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Last Updated on May 12, 2022

Las Vegas is a foodie’s paradise. There are literally thousands of restaurants in and around the city. It would be nearly impossible for the average person to experience them all in a single lifetime – but Las Vegas food tours make it easier to at least try! Several companies in Las Vegas offer delicious food tours throughout the Strip, Arts District, and Downtown Las Vegas. 

Each food tour offers an entirely different experience. Here is a selection of seven of our absolute favorite culinary tours in Las Vegas that any foodie will love. 

Las Vegas Food Tours on the Strip 

Best Bites on the Las Vegas Strip by Best Bet Vegas Tours 

There are only two accessories you need on the Best Bites on the Las Vegas Strip tour, and those are an insatiable appetite and a love of amazing food. This two-hour food tour by Best Bet Vegas Tours takes you on a sightseeing adventure as you visit some of the most iconic hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. 

Best Bites on the Las Vegas Strip by Best Bet Vegas Tours 

Food stops on this tour include the Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, New York New York, and the Park MGM. At each location, you’ll stop to enjoy casual gourmet bites from restaurants that are part of the world-famous Las Vegas food scene. 

This Sin City food tour isn’t just about the nibbles. You’ll also learn a lot about the foodie history of old Vegas, from the early days of buffet carts to the fine dining and celebrity restaurant scene that makes Las Vegas one of the top destinations to enjoy world-class cuisine. 

Las Vegas Strip Foodie Tour by Taste Buzz Las Vegas 

Las Vegas Strip Foodie Tour by Taste Buzz Las Vegas 

If you love the idea of Las Vegas food tours but like to keep things casual and fun, this Las Vegas Strip Foodie Tour is perfect for you. You’ll explore Las Vegas Blvd but also find spots that many tourists don’t even know exist. The rotation of stops changes frequently, but you might eat at a secret hole in the wall that only the locals know about, or maybe you’ll find your way to one of the best food carts in Vegas while sightseeing along the tour. 

From super casual local food to more elegant eats, your group will enjoy this fun and engaging tour as you eat your way through Las Vegas. As a bonus, you’ll also learn interesting bits of history and fun facts about the city during one of the best sightseeing food tours in Las Vegas. 

Savors of the Strip by Lip Smacking Foodie Tours 

Savors of the Strip by Lip Smacking Foodie Tours 

The Savors of the Strip Tour is an elevated dining experience and a pure gem among Las Vegas food tours. Along this tour, you’ll visit four of the hottest restaurants on the Strip. Keep in mind that you won’t be visiting just any trendy restaurant. Lip Smacking Foodie Tours promises that your local guide will make sure you’re whisked right past the long line at Las Vegas restaurants that are notoriously difficult to get into. 

You’ll enjoy the culinary wonder of three to four signature dishes at each restaurant along the tour. There’s also an optional beverage package that includes a special cocktail at each location. 

This is a walking tour, so you’ll have the chance to explore some of the sights while working up an appetite for the next stop. This Las Vegas foodie tour promises a VIP experience, but you can take up another notch by adding on the Neon Lights package, which includes a helicopter tour of the Strip and a complimentary champagne toast. 

Off-Strip & Downtown Vegas Foodie Tours 

Art District Foodie Tour by Taste Buzz Las Vegas

There’s no doubt that some of the most delicious food can be found off the beaten path. This Las Vegas Arts District food tour takes you off of the Las Vegas Strip and into some of the best eateries of the Arts District. 

Taste Buzz Las Vegas offers a casual, walking food tour through the Art District. This district is currently one of the hottest and trendiest areas in Las Vegas and is quickly becoming a favorite spot for anyone who loves food. This food tour will take you on a stroll through the neighborhood, where you’ll stop at up to four different locations for delicious bites of food. The selections are casual, but the flavors are out of this world. 

Tastings at each of the restaurants range from savory to sweet. In between each stop, you’ll learn interesting details about the area’s history from your local tour guides. The tour takes about three hours, and you’ll cover approximately 1.5 miles of the neighborhood (so wear good walking shoes!). This small-group tour is limited to twelve people. 

Downtown Delights Foodie Tour + Helicopter Tour of the Las Vegas Strip by Taste Buzz Las Vegas

If you’re looking for an elevated experience, this Downtown Delights Tour that’s combined with a helicopter tour of Las Vegas Blvd is over-the-the-top and definitely one of our choices for the best food tours. 

Taste Buzz will take you on a tour of Downtown Las Vegas, where you’ll stop at up to five local restaurants and enjoy samplings of one to three dishes at each. While the dishes are described as “small bites”, one could easily argue that this tour will leave any Las Vegas foodie fully satiated. As you stroll from restaurant to restaurant, you’ll also stop at some of the must-see attractions in Downtown Las Vegas. These include the iconic Golden Nugget Hotel and a light show at the Fremont Street Experience. 

Once your Downtown Las Vegas food tour is complete, you’ll hop in a luxury limo that will then take you to where you’ll board the helicopter for an aerial tour of the Strip. The entire tour lasts about six hours, and at the end, the limo will drop you off back at your hotel or another destination of your choosing. 

Las Vegas Segway Foodie Tour by Segway Las Vegas

Las Vegas Segway Foodie Tour by Segway Las Vegas

There are a lot of walking tours in Las Vegas, but if you really want to see the sights and go easy on your feet, a Segway is definitely the way to go. Segway Las Vegas, which offers multiple tours of the city, led by a local guide, has added a culinary tour to their list, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

You’ll spend about 2.5 hours floating through the city on your Segway and stopping for delicious eats along the way. This is a great food tour for those who love to discover the hidden gems and discover the standouts that all the locals love. 

 Along this guided tour, you’ll sample small bites from unique local Vegas restaurants and enjoy all the fun of riding a Segway through the entertainment capital of the world. Restaurants and food choices rotate every few months, so even if you’ve tried this tour in the past, chances are there’s an entirely new experience waiting for you. 

Taco Lovers E-Scooter Downtown Foodie Tour by Atomic Scooters Rental & Tours 

Taco Lovers E-Scooter Downtown Foodie Tour by Atomic Scooters Rental & Tours 

It would be negligent to talk about all the Las Vegas food tours and not mention this tour that’s entirely devoted to one of our favorite foods – tacos! Hop on a scooter and get ready to enjoy tacos as you’ve never had them before on this favorite of Las Vegas tours

Atomic Scooters will take you on a guided tour that explores Downtown Las Vegas and the Arts District. Your group will visit two taco shops known for their incredible food, where you’ll enjoy 2-4 tacos at each stop. The food has been preselected for you, but there’s also the option to create your own culinary experience. There’s also a stop at a chocolate shop for dessert, just to sweeten the deal. 

Tours last a little over two hours and include two complimentary photos of your group. Food must be preordered. This is one of the most economical food tours on our list, but part of the reason that the price is lower is that additional charges for the food may apply. Tours run daily and make multiple stops throughout the downtown area. 

An Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Food Tours In Las Vegas 

With a culinary scene that never stops, there’s no shortage of food tours to enjoy while you’re in Las Vegas. Of course, they each have something a little different to offer, so here are the main points to consider when choosing the best food tour to satisfy your foodie appetite. 

Location, Location, Location 

Food tours in Las Vegas are generally divided into two categories – on the Las Vegas Strip and off. Food tours on the Strip are great if you’re staying in one of the main hotels and really want to stick to that area. Food tours of the Strip feature all sorts of types of food, from food carts and local eats to fine dining and restaurants by celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Giada de Laurentiis. 

Downtown food tours in Las Vegas tend to be more eclectic, which matches the atmosphere of the downtown area and the Arts District. A downtown tour might take you to vintage Vegas spots or hidden gems that mostly only the locals know about. Downtown food tours also give you the opportunity to do a little sightseeing at some of the most well-known spots, like Container Park and the Fremont Street Experience. 

The Food 

Of course, you want to know that you’re going to love the food before signing up for any food tours in Las Vegas. Many food tour companies are a little secretive about where exactly they’ll take you on the tour. After all, the suspense is part of the fun! Still, you should be able to get a good idea of if the food will be casual and traditional, upscale and eclectic, or anything in between. 

If you have any special dietary considerations, make sure that you contact the company directly to ask if any accommodations can be made. Some food tours in Las Vegas do what they can to accommodate special dietary needs, but this isn’t always possible. 

Know the Rules & Read the Fine Print

Always make sure you’re familiar with the rules of any food tour you attend. Most are open to all age groups, but some do have age restrictions – especially those food tours that involve scooters or Segways. 

There may also be extra charges for beverages or add ons. Many food tour companies suggest you bring along extra money to pay for cocktails or extras that you might want during your experience. Often the only beverage that’s included is water, so plan accordingly if you’d like something more. 

It’s also a good idea to inquire about free cancellation and what happens if you leave the tour early. You’ll likely find that free cancellation is available given an ample amount of advanced notice, but each tour has its own policies. 

Indulge Your Inner Foodie with Las Vegas Food Tours

Las Vegas food tours offer the opportunity to explore culinary worlds that some only dream of. From tours that take you to the hidden gems and local favorites to the trendiest Vegas restaurants with notoriously lengthy waiting lists, there’s a food tour that everyone will love. Set off on a culinary adventure and enjoy the very best of the Las Vegas restaurant scene.

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