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The Strat is a hotel that has been gracing the Vegas Strip since it opened decades ago. The Strat Tower, which is the tallest observation tower in the United States, is an iconic fixture of the Vegas skyline. With affordable rooms, nice restaurants, and a great lineup of shows, Strat has a lot to offer each of its guests. 

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas in the near future, take a look at everything that makes the Strat a favorite place to stay in Sin City. 

Strat Hotel Rooms & Suites

Elevate Rooms 

The Elevate Rooms are among the selection of rooms at the Strat. The Elevate Rooms come with either a single king or two queen bed option and measure 340 sq ft. Each room features a min-refrigerator, coffee maker, 55-inch HD television, a desk area, and walk-in showers. The Elevate Rooms at the Strat are the definition of simple, refined elegance. 

Elite Rooms 

Like the Elevate Rooms, the Elite Rooms also measure 340 sq ft but offer slightly warmer decor elements. The Elite Rooms are also offered in a single king or two queen bed option and feature all of the same amenities as the Elevate Rooms. 

Select Rooms 

The Select King and Queen Rooms are slightly smaller than the Elevate and Elite Rooms, measuring 320 sq ft. The Select Rooms offer all of the comforts you need for your stay in Vegas, including comfortable bedding, televisions, MP3 players in each room, a desk area, and a large vanity area. 

Standard Rooms 

The Standard King and Queen Rooms offer 340 sq ft of space and a more airy feel than the other Strat rooms of this same size. Large windows offer a nice view of the city, with amenities that include a small seating area, television, bathroom vanity area, and more. 

Tower Suite 

Tower Suite 

For guests who are looking for a little more space, the Tower Suite at the Strat is the perfect fit. With 574 sq ft of space that features both a king bed and sofa that transforms into a queen bed, allowing you plenty of space to stretch out and relax during the day and then increasing the sleeping capacity at night. 

Classic Family Suite 

Classic Family Suite 

The Classic Family Suite is perfect for families or groups of friends who are traveling together. The Classic Family Suite measures 610 sq ft and features a nice, spacious living area, hot tub-style bathtub, large bathroom, and a sofa bed that increases sleep capacity at night. 

Boulevard Suite 

Boulevard Suite 

The Boulevard Suite at the Strat offers more space and privacy than the other Strat suites. The Strat Boulevard Suite is 780 sq ft and features a separate bedroom and living area, along with a refrigerator, wet bar, and spacious spa-style bathroom. 

Classic Grand Suite 

Classic Grand Suite 

The Classic Grand Suite is the largest suite at the Strate in Vegas. The Classic Grand Suite is 1097 sq ft of a relaxed, spacious bedroom and living space. The Classic Grand Suite is done in neutral decor and feels more like a comfortable apartment than a hotel room. In addition to all of the amenities provided by the Strat, guests of the Classic Grand Suite also enjoy incredible views of the Las Vegas Valley. 

Strat Hotel Casino Skypod

The Skypod and Observation Deck at the Strat have become an iconic fixture of the Vegas landscape. Located in the Stratosphere Tower, the Strat Hotel Casino Skypod and Observation Deck offers several floors of dining, entertainment, and breathtaking views. 

One of the main attractions at the Skypod is the on-site restaurant called the Top of the World. Guests enjoy the view as the entire restaurant does a complete rotation every 80 minutes. Even if you don’t have reservations for one of the favorite restaurants in Vegas, you can still enjoy the view from the observation deck with a cocktail in hand. 

The Skypod is also home to meeting rooms and the Chapel in the Sky for the most unforgettable wedding. Tickets are required to enter the Skypod, so make sure you reserve your spot ahead of time. 

Strat Restaurants

Top of the World 

Top of the World 

Top of the World at the Stratosphere Hotel is one of the most treasured fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas. Top of the World sits in the Stratosphere Tower and is known for offering one of the most spectacular views in all of Vegas. The Top of the World Restaurant sits more than 800 ft above Vegas and is encased with windows. As the restaurant spins, guests experience the most incredible panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline. 

Top of the World in the Strat Hotel Casino Skypod is a wonderful location to celebrate a special occasion. Whether it’s a special birthday, anniversary, or wedding proposal, the Top of the World offers an ambiance and menu that’s romantic and truly special. 

PT’s Wings & Sports

PT's Wings & Sports

If you’re in the mood for something more casual than the Top of the World Restaurant, the Strat has some great dining options for you, including PT’s Wings & Sports. When you walk in, you’ll encounter a modern sports bar vibe, with a huge LED wall where you can catch the hottest games. 

The menu at PTs is filled with delicious pub-style food that has been taken up more than just a few notches. While you’re here, you can nosh on such deliciousness as Blackened Shrimp Dip, Gold Fever Chicken & Ranch Pizza, a Hot Pastrami Sandwich, or Cripsy Fish Tacos. There’s also a long list of bottled beers, beers on tap, and beer flights available. 

McCall’s Heartland Grill 

McCall's Heartland Grill 

McCall’s Heartland Grill is the spot in the Strat where you can find delicious steakhouse-style comfort to fill your belly without emptying your wallet. The ambiance is warm and comfortable at McCall’s Heartland Grill, making it perfect for a casual meal with friends at the Strat. 

The menu at McCall’s Heartland Grill includes classic steakhouse favorites, such as a warm spinach artichoke dip, Cracklin calamari, cajun blacked alfredo pasta, and whiskey braised short ribs, not to mention the selection of delicious steaks. 

Strat Cafe 

Strat Cafe 

The Strat Cafe is someplace where you can grab a quick bite to eat practically any time of the day or night. The Cafe is open 24 hours on the weekends and has a generous schedule for the remaining of the week. 

Skip the room service and grab something like buttermilk pancakes or a New Mexico burrito for breakfast at the Strat Cafe. The menu also features a full range of starters, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and beverages. 

108 Eats 

108 Eats 

Named for its location on the 108th floor of the Strat in the Strat Hotel Casino Skypod, 108 East offers a selection of sandwiches, and snacks, like buttery popcorn and ice cream. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a double scoop of your favorite ice cream while enjoying the view of the Vegas Skyline.  

Nunzio’s Pizzeria

Nunzio's Pizzeria

You never know when the craving for hot, delicious pizza is going to strike. Nunzio’s Pizzeria is your go-to stop at the Strat for a single slice or an entire pie. Try a classic pizza, such as the Pepperoni the Meatball, or go for a Baked Italian Sandwich. There are also some sweets on the menu. If you don’t know what to choose, the Baked Pizza Fries are always a hit. 

Bars & Nightlife

View Lounge 

View Lounge 

The View Lounge is a great place to grab a drink with friends in the Strat Hotel Casino. Located close to the casino floor, the View Lounge is waiting for you whenever you’re ready to take a break from the table games, slot machines, or sports gaming in the William Hill Race & Sports Book. Even when you stop to enjoy a drink or two, you’re never more than a few steps from the action on the casino floor. 

The View Lounge also offers a menu of appetizers, wings, sandwiches, and a few entrees that are great for sharing or enjoying on your own. 

Remix Lounge 

Remix Lounge 

Remix Lounge is another bar area that’s located just a few paces from the Strat Hotel Casino. Stop by Remix when you want to grab a refreshing craft cocktail, listen to some great music, and take part in some gaming entertainment provided by the bartop games scattered about. 

108 Drinks 

108 Drinks 

Located high up in the Strat Hotel Casino Skypod, 108 Drinks is open from noon until at least midnight to serve you your favorite cocktails and drinks to enjoy while taking in the view from the Strat’s Skypod. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere and view while letting 108 Drinks take care of all of the refreshments. 

Shows & Entertainment

There are practically unlimited entertainment opportunities on the Las Vegas Strip, and the Strat doesn’t fall short in the entertainment department. They offer a lineup of shows and concerts that range from magical and mesmerizing to limit-pushing risque. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Strat Vegas has something for everyone. 

Sammy Hagar and Friends 

Sammy Hagar and Friends 

Fans of Sammy Hagar will be happy to know that they can see the musical legend in person at the Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel. This concert is all about old-school-style Sammy Hagar-style rock. Check with Strat for Hagar’s most up-to-date schedule of performances. 

Banachek’s Mind Games Live 

Banachek's Mind Games Live 

Banchek’s Mind Games Live has earned high accolades, including a serious nod of approval from Penn & Teller. Banachek puts on a mentalism act that leaves each audience member in awe, questioning if they really just experienced something so surreal and amazing. If you’re in the mood for some mind-reading magic, grab your tickets for Banachek’s Mind Games and experience a taste of one of the world’s greatest mentalist acts for yourself. 

Xavier Mortimer 

The Cirque du Soleil shows are famous in Las Vegas, but it isn’t very often that you hear about a Cirque du Soleil performer who breaks out and makes it big on their own. This is exactly what happened to Xavier Mortimer, and now you can see him perform his own brand of magic and mysticism. 

Xavier Mortimer brings a family-friendly show of illusions and magic to the stage at the Strat. Expect to be mesmerized by the combination of amazing illusions and a natural flair for the dramatic. 



iLuminate has been named one of the best new acts in America by America’s Got Talent. A combination of magic, energy, choreography, light, and music grace the stage in a performance you won’t soon forget. 

The dancers on the stage of iLuminate wear custom-designed LED suits that create surreal effects as their bodies move against the backdrop of a darkened stage. This show is immersive and will completely consume you with awe. Make sure to catch one of the coolest shows currently on the Vegas scene the next time you’re staying at the Strat. 



What would a lineup of shows in Las Vegas be without one that pushed the envelope toward risque? At the Strat, Rouge takes to the stage with the intent to bring all of your fantasies to life. Rouge features a cast of 18 stunning topless women and men who perform acts that are designed to stimulate all of the senses. 

Rouge combines the artistic talent of dancers, acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, and comedians with a steamy air of sexiness, to become a favorite topless show in Vegas. Check out Rouge and see your own fantasies come to life on the stage at the Strat. 

LA Comedy Club 

The LA Comedy Club is where you can let loose and experience some serious laughs at the Strat. Located just off of the casino floor, the LA Comedy Club always has an incredible lineup of comedy and laughs waiting for you. Each week new headline acts take to the stage. Check in to see who’s ready to make you laugh until your stomach hurts at the Strat. 

Strat Rides

The Strat is home to some of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping thrill rides in Las Vegas. If your idea of fun is something a little more heart-thumping than sitting at a slot machine, the Strat rides are calling your name. 

Big Shot 

Big Shot 

The Big Shot shoots you a full 160 ft into the air at a heart-stopping 45 mph. From the very top, you get an incredible bird’s eye view of Las Vegas. At the very top, you’re more than 1080 feet up in the air. Stop and enjoy it for just a second, though, before you’re dropped back down at stunning speed. 



There’s a reason it’s called Insanity. With Insanity, a spider-like claw dangles passengers more than 900 ft above Las Vegas and then spins them at dizzying speed, all while being turned at a 70-degree angle. Prepare to let go of a few screams while riding Insanity. 

X Scream 

A thrill-seeker amusement ride in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip? The Strat holds nothing back with X Scream, which brings passengers to the edge, teetering at 866 ft above ground over the edge of the Strat Hotel Casino Skypod. Passengers are shot over the edge, then left to dangle about the buzzing Vegas Strip before being pulled back in. Don’t worry. The return trip is only a false sense of safety, as you’ll soon be propelled over the edge again. 



So, this isn’t exactly a thrill “ride,” but it’s definitely an attraction that serious thrill-seekers will enjoy. Swallow your fear and brace yourself to jump from the Strat Hotel Casino Skypod, with a jump point that sits at 829 feet above the Strip. Not for the faint of heart, the SkyJump currently holds the world record as the highest commercial sky jump. 

Pools at the Strat

Pools at the Strat 

When the weather is hot and gorgeous in Las Vegas, spending some time at the pool is just too tempting to resist. The Strat offers its guests two pool experiences. The Elation Pool and the Wet24 Pool. 

The Elation Pool is an outdoor pool located on the 8th floor of the Strat Las Vegas. It’s a large, resort-style pool that will call your name from the moment you lay eyes on it. The Elation Pool offers amazing views and a definitely spa-like feel. Lounge around in a cabana or daybed, or get your toes wet by jumping into the pool. This pool also features its own bar called the Elation Pool Cafe & Bar, where you can enjoy light nibbles and your favorite cocktails while lounging poolside. 

All guests of Strat are welcome to enjoy the Elation pool at no extra charge. All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while at the pool. 

The Wet24 Rooftop Pool & Bar sits high above the Las Vegas Strip, 25 stories up in the Strat. The views are panoramic, and the scene is a little more low-key than at the Elation Pool. Relax, recharge, and unwind with incredible panoramic views of the city. The Wet24 Pool is also available to all hotel guests free of charge, and minors do need to be accompanied by an adult. 



The casino at the Strat spans more than 80,000 sq ft and is filled with all of your favorite gaming fun. The ambiance at the Strat casino is cool, a little more laid back and calm than some of the other casinos in Las Vegas. This is the place for when you want to relax while you play and make the most of every moment. 

The Strat Casino offers more than forty table games and over 750 slots and gaming machines. Whatever it is that you like to play when you’re challenging lady luck, the Strat casino has it for you. 

Fitness Center

Fitness Center 

The Strat offers its guests a newly renovated fitness center featuring top-of-the-line exercise equipment in a modern, comfortable environment. The newly remodeled fitness area features everything you need for a good cardio workout, flexibility training, strength, and endurance. There’s no reason to let your workout slide while in Las Vegas when you’re staying at the Strat.

The Strat charges their guests a daily resort fee, which grants access to all guests into the fitness center by using their room key. 


Parking at Strat

In terms of parking, the Strat is what you might consider a magical unicorn in Las Vegas. The Strat offers free self-parking and free valet parking in the Strat parking garage for all of their guests. Many other hotels on the Strip charge a parking fee in addition to the resort fee. At the Strat, guests benefit from completely free parking

In addition to the free parking, the Strat also ensures that there is ample wheelchair-accessible parking, making it easier for all of its guests to enjoy everything the Strat has to offer. 


The Strat is located right on the Strip. The official address is 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd. However, if you’re in Vegas, the Strat is hard to miss. Just look for the sky-high Stratosphere Tower. 


How much is the Strat Hotel worth?

Current estimations put the Strat worth around $70 million. Compared to many other hotels on the Strip that are valued at billions, the Strat comes in well below average.

Is the Strat on the Strip?

The Strat is located right on the Strip in Las Vegas. It’s close to many other Vegas hotels, the Las Vegas Convention Center, entertainment and nightlife options, along with lots of nearby restaurants to expand your dining options during your stay in Sin City.

Is the Strat and the Stratosphere the same hotel?

Yes, they are the same. The Strat is essentially a rebranding of the Stratosphere hotel, but the two names are often used interchangeably.

Stay At the Strat for Views, Entertainment, and Affordable Rooms

The Strat has it all. The Strat offers a selection of rooms that fit into most budgets, along with more elegant suites. One of the most famous restaurants in the world can be found at the Strat, and the views are arguably the best in the city. There really isn’t much more you could ask for. Check out the Strat during your next visit to Las Vegas. 

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