Sahara Las Vegas Parking: Valet & Garage Fees

With a fun casino, multiple restaurants, and on-site entertainment, Sahara Las Vegas Hotel & Casino has plenty to offer hotel guests and visitors to the property. If that isn’t enough,  the Sahara Las Vegas parking garage is 100% free!  

Open since 1952, when it brought an African Sahara Theme to the North End of the Las Vegas Strip, Sahara is still a successful resort in Sin City.

It has been completely remodeled since then, but the history of the resort makes it a fun stop for tourists and locals.

Self-Parking at Sahara Las Vegas

Self-Parking at Sahara Las Vegas

Sahara has two parking garages that offer self-parking for this resort located on the North End of the Strip. Both garages are completely free! 

Other than the perk of being free, which is a huge bonus, the parking garages are nothing special, but they get the job done. The clearance for both garages is 6’ 8”.

Location & Map 

There are two self-parking garages. The first is right off the Strip with signs around the front of the resort. The second, known as Paradise Garage, is accessed via Paradise Road on the East side of the resort. Both garages are easy to locate and access. 

Valet Parking

Drop Off

You can drop your car off at two valet locations. The first is at the front of the resort, with the entrance off Las Vegas Blvd. The covered port cochere area is easy to get into. When you arrive, the valet will take your keys and give you a ticket.

The second valet parking entrance is on the east side of the property, accessed via Paradise Road. 

Don’t forget to tip your valet driver at drop off and pick up! After all, you don’t have to pay to park, and a tip is reasonable. 

Pick Up

To retrieve your car, return to the valet area with your parking ticket. This will tell the driver where your car is so they can fetch it. It’s easy to pull out of both areas and quickly get back to the action in Sin City!


Sahara has free valet parking for hotel guests and visitors to the casino or restaurants inside the resort.

EV Parking at Sahara

EV Parking at Sahara Las Vegas

There are no EV charging stations in Sahara. It’s surely only a matter of time before they’re added, though!

Las Vegas Monorail

There’s a Monorail stop right across the street from Sahara. The convenient location and free parking access are enough to pique the interest of some travelers, understandably so.

Anyone can take advantage of the free parking and then go across the street to ride the Monorail to their real destination.

The Monorail is reliable transportation, and the cost is $5 each way, which is a fraction of the parking costs at other nearby resorts. 

You shouldn’t use this method of getting free parking if you’re carrying a lot of luggage. It’s not worth the money saved to struggle to get luggage on and off the Monorail.


Is parking at Sahara Las Vegas free?

Self-parking and valet parking at Sahara is always free for everyone, whether you’re staying in a room at the property or not. 

Does Sahara Las Vegas have EV charging?

No, there aren’t any EV charging stations in Sahara.

What is the clearance height for the Sahara parking garage?

The clearance for both parking garages is 6 feet 8 inches.

Where is the self-parking garage for Sahara Las Vegas? 

There’s a garage at the front of the resort off Las Vegas Blvd. The second is off Paradise Road by the East side of the resort.

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