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Last Updated on October 21, 2022

Allegiant Stadium is home to the Las Vegas Raiders and is one of the most impressive constructions in recent Las Vegas history. Construction of Allegiant Stadium was completed in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the public wasn’t allowed access to the new stadium until 2021. Now, not only can you attend a Raiders football game and some of the best concerts in Vegas, but you can also experience a behind-the-scenes journey with a personal tour of Allegiant Stadium. 

The Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Tour 

The Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Tour 

The new Allegiant Stadium is a $2 billion facility that is home to the Las Vegas Raiders. The stadium not only is the location of the top sporting events in Las Vegas but also where you can see some of the hottest concerts in Las Vegas, giving the notorious T-mobile Arena a run for its money. Allegiant Stadium is also slotted to host the 2024 Super Bowl. 

The new stadium marks an important shift in Las Vegas Raiders history. In 2017, The Raiders made the decision to move from Oakland, California to Las Vegas. It was with this decision that the vision for the new stadium came to be. Today, Allegiant Stadium stands as a tribute to the Raiders’ history and culture. 

Now Las Vegas Raiders fans have the opportunity to tour Allegiant Stadium. Tour guests have the choice between two separate tour packages. Each tour lasts approximately 75 minutes and covers about of mile of territory inside the stadium. 

Here’s a rundown of what each tour experience includes, and what you can expect when you purchase one of the guided tours of the Las Vegas Raiders stadium. 

Guided Tour

These guided Allegiant Stadium tours offer the opportunity to be led through the stadium for a behind-the-scenes look by experienced tours guides who know absolutely everything there is to know about the Raiders and the stadium. During this tour, you’re able to enter and explore areas that are typically off-limits to the public. 

Highlights of these guided public tours include the Ubeo Press Conference Room, a Raiders locker room tour, a tour of the broadcast booth, the private suites and clubs, and a chance to view the Al Davis Memorial Torch at the Coors Light Landing, and of course, the opportunity to walk onto the playing field. 

Guided Tour with Drink & a View 

The second option includes all the greatness of the guided tour, but with a few extra perks for devoted members of Raider Nation. In addition to the unforgettable experience of touring the stadium, seeing the Al Davis Memorial Torch and the locker rooms up close, and getting a behind the scenes look at what happens on game day, this package also includes a complimentary drink from the Coors Light Landing (where the Al Davis Torch is located). 

From this vantage point, the panoramic views of the stadium are spectacular. The first drink is included with your tour combo ticket, but additional food and beverage options are also available at an additional cost. 

Things to Know About Allegiant Stadium Tours 

Things to Know About Allegiant Stadium Tours 

To make the most of your tour of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, there are a few important details to know ahead of time. 

First, the tour routes cover about a mile of territory, so you want to make sure to wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate attire. Due to the nature of the “terrain” in the stadium, high heeled shoes or shoes with metal bottoms are not allowed for your safety and the safety of others. 

All ages are allowed on this tour, including small children. Children under the age of two are admitted free of charge, but strollers and wagons are not allowed. Small children who aren’t able to walk for the duration of the tour will need to be carried. 

You can purchase tickets up to five weeks in advance, and can be purchased online. Allso know that the availability of tours is subject to frequent changes based on events that are happening at the stadium. Public tours aren’t available immediately before, during, or immediately after an event, including Raiders home team games. 

Finally, no cameras or video equipment are allowed during the tour, so leave them at home or back at your Las Vegas hotel. 

Tickets & Discounts 



Standard Admission


Ticket + Drink & View


You can purchase tickets online for multiple tour dates several weeks in advance. The combo tickets that include a drink and a view are priced slightly more than than the standard tickets. All visitors to the stadium that pay for tour are also entitled to a discount at the Raider Image Team Store. Proof of tour participaiton is required to receive this one time discount. 

Discounts on tour tickets are also available for Raiders fans. Nevada residents are eligible for a discount. Tickets can still be purchased online but you’ll be asked to show a valid Nevada license as proof of residency when you arrive. 

Las Vegas Raiders PSL holders are also entitled to a 20% discount on all tours. Additionally, vete5rans, active duty military, first responders, and hospital workers are entitled to a 10% discount. Make sure you bring identification for showing your status upon request. 

Allegiant Stadium Location 

Allegiant Stadium is located at 3333 Al Davis Way in LAs Vegas, Nevada. The stadium is located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, There’s plenty of parking for guests and fans a the stadium, but you can also safely walk there from the Strip using the Hacienda Bridge. It’s about a mile walk directly from Las Vegas Blvd to the stadium, but also keep in time walking distance from your hotel or starting point to the bridge itself. 


Can you take a tour of the new Raiders Stadium?

Yes, guided tours of the new Radiers Stadium are currently available. Those interested can visit the website and purchase their tickets online.

What is included in the Allegiant Stadium tour?

The Allegiant Stadium Tour includes a full tour of the stadium grounds, including the playing field, locker rooms, broadcast areas, conference rooms, and more. There’s also a tour package available that allows guests to enjoy a drink from the vantage point of the Al Davis torch.

Is Allegiant Stadium open to the public?

Yes, Allegiant Stadium is open to the public. Guests can enjoy guided tours, sports events, concerts, and more.

Can you walk from the Strip to Allegiant Stadium?

It’s about a mile walk to Allegiant Stadium from the Strip. There’s a bridge that allows pedestrians to cross the Strip safely.

Come Cheer on Your Favorite Team at Allegiant Stadium

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of the best stadiums in the world the next time you visit Las Vegas. Allegiant Stadium is a giant in the world of sports, and you can see it all first-hand and up close. Reserve your tickets for a guided tour today! 

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    It’s about a mile walk directly from Las Vegas Blvd to the stadium, but also keep in TIME walking distance from your hotel or starting point to the bridge itself.

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