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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Scooters of all types are a fun way to get around Las Vegas and do a little sightseeing that you might not do on foot. Scooters are easy to drive and stay within the posted speed limit, so they’re a great, safe way to experience tours in Las Vegas. 

Scooter tours in Las Vegas include segway tours, moped tours, Can-Am Ryker tours, and more. If hopping on a scooter sounds like your idea of a good time, these top scooter tours in Las Vegas are great day trips for your Sin City adventures. 

Las Vegas Scooter City Tours 

Downtown Party Ride Tours by Atomic Scooters

This one-hour Downtown Las Vegas adventure is one of the best scooter tours for people looking to see a little more of Vegas and create memories while they’re doing it. Your most unique tour guide will take you for a ride through the downtown area, showing you all the iconic sights, taking pics, and filling your ear with interesting details the entire time. 

downtown party ride tours by atomic scooters

This tour is highly interactive and not your usual tour where the guide points out some interesting spots and calls it a day. Each of these day trips through the city is a little different because the guide wants to hear your questions and learn about what you want to experience. 

Street Art Instagram Tour by Atomic Scooters 

street art instagram tour by atomic scooters 1 1

If you love the idea of taking lots of Insta-worthy pics on one of the most fun tours in Las Vegas, then this experience is for you. Many Las Vegas tours take you to amazing spots, but this one is all about the photos. With this scooter tour, you stop at many of the amazing street art installations in Downtown Las Vegas and the Arts District. 

Stops along this scooter tour include vintage shops and streets filled with art murals. When you wander down the right streets, Vegas hands you amazing photo opportunities. Anywhere from about 18-30 photos are offered with the addition of the photo package. The photo package is a great deal, but even without it, you get to experience phenomenal art and sights in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Scooter with Food Tour by Hog Car Tours 

las vegas strip and downtown scooter with food tour by hog car tours 

There really isn’t anything much cooler than a scooter disguised as a little pink car. You’re sure to stand out when you tour the Las Vegas Strip in a Pink Hog Car Scooter. This fabulous scooter tour includes hotel pickup and nearly four hours of fun in a two-seater tandem scooter. 

Your own tour guide will take you up and down the famous Strip where you’ll see all of the iconic sights and discover a few hidden gems for one of the most memorable experiences in Las Vegas. What makes this scoot tour even more fun is that you also stop at a small handful of famous Vegas restaurants and eateries for some delicious nibbles along the way. 

All fees and food samples are included in the price of your tour. There’s no special license required, but you do need to be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate the scooter. International licenses are also accepted. 

Famous Las Vegas Guided Segway Tour by Segway Las Vegas 

famous las vegas guided segway tour by segway las vegas 

A Segway is a super fun scooter that’s easy to ride and navigate, making it perfect for cruising around Las Vegas and taking in the sights. Anyone who is at least 12 years old can see Las Vegas from a Segway, so it’s a great opportunity even if you’re not an experienced rider. 

During this super fun Segway Tour, you’ll learn how to operate your scooter, and then a local guide takes you around town, seeing all the cool sights and stopping to take plenty of pictures too! 

This scooter tour takes you past many of the Las Vegas “icons” that have made the city famous. You choose between a one-hour or two-hour tour experience. The two-hour tour is far from your mundane typical tour experience. You’ll also have the chance to scoot through downtown Las Vegas and see iconic locations like the Mob Museum and the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop of “Pawn Stars” fame. 

Scooter Tours to Destinations Outside of Las Vegas 

Red Rock Canyon Tour by Scoot City

red rock canyon tour by scoot city

Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful natural oasis that’s just a short drive outside of Las Vegas. When you’re ready to escape city life for a bit, a scooter tour to Red Rock is the perfect adventure. Scoot City offers the opportunity to explore Red Rocks while riding on one of their three-wheeler scooter cars. 

A free shuttle service will pick you up from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, or at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Vegas. Which takes you to the starting location of the tour. You’ll learn everything you need to know to operate the scooter, and then you’ll experience Vegas’ natural beauty as your guided tour takes you to Red Rock Canyon. 

Admission to Red Rock is included in the price of the tour, and you’ll make at least three stops inside the park. The three-wheel scooters seat one or two travelers and are a fun, unique way to explore and do a little sightseeing outside of town. You must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license to drive the scooter, and all passengers must be at least eight years of age or older. 

Red Rock Canyon Tour by Red Rock Scooter Tours 

red rock canyon tour by red rock scooter tours 

Adventure seekers who are ready to skip the city tours and head out to see some incredible natural scenery are going to love this Red Rock Canyon Tour. This tour lasts about four hours from pick-up to drop-off, and all you need is an adventurous spirit and a desire to see Red Rock Canyon. 

There are several great tours in Las Vegas that will take you to Red Rock Canyon National Park, but there’s something different about scooter tours, feeling the breeze as your scooter cruises along the hilly roads, leading to the beautiful canyon. There are plenty of opportunities for photos, and you’ll be taught everything you need to know about riding a scooter. If you’re decent at riding a bicycle, riding a scooter is a breeze! Get away from the casinos and crazy city life with this Red Rock Tour that gets five-star reviews. 

Hoover Dam Scooter Tours by Hoover Dam Scooters

hoover dam scooter tours by hoover dam scooters

Have you always wanted to see the iconic Hoover Dam up close? Considering that the Hoover Dam isn’t that far from Las Vegas, why not jump on a scooter for a memorable trip to one of the most popular tourist attractions outside of Las Vegas. 

You’ll ride out to the Hoover Dam on a Honda Ruckus Scooter. The tour guide makes the experience even more memorable by informing you of the history and bits of trivia during the whole experience. Once you get to Hoover Dam, there are tons of sightseeing opportunities and the chance to take more than your fair share of photos of all the beautiful scenery. 

The tour lasts a little over four hours from start to finish. You don’t need a motorcycle license to drive the scooter, but you do need a valid driver’s license. 


Does Las Vegas have public scooters?

There are several companies in Las Vegas that will rent scooters to the public, without needing to purchase tickets to any tours. Simply rent a scooter by the hour or day and use it to easily get around Las Vegas.

Are electric scooters legal in Las Vegas?

Electric scooters are legal in Las Vegas, with a few rules attached to them. First, the scooter can’t weigh more than 100-pounds on its own without a rider. Second, the scooter can’t exceed a speed limit of 20 mph. Finally, you must be at least 16 years of age or older to ride an electric scooter in Las Vegas.

Reserve Your Spot on a Fabulous Las Vegas Scooter Tour Today! 

There’s no better way to get around Las Vegas and see the sights than one of the many scooter tours within the city and to the beautiful areas surrounding Vegas. Explore the Strip, Downtown Vegas, or venture further to Red Rock or the Hoover Dam. Scooter tours are a fun, safe way to explore Vegas and create incredible memories.

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