Planet Hollywood Parking: Valet, Self Parking Garage & Fees

Last Updated on March 12, 2023

Planet Hollywood is one of the busiest resorts on Las Vegas Boulevard, with a popular 2,600-room resort, endless shopping and entertainment at Miracle Miles Shops, and a vibrant casino.

Gone are the days of free parking at the valet or in the 10-story Planet Hollywood parking structure that services the resort and shops. 

Let’s review the newly reinstated parking fees at Planet Hollywood, how to access the parking areas, and what to expect when you park at the resort or Miracle Miles Shops!

Planet Hollywood Self Parking

Self Parking

The self-parking garage at Planet Hollywood hotel & casino is an impressive 10-stories tall and attached directly to the resort. The garage clearance for vehicles is 6’8″ as is standard for most garages.

The parking garage serves both the resort and Miracle Mile Parking Garage, so it’s no surprise so much space is required! 

While complimentary self-parking is no longer offered, Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars levels Caesars Rewards members can enjoy free self-parking. 

Access the Planet Hollywood parking garage via Harmon off the Strip. When you enter, you’ll receive a parking ticket. Keep track of this ticket because it’s needed to pay your self-parking fee when you want to leave. Use a self-parking kiosk to enter your ticket and payment.

If you’re a hotel guest, turn in your parking ticket at the registration desk so all future parking fees can be charged to your room.

Pro Tip

Save your future self some trouble by dropping your luggage at the bell desk before parking if you’ll be checking into the hotel. It’s a long walk from the parking garage with multiple bags!

PH and Miracle Mile Shops Parking - free parking 1 hour

Valet Parking

pros and cons valet parking at Planet Hollywood miracle mile

Drop Off

Access the valet area by taking a turn onto Planet Hollywood Way via Harmon. Follow the signs for the valet entrance to stay in the left lane, where you’ll be directed into the circular valet drive. Or you can access by 13 Audrie St.

Planet Hollywood Resort Valet service drivers will take your keys and hand you a valet parking ticket. It’s customary to tip the valet driver at the time of drop-off and pickup. 

You can head straight into the casino and resort, but be sure the valet ticket is in a safe place first!

If you’re a hotel guest, your valet ticket can be turned in at the front desk so valet fees can be charged to your room, and you get free in/out privileges. 

planet hollywood valet parking las vegas

Pick Up

When you want to pick up your car from the valet at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, head to a valet kiosk with your valet ticket.

This ticket will trigger the drivers to retrieve your car while you’re prompted to pay the valet fee based on how long you’ve been parked. 

If you can valet park for free thanks to a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level Caesar Rewards members status, you can enter your card to waive the fee. 

Parking Fees

Self Parking 

Parking Time

Price (Mon - Thu)

Price (Fri - Sun)

First Hour



1 – 4 Hour



4 – 24 Hour



Each additional 24 Hours



Planet Hollywood self-parking rates change depending on the day of the week. Planet Hollywood parking weekday rates from Monday to Thursday are cheaper. Weekend rates go from Friday to Sunday and increase even more during holiday weekends.

Paid parking rates are the same for registered hotel guests fees and non-hotel guests. 

Valet Parking Fees 

Parking Time


0 – 4 Hours


4 – 24 Hours


Valet parking fees at Planet Hollywood are similar to self-parking fees because they’re charged the same across the board for hotel guests and those just visiting the resort. However, rates are higher on weekends, with fees being charged for 0-4 hours of parking or 4-24 hours. 

While hotel guests still have to pay the valet parking fee, they do get to enjoy complimentary in and out privileges. 

Free Parking

While Planet Hollywood doesn’t offer free parking anymore, Caesars Rewards Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Star members can enjoy free valet and self parking perks at the resorts and shops.

Caesars Rewards free parking perks allow you to park for free at several Las Vegas properties on the Las Vegas Strip with your valid Caesars rewards card.

Like many other resorts on the Strip, Planet Hollywood does offer the first hour of free parking to all guests. Their website states they don’t accept a NV drivers license for free Las Vegas parking purposes. 

EV Parking

Planet Hollywood has EV charging available via valet. You cannot charge your car if you enter as a self-parking customer. 

While they have EV charging compatible with most vehicles, they do not offer Tesla charging.

Oversized Parking

Oversized Parking at Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood has an oversized lot available for customers with oversized vehicles, but the vehicle can’t be longer than 60 feet. 

If you need oversized parking at Planet Hollywood, pull into the parking garage off Audrie Street and call security at 702-862-8014. Security is on-site to answer calls for oversized parking 24 hours a day.

Planet Hollywood Parking Map

Planet Hollywood parking can be accessed via Harmon Avenue off the Strip. Keep left on Harmon and make your first left.

Planet Hollywood Way is clearly marked with signs leading to the self-parking garage. For valet parking, keep to the left on Planet Hollywood Way until you reach the circular drive leading to the valet area.

Valet parking versus self-parking at Planet Hollywood makes a bigger difference than at other resorts on the Strip. If you self-park and have to take a spot on the far end of the garage, you have an almost ¼ mile-long walk to the resort, which isn’t convenient at all!

Valet is so preferred that it even fills up on occasion. The valet drivers stay super busy, but that means less walking for you.


Is parking still free at Planet Hollywood?

No, there is no longer free parking at Planet Hollywood for resort guests and non-guests alike.

Is parking free at Miracle Mile Shops?

No, you’ll have to pay to park if you’re shopping at Miracle Mile Shops.

Does Planet Hollywood have EV charging?

Planet Hollywood has EV charging that can be used via valet.

Bottom Line 

Stay up to date with the latest parking fees at Las Vegas resorts with Vegas Food & Fun! From finding a great meal in Sin City to getting the best deal on entertainment tickets, Vegas Food & Fun has all the info you need to plan the Las Vegas trip of your dreams.

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