on a great show with every episode and live performance bringing new tricks and uncovering the methods behind the top magicians’ tricks. 

Penn & Teller Net Worth

With their success has come fortune. Penn & Teller have a combined net worth of 400 million, and each of them is worth 200 million, making them some of the highest-paid magicians in the world. 

And Penn & Teller’s net worth just keeps growing as they continue to produce episodes in the new season of their magic TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us and perform live at the Rio in Vegas.


How long is the Penn and Teller show?

The Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas is 90 minutes long.

Does Teller talk in real life?

Teller talks in real life but is mostly mute on stage.

See Penn & Teller Perform Live

If you have an upcoming trip to Sin City, the Penn & Teller show is a must-do. Coined the “bad boys of magic,” Penn & Teller combine comedy, illusion, and old fashion magic tricks to put on a star show at a great price. Get your tickets and see why this late-night live show at the Rio Hotel is a top seller. We hope to see you there!

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