24 Hour Scooter Rental Las Vegas

Finding a 24-hour scooter rental in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as you might think. Some types of scooters are banned in Las Vegas, making the options for 24-hour rentals, or any rentals, limited.

Lucky for you, we rounded up the best options for 24-hour scooter rental. Las Vegas has e-scooters as well as mobility scooters available at all hours. You just have to know where to look!

Atomic Scooters

Atomic Scooter rental service

Atomic Scooters is a downtown Las Vegas scooter rental service that offers all the variety you need for an unforgettable Las Vegas experience. The electric scooter rental process is quick, easy, and flexible to fit your needs. They can be rented by the hour, overnight, or weekly.

The classic scooter rental allows you to be 100% independent with no tour guide required. If you’re interested in guided tours, they have options for that too! The Taco Foodie Tour is the #1 taco-themed Las Vegas food tour.

The tour is packed with full-size tacos, photo opportunities, and tasty desserts to top it all off. All of these stops are so much easier (and fun) to see by scooter than by car in Las Vegas.

The street art photography tour takes you to see all the best street art murals in Las Vegas for the perfect Instagram photo opportunity. The tour includes professional photography shots with 18 to 30 poses too!

The last tour is Pawn Stars and The Vintage Vegas tour, which takes you to see historic old Vegas locations and two of the best Las Vegas BBQ spots for a tasting.

The rentals offered by Atomic Scooters can be ridden by anyone over 14 years of age, but someone 18 or older must be present with a valid photo ID to rent the scooter. 

If you’re traveling with a group, contact them directly before you arrive to reserve discount group rates for tours and self-guided rentals.  

The scooters have a 285-pound weight limit, and there are no specialty options available for heavier riders. Many reviews from customers praise how easy they are to ride and how enjoyable scootering around downtown is at such a reasonable price point.

This is the only company legally allowed to rent e-scooters in Las Vegas. Otherwise, they are banned in Vegas and on the Las Vegas Strip.  

Key Features

  • No tour guide – you’re 100% independent
  • Hourly and overnight rentals are available
  • Discount group rates
  • E-scooters go nearly twice as fast as mobility scooters at top speed
  • Rentals start at $10 per hour
  • Optional guided downtown foodie adventure tour
  • Scooter lock and charger included in overnight rentals 

Las Vegas Scooters

Las Vegas Scooters is a mobility scooter rental company that has been locally owned and operated since 2007. The scooter rentals come in multiple models to best fit the needs of the customers, and prices vary depending on the type of scooter rental you choose and how long you’ll need the scooter for. 

These are designed with disabled and elderly people in mind. They aren’t standing scooters for a leisurely ride to sight-see.

Mobility scooter rentals can make all the difference for those who need them. Instead of spending your time in Las Vegas being in pain or not getting to do as much as you’d like to, a mobility scooter can keep you comfortable and safe for the duration of your trip. 

Most major Las Vegas attractions are handicap friendly and easily accessible on a mobility scooter, so there’s no limit to the fun you can have!

They offer free drop-off delivery for all mobility scooter rentals to every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and most major hotels and convention centers around the city. 

The scooters are concierge and bell-desk friendly. Customers are pleasantly surprised by the reasonable rental rates, especially if you’re renting the mobility scooter for multiple days. You can add a damage insurance protection plan for just $5 daily for a stress-free rental experience.

There are different types of mobility scooters offered with slight differences in design that can impact the price. Some of the design features that change include the size of the scooter, comfort features like extra padding, and the weight limit of the scooter. 

The heavy-duty scooter costs a bit more to rent than a basic scooter model, but a weight limit of 500 pounds rather than 220 pounds makes every dollar worth it.

Key Features

  • Free same-day scooter delivery to any hotel on The Strip
  • Locally owned and operated since 2007
  • Multiple types of mobility scooters
  • A heavy-duty scooter can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Concierge and bell desk friendly 
  • Scooter rentals in Las Vegas are designed specifically for people who are disabled or elderly. 

Red One Scooter Rental Services

Red One Scooter Rental Services

Red One Scooter Rental Services is a mobility scooter rental service that helps customers become mobile on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. The company offers $0 delivery to most major hotels in Las Vegas too.

Simply reserve your rental online and retrieve it from the bell desk in as little as 60 minutes! If you arrive at the Las Vegas airport, a scooter can be delivered there too.

The website is very user-friendly, so you can browse scooter options, make your reservation, and access customer service at your fingertips. 

The rental rates from Red One are very reasonable, with most options available starting at $23 to $25 per day. Some of the heavy-duty scooters with a higher weight limit are more per day, but there are deals available for multi-day rentals. 

The scooters are said to be in good condition upon arrival, according to past customers. Customers also note how easy they are to transport through Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, and more. 

Key Features

  • 24-hour delivery to select hotels
  • Mobility scooter rentals
  • $0 delivery fee to most major Las Vegas hotels
  • Delivery in as little as 60 minutes
  • Convenient online customer service options 
  • Some of the best deals in town on mobility scooters


How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Las Vegas, Nevada?

E-scooter rentals start as low as $10 per day, and mobility scooter rentals start at around $23 per day.

Do hotels in Vegas have scooters?

Most hotels in Las Vegas don’t rent scooters directly, but scooter rental services will deliver your rental to the hotel.

Does the Las Vegas Strip have electric scooters?

Atomic Scooters is the only company legally allowed to rent electric scooters in Las Vegas. They are located downtown, not on the Las Vegas Strip.

How much is it to rent a scooter on the Las Vegas Strip?

Scooters are legally banned in Las Vegas and on the Las Vegas Strip. The one company allowed to rent them; Atomic Scooters, starts rentals at $10 per hour at their downtown location.

Key Takeaways

  • Atomic Scooters is the only e-scooter rental option in Las Vegas, but they offer 24-hour rentals!
  • Guided scooter tours are a fun way to view some of the best-hidden gems in Sin City.
  • Mobility scooter rental delivery is free to most major hotels in Las Vegas
  • E-scooter rentals can be self-guided or part of a guided tour.
  • Mobility scooters are cheaper to rent if you’re renting them for multiple days at a time.

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