Best Rage Rooms in Las Vegas

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Las Vegas is full of things to do, but rage rooms are the newest things to the Las Vegas scene. Rage rooms are places where you can go to smash and destroy things in a controlled, safe environment. 

Visitors to range rooms are suited up into safety gear and then given a stocked arsenal of wrecking weapons like golf clubs and baseball bats to smash stuff such as computer printers, glass bottles, and more. 

Many people use these rooms to relieve stress and take out anger, but it is just a fun and different experience as well. There are a few options to get your rage room fix in Las Vegas, so let’s take a look at the best options and what to look for in a rage room. 

Best Rage Rooms in Las Vegas

Wreck Room Las Vegas

Wreck Room Las Vegas

The Wreck Room is a destruction experience in Las Vegas, a short drive West of the Strip. Smash things for fun, stress relief, or safe aggression expression. The Wreck Room facility is fully air-conditioned with changing rooms and lockers for personal belongings. Each of the four camera-monitored rage rooms is stainless steel and the size of a two-car garage. 

At the Wreck Room, you can get two different packages. The Wrecking Package is a thirty-minute session that includes 15 small items, five medium items, and one large item. You’ll have an arsenal of weapons such as crowbars and baseball bats to choose from. In the XL Wrecking Package, you’ll still have thirty minutes and quite the arsenal of weapons, but it includes 25 small items, ten medium items, and two large items. 

With both packages, protective gear, including coveralls, face shields, gloves, and vests, are included in the pricing and are mandatory. And don’t worry, you don’t have to clean it up when you’re done. The Wreck Room staff will take care of that.

Sin City Smash

Sin City Smash in Las Vegas

Sin City Smash is located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip behind Palace Station. They allow you to take part in destruction therapy in a safe, controlled environment. The staff at Sin City Smash will walk you through your weapon selections, ensure that you are wearing closed-toe shoes and the provided safety gear, and then get you started destroying stuff. 

Sin City Smash has five packages to choose from. The smallest package is the Smash and Go, a 10-minute smash session with one medium item and ten fragile items, perfect for first-timers letting loose. There’s also the Signature Smash, a step up from the Smash and Go with a few more items. 

The largest and most popular package is the Premium Smash, a 25 minutes session with two small items, two medium items, one large item, and 20 fragile items. The other two package options are Smash Parties for 4 or 6, allowing you to take a whole group. 

Afterward, Sin City Smash will clean up and recycle your damages while you revel in your unique rage room experience. Sin City Smash also has an airsoft range, ax throwing, and splatter paint activities on-site if you are looking for something to do after your destruction therapy session. 

Axe Monkeys

Axe Monkeys in Las Vegas

Axe Monkeys is known for their axe throwing, but they also have a Rage Room. They are located east of the Las Vegas airport, a short drive from the Strip. To participate in the Axe Monkeys Rage Room, you simply book your session, go through the quick safety tutorial, choose a weapon, and start smashing things. 

One unique element of Axe Monkeys is that they allow you to choose a soundtrack for your session so you can have the perfect background music to fuel your experience. Axe Monkeys has hour-long sessions, much longer than many other rage rooms. Book by the person, but feel free to bring groups along for the fun as well. 

Dig This Las Vegas

Dig This Las Vegas

Though not technically a rage room, the Aggression Session at Dig This Las Vegas is a similar concept, just on a larger level. 

With the Aggression Session, you are first given a can of spray paint to mark up and write whatever you’re feeling on a car. Then, you get to destroy the car and those thoughts with a 30,000 pound Caterpillar excavator. Smash and crush the car to your heart’s content, taking out any frustrations you might have had when you arrived. 

The session lasts thirty minutes and is available daily. Though it is on the expensive side, this is an exhilarating and satisfying experience if you want to break things on another level. 

What to Look For in a Rage Room

There are a few things to look for in a rage room in Las Vegas, NV. 

Number of Items

Each rage room experience comes with a different number of items to smash. You’ll want to compare packages to make sure that you get the most smashing for your money. You should also look at what kinds of items the rage room includes ensuring you are satisfied with their smash-ability. 

Bring Your Own Policy

Some rage rooms allow you to bring your own stuff to destroy, so if you have things in particular that you want to take the frustration out on, a rage room that allows personal belongings is a good option. Just keep in mind that they provide things for you to destroy if you don’t want to bring your own. It is simply another thing you can look for in a rage room. 

Exhilarating Experience at Las Vegas Rage Rooms

Other Activities

Since rage room sessions are typically rather short, it can be a nice touch if the facility also has other things to do so that you don’t have to hop from place to place as quickly. A few of the rage rooms have other activities, such as ax throwing or paint splatter rooms, which can be fun after your adrenaline stops pumping. If you are looking to fill more time at a rage room, look for one that has other things to do there as well. 

Session Length

Each facility offers different rage room session lengths. Look to see which one will best satisfy you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to clean up, so however long your session is, you get that entire time to break stuff. You would be surprised how much you can smash even in a fifteen or thirty-minute session. 


How much does the anger room cost?

Rage rooms in Las Vegas typically cost between $45-$95 per person, depending on the items you smash and how long the session is.

Are rage rooms healthy?

Rage rooms can be a healthy way to get out some anger, but some professionals state that it is only a short-term solution as it doesn’t provide any tools for handling emotions.

What do you do in a rage room?

In a rage room, you get to take out your frustrations by smashing things like glasses, electronics, and more. 

Get an Exhilarating Experience at Las Vegas Rage Rooms

Rage rooms are a great way to escape from our everyday lives and get some frustrations out in a safe way. They are also just a fun, unique experience to have in Las Vegas. Visit one of these exhilarating rage rooms in Las Vegas for something new and different to do!

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