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Las Vegas is known as Sin City due to its slippery history. During the prohibition, it had one of the most impressive underground bar scenes/ It was a land filled with bars that were known as speakeasies. Las Vegas has done a good job of honoring its history- the good, the bad, and the ugly. This means that they still keep historical speakeasy experiences alive for visitors today. 

One of the most popular and true to theme speakeasies in Las Vegas is The Laundry Room. The Laundry Room has prohibition-style decor, dim lighting, and hand-crafted cocktails but it is a hidden bar which means that you’ll have to search a bit to find it. 

While the door might be tricky to find, the juicy details aren’t. We have gathered all the information for you, including how to get there and some of the highlights of the menu.  Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you venture in. 

Drink Menus

The drink menu at The Laundry Room is divided into five smaller drink menus, each with its own theme of custom cocktails hand-designed by incredible mixologists. Each of the menu items has the ingredients listed, along with tasting notes, so that you are sure to find something you love. 

Still, if none of these sounds like your style, The Laundry Room encourages you to use the bartenders’ skills to your advantage by telling the bartender two flavors you love, and they will build you your own drink. Keep in mind that if you are looking for beer and wine, this is not the spot for you since they serve cocktails only. Here’s an overview of their specialty drink menus.

Silent and Talkies

This menu has treasures like Arsenic Meets Lace, a cocktail with rye or aged gin, vermouth, elderflower, and anisette. There’s also the Summer Home with gin, cucumber, strawberry, ginger, orange, and effervescence. You’ll find five cocktails on this menu, each with its own distinctive flavor profile. 

Classics and The

With the more classic drinks and those with a history, this menu includes drinks like a traditional Old Fashioned and a Japanese Cocktail with cognac, orgeat, and angostura. Each of the four selections on this menu contains various bitters for an elevated cocktail. 

Modern Day

The Modern-Day menu brings more modern spirits into creative drinks that will please any palate. You’ll find drinks like Penicillin with scotch, honey, lemon, ginger, and islay, or the Junglebird, with dark rum, bitter Italian aperitif, pineapple, and lime. There are four choices on this menu.

Speakeasies and Famous Bartenders

On the Speakeasies and Famous Bartenders menu, you’ll find drinks inspired by the best in the industry throughout history. Try Pamela’s Backside, a cocktail with rum rose, lime, vanilla, and cardamom, or go for the Balling with Lucy with aged gin, lemon, blood orange, and orange bitters. The four cocktails on this menu are fragrant!

Laundry Room on the Regular

Finally, the Laundry Room on the Regular menu has some popularly ordered selections, including The Jacqueline Rose with apple brandy, lemon, rose syrup, and anisette. Another great option is the Honey Badger, a bourbon-based cocktail with honey, ginger, cream, and habanero bitters. You’ll find all five of the selections on this menu to be your new favorite.


Reservations at the Laundry Room Las Vegas

Unlike most bars, The Laundry Room requires reservations. This is because they not only want to keep the spirit of a speakeasy but also because their experience is highly personalized. They make labor-intensive cocktails and keep a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere but can only do it because of the limitation on the number of people. There is only room for 22 people. 

You can make a reservation online or by texting 702-701-1466. The reservation is for a 90-minute slot for groups of up to 4 people. They can also accommodate larger parties and events, though it will have to be set up with them in advance. The reserved spots fill up quickly, so you can also join the waitlist located on their website if they are full.

Dress Code and Rules

Dress Code and Rules at The Laundry Room Las Vegas

To keep the elevation of the atmosphere, The Laundry Room has a business casual dress code. So throw on your tailored pants, collared shirts, dresses, blazers, and accessories! You’ll fit right in. 

There are a few other rules at The Laundry Room besides the dress code. Firstly, there is a two-drink minimum, a mandatory bottomless popcorn purchase, and an automatic 25% gratuity. 

In addition, The Laundry Room has laid out a list of rules to keep the experience true to its roots and comfortable, including no photography, tobacco, PDA, phone calls, loud talking, or standing at the bar. 

You can find the entire list of their rules on their website, but we assure you they are just to ensure you enjoy your experience. 

Location & How To Get There

Here’s the big thing everyone wants to know. If it is a hidden bar, how do I get there?! Well, luckily, there’s a system in place. Though the exact location of The Laundry Room hasn’t been disclosed, it is located somewhere within the Commonwealth Bar on Fremont Street. 

Once you have reserved your spot, you’ll head to the Commonwealth Bar at your given time. When you arrive, text The Laundry Room that you are there. A hostess will come out to get you and whisk you away to the secret location.


Does The Laundry Room bar serve food?

The Laundry Room has a mandatory bottomless popcorn purchase but does not serve any other food.

How soon in advance can we make reservations?

Though you may get lucky and find a last-minute reservation, The Laundry Room in Las Vegas fills up fast, so much so that they have a waitlist. We recommend reserving a table as far as in advance as possible.

Feel The Prohibition in Las Vegas

The Laundry Room Las Vegas: A Secret Bar

Discover a night straight out of the prohibition era at The Laundry Room in Las Vegas. It is a cool experience with cocktails you won’t forget. You won’t want to miss this Las Vegas speakeasy on your next trip.

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