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The Stratosphere Hotel is an undeniable asset to the scenery of the Las Vegas Strip. With the Skypod hovering 1,149 ft in the air, The Strat Las Vegas attracts lots of attention and visitors. The Las Vegas Strip can be challenging enough to navigate, but what about Stratosphere parking? Is it difficult to find, and how much does it cost? 

While Stratosphere parking used to be free, as of April 3, 2023, there is now a charge for self parking at the Strat.

Self Parking

Strathosphere Parking

There’s one thing that sets the Stratosphere parking garage apart from the others on the Strip, and that was the fact they offered free parking to all guests and visitors to the hotel and casino, but that ended in 2023.

Whether you’re staying at the Stratosphere Hotel, dining at one of the wonderful restaurants, or trying your luck at the Casino, everyone can access self parking. 

Self Park for Free? Not Since April 2023 

The word “free” isn’t one you hear very often in Las Vegas, but it was the theme at the Stratosphere self-park garage. Free parking was available to all guests and visitors, up until 4/3/23.

Now self parking fees at the Strat are $6 for up to 4 hrs Monday through Thursday (weekdays), and $8 Friday through Sunday (weekends).

24 hour self parking rates at Stratosphere are $12 weekdays and $15 on weekends.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to park there and just leave your car sitting for days on end unless you’re staying at the Strat Hotel. They do have parking attendants that patrol the area and keep track of vehicles that appear to be abandoned. 

They may tow vehicles that are parked in the Stratosphere parking garage for an extended period of time. 

The Strat parking garage offers plenty of space. The parking garage is eight stories high and offers more than two thousand parking spaces. 

Typically, finding a spot at a hotel that allows you to park for free can be a challenge. We’ve personally never had an issue finding any available spaces at the Strat. 

Valet Parking

While valet also used to be free, they now charge $15 for Valet Parking on Monday to Thursday, and $18 for valet on Friday to Sunday.

The valet attendant will greet you and issue you a ticket, which you’ll need to save to retrieve your car when you’re ready to leave. 

And, even though they are now charging for valet parking, it is customary to tip the valet attendant in addition to the fee. So, it’s a good idea to carry a little cash on you for such an occasion. 

Premium Parking

The Stratosphere Hotel is one of the most recent Las Vegas hotels that offer paid premium parking spaces in addition to the spaces that you can park in for free. 

Premium spaces are those located at the most convenient locations in the Stratosphere parking garage. Think along the lines of parking spaces near the elevators and also on the third floor of the parking garage, where you’ll find the walkway to the casino. 

On average, there are about a dozen (give or take) paid parking spaces on each level. 

stratosphere Premium parking

Currently, the Stratosphere hotel doesn’t have any information on its website about these premium spaces where you have to pay to park. However, rumor has it that paid parking is $6 for the first four hours and $12 for four to twenty-four hours. Each day after the first twenty-four hours is $12. 

Event Parking

The Strat Las Vegas doesn’t offer any special event parking in its parking garage. Guests who are attending an event at the property may take advantage of the free self and valet parking in the Stratosphere parking garage, or they may choose to pay to park in one of the premium paid spots. 

EV Charging & Parking

Currently, the Stratosphere Parking Garage doesn’t offer any EV charging stations for their hotel guests at this location. 

There are other resorts on the Las Vegas Strip that do offer EV charging, including the Venetian, Palazzo, the LINQ, and also at Fashion Show Mall, among other locations. 

Location & Map

The Strat Hotel & Casino is located at 2000 S Las Vegas Boulevard, also affectionately known as the Las Vegas Strip. 

The Stratosphere parking garage can be most conveniently accessed by taking Las Vegas Boulevard to W Bob Stupak Ave. If you’re heading south on Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll take a right onto W Bob Stupak Ave. If you’re heading north on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll take a left. 

You’ll first come to the signage indicating the valet parking area, which is right in front of the Strat Las Vegas. Go a little further, follow the sign, and proceed to the Stratosphere parking garage, which is about 300 feet ahead of you. 

You don’t have to search too hard. The entrance to the Stratosphere parking garage is visible and will be on your right. 

Once inside the Strat, there are 3 ways out of the hotel to get you to the parking garage and valet marked on the map below:


Is there free parking at Stratosphere?

There is no longer free parking at Stratosphere, as of 4/3/23. It now ranges from $6 to $15 for self parking and $15 to $18 for valet parking. 

Does the STRAT have truck parking?

The Strat Las Vegas does offer oversized parking in a lot across the street from the hotel. Not all hotels and casinos in Las Vegas offer such close oversized parking, so this is a huge plus if you have a vehicle that doesn’t pass the clearance test at the Stratosphere parking garage. There is a small fee for oversized parking, and it is subject to availability. It’s best to contact Strat directly by phone or inquire at the time of making your reservation and booking your room about location and availability. 

Bottom Line

The Strat Las Vegas is a favorite destination on the Strip. From the great restaurant to the opportunity to ride on some of the most intense thrill rides on the Strip, the Strat is a great destination for your next visit to Sin City. Don’t forget to take lots of photos, and let the Strat take care of the parking stress for you.

2 thoughts on “Stratosphere Parking: The Strat’s Valet, Self Parking Map & Fees”

  1. The Strat now has NO free parking. Just dropped in and they told me all parking was $13 for the first hour for visitors. They also said this was going to happen to all hotels in the strip. (Which is a lie. The Mirage just opened up free parking for locals with their rewards card.) They were rude too.

    1. We’ve just updated the new parking rates at the Strat where they range from $6-$15 for self parking, and $15 – $18 for valet.

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