Red Rock Canyon Tours Las Vegas

Last Updated on May 7, 2022

The Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful natural area just outside of Las Vegas. With 13-miles worth of scenic roadways and beautiful trails to explore, a trip to the canyon is something worthy of a spot on everyone’s bucket list. 

Several tour companies in Las Vegas offer tours to Red Rock Canyon, along with a few other nearby attractions. Whether you’re interested in traveling by foot, bike, scooter, horseback, or even helicopter, these Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon tours are the best. 

Escape Adventures offers a couple of different Red Rock Canyon tours, with their hiking tour being perfect for all fitness levels. Participants get their choice of three different paths to hike, each with varying levels of difficulty, ranging from clear dirt footpaths to rock scrambling. 

This Red Rock hiking tour, which departs from Las Vegas, takes you on a half-day adventure through Red Rock Canyon with a knowledgeable, interpretive guide. Tours run in the morning from 8 am until noon and in the afternoon from 1-5 pm. Transportation and water to keep you hydrated during your adventure are provided. 

red rock canyon hiking tours by escape adventures las vegas cyclery

Escape Adventures Red Rock Canyon Tour offers all-inclusive pricing, meaning everything you need for your tour is included in the price of the ticket from the time they pick you up until they return you to your original destination, exhausted but also exhilarated from your adventure. There are no extra fees for park passes, permits, transportation, etc. 

Best Off-Roading Tour of Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Off-Road Tour by Pink Adventure Tours 

Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Off-Road Tour by Pink Adventure Tours

Pink Jeep Tours is one of the leading off-road tour providers in Las Vegas, and they have lots of experience in getting you away from the craziness of Las Vegas Boulevard and into the wonder of the beautiful surrounding natural areas. 

One of our favorite tours that they offer is the Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Off-Road Tour. This 4×4 adventure takes you into the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and through the 13-mile scenic loop while you enjoy the scenery and desert terrain from the seat of a pink Jeep. 

You’ll see Wilson Cliffs, Calico Hills, and the Spring Mountain Range within the Mojave Desert. One reason that this is a favorite tour from Las Vegas is that for more than half of it, you’ll explore the rugged terrain along Rocky Gap Road, which was long ago used by pioneers who would take their wagons through the passage.

An expert tour guide will fill you with information about the natural wonder of the area, including rock formations, the desert vegetation and fauna, and lots of trivia and interesting things about the Red Rock Canyon area. Plus, you also get to spend time at the visitor center which is a goldmine of interactive exhibits and lots of souvenirs to take home – although we think the best souvenirs are the ones you take with your camera!

Pink Adventure Tours also includes a Red Rock Canyon Tour that doesn’t include Rocky Gap Road and is a bit shorter. 

Best Red Rock Canyon Tours for Mixed Ages and Fitness Levels

VIP Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour w/ Seven Magic Mountains Option by iTravelUSA

Seven Magic Mountains Option by iTravelUSA

Many of the Red Rock Canyon tours from Las Vegas whisk you off for a morning or afternoon tour. This small-group tour provides a different experience of witnessing the natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area at sunset instead. 

This half-day tour is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Participants enjoy a laid-back ride through Red Rock Canyon along a path that covers about 13 miles of beautiful scenery, colorful rock formations, fossilized sand dunes, and an overall incredible display of nature. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll also catch glimpses of desert wildlife, like desert tortoises, wild burros, and other creatures. 

All of this is in addition to the beautiful colors of the desert sunset over Red Rock Canyon. Plus, you also have the option to add on a tour of the Seven Magic Mountains, which is a public art display in the Ivanpah Valley, right next to Sheep Mountain. Look for the boldly colored boulders towering into the air – and don’t forget to take advantage of the photo opportunity! 

This VIP tour is limited to thirteen people and includes transportation to any Las Vegas hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip. Bottled water is included, but food is not.  

neon nature helicopter tour by maverick helicopters las vegas

What could be more romantic or exhilarating than flying over Las Vegas and into Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous, natural landscape? This private helicopter tour by Maverick Helicopters takes you over the Las Vegas Strip, along with some of the most iconic spots in Vegas, for a view of the neon lights from above. 

Then the tour heads out to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where you’ll enjoy a spectacular private vista. When you land, you can enjoy a special champagne toast as you take half an hour to soak up all of the breathtaking beauty. To make this great trip even more amazing, schedule your tour for an extended landing time at sunset. There’s no better way to see Las Vegas and the surrounding desert landscape. 

Red Rock Canyon Singletrack Mountain Bike Tour by Escape Adventures

Are you longing to get away from the crowded casino and party scene in Las Vegas? Escape Adventures offers a wonderful tour that includes two days of mountain biking through the beautiful rock formations of Red Rock Canyon. 

Your mountain biking tour begins with a scenic loop around Cottonwood Valley, which is known for its great mountain biking trails. The surrounding scenery is filled with Bighorn Sheep, wild burros, and other desert wildlife, along with views of Yucca, and Joshua Trees – and this is only day one. 

The second day of the tour takes you to Keystone Thrust, and then through the valley between Fossil Ridge and the Black Velvet Cliffs. If you have a weekend to visit Red Rock Canyon and are looking for more than just your standard day trip, this is a wonderful escape into the desert. 

As with all Escape Adventures packages, this tour is all-inclusive, including transportation, lodging, bikes, equipment, and anything else you need along the guided tour.  Check with Escape Adventures for current availability, or if you’d like to schedule a private tour. 

More Great Red Rock Canyon Tours In Las Vegas 

Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour by Escape Adventures

Las Vegas Electric Bike Tour by Escape Adventures

If a self-guided Las Vegas tour is more up your alley, and you’re interested in a tour of Red Rock Canyon that’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, the Electric Bike Tour by Escape Adventures is a great way to spend the afternoon. 

The self-guided tours take you to your destination by shuttle, and from there, you enjoy cruising along on a top-of-the-line electric bike. Self-guided tours are adaptable to different fitness levels, so you can even take the entire family out for a day of nature exploration. Support vehicles are also provided throughout the tour, and you’re encouraged to explore at your own pace. 

Your ticket for the Las Vegas Electric Bike Tour to Red Rock Canyon is all-inclusive, but there is a small additional fee for the scenic drive option. 

Scooter Tour of Red Rock Canyon by Red Rock Scooter Tours 

Scooter Tour of Red Rock Canyon by Red Rock Scooter Tours

Imagine exploring the Red Rocks area, feeling the warm desert air, taking in the spectacular scenery, and all while not once breaking a sweat! Scooter tours are a fun, low-impact way of exploring Red Rock Canyon National Park. 

Red Rock Scooter Tours provides everything you need, from the scooter to a free lesson on how to ride it. Even if you’ve never been on a scooter before in your life, you’ll feel like a pro as you travel the extra-wide, one-way path through the Red Rock Canyon landscape. 

The tour includes hotel pickup from your accommodations in Sin City. Along your tour, you’ll see the Calico Hills, Willow Springs & Lost Creek, Pine Creek Canyon, and stop at a scenic overlook where you’ll have an expansive view of the Red Rock Canyon floor, along with views of the sandstone quarry. Tours last about three hours and you do need a valid driver’s license to drive the scooter. 

Three Wheel Scooter Red Rock Canyon Tours by Scoot City Tours 

three wheel scooter red rock canyon tours by scoot city tours

In Las Vegas, doing things “over the top” is a way of life. Why should your day trip to the Mojave Desert be any different? Even when you’re ready to step away from the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, you can still enjoy your Red Rock Canyon tour in true Vegas style, by exploring the canyon in a colorful three-wheeled scooter!

Participants love the open-air feel of this three-wheel scooter tour that takes you through the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area along 13-miles of the scenic loop. An experienced tour guide leads you through the rugged scenery of the Mojave Desert and offers you plenty of time to stop and explore on your own. The colorful scooters look like something you might see in a Nintendo video game, so it’s a great fun contrast against the natural landscape. 

Each scooter holds two people, so you can double up on the fun. Hotel pickup and drop-off upon your return are included in the price of your ticket, along with the cost of your park entrance fee. 

Red Rock Canyon Tour with Valley of Fire State Park by JNS Tour Company 

red rock canyon tour with valley of fire state park by jns tour company

Situated just outside Vegas and the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas Strip is a natural world that’s just waiting for you to come and explore. When you have an entire day to devote to losing yourself in the desert landscape, JNS Tour company wants to guide you to two of the most spectacular natural wonders – the Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire State Park. 

This 8-hour tour takes you from Las Vegas and into Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire where you can see firsthand the interesting rock formations, along with stops at Rainbow Vista, Elephant Rock, Keystone Thrust, and a few spots that remain unknown until your tour guide takes you to them. 

This tour is best for participants with at least a moderate level of fitness since hiking along various trails is included. Hotel pick up and drop off anywhere along the Las Vegas Strip or in Downtown Las Vegas is also included in the price of your tour. 

Four Tours In One – Marvit Tours 

four tours in one marvit tours

Marvit Tours in Las Vegas offers Red Rock Canyon Tours that also include visiting three other popular natural areas surrounding Las Vegas. This tour is great when you want to do and see as much as possible in a single day, all while accompanied by a professional guide. 

During your day trip, you’ll visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the Seven Magic Mountains by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, Boulder City, and Hoover Dam. 

The Red Rock Canyon part of the tour includes a stop at Calico Hills where you’ll experience some of the best views of the beautiful rock formations, then you’ll go onto the Sandstone Quarry with its amazing colors, and then finally you’ll visit High Point for a spectacular view of the canyon. 

You’ll spend time at each destination and will be offered lunch at an additional cost (water and snacks are provided as part of the tour. The last stop along the tour is Hoover Dam at Lake Mead. This is a great tour for first-time visitors to Las Vegas who want to explore the natural surrounding areas.

Red Rock Canyon On Horseback by Cowboy Trail Rides 

red rock canyon on horseback by cowboy trail rides

Experiencing the beauty of Red Rock Canyon on horseback is something that curious and adventurous souls of all ages can enjoy. Cowboy Trail Rides in Las Vegas will teach you all the ropes of horseback riding and then take you on an unforgettable adventure through the Red Rock Conservation Area. 

You’ll ride on a gentle, well-trained horse around the scenic areas of the canyon, high above Fossil Ridge. Tours are appropriate for anyone ages 7 or above, even if you don’t have any horseback riding experience. This tour lasts two hours, but there’s also another option to ride through the narrow passages of the canyon floor. This one is a great opportunity to see all that native wildlife and is slightly shorter than the other tour option. Roundtrip shuttle transportation is included in the price of the tour. 

What To Look For In Red Rock Canyon Tours 

The perfect Red Rock Canyon experience for you depends on several factors. Here are a few things to consider before booking your tour. 

Type of Tour

This detail is the most obvious. There are so many ways to see and explore Red Rock Canyon. There are hiking tours, mountain biking tours, off-roading, scooters, eclectic bikes, horseback, and just sitting and relaxing in an air-conditioned minivan as you’re driven through the canyon. Consider how you’ll most enjoy this experience. 

Fitness Level

Hiking and bicycling tours require a higher level of fitness than some of the other tours. Even these usually offer some variance in fitness level so everyone can be included if you’re traveling with a group. It’s always a good idea to find out the fitness levels of the trails you’ll be exploring, find out what type of terrain you’ll be traveling, and ask if there are any fitness or mobility restrictions. 

Sights & Stops 

There’s a lot of the Red Rock Conservation Area to explore, but you want to make sure that your time and attention are devoted to the areas that matter most to you. If you’re mostly interested in exploring the canyon itself, along with areas like Calico Hills, Keystone Thrust, and Wilson Cliffs, a hiking or mountain biking tour will provide a great up close and personal experience. 

There are also tours that extend further out and include other attractions like the Seven Magic Mountains, Hoover Dam, and the Valley of Fire. Keep in mind that there’s also a balance between the time you’re allowed and the depth of sights you see. You might spend 4-5 hours exploring the canyon or the same amount of time divided over several areas. 


There are Red Rock Canyon tours that will fit into every budget! Of course, the fewer bells and whistles that are included, the less expensive your tour package will be. Still, basics like transportation to and from your Las Vegas hotel, water, snacks, park entrance fees, and any other necessities are usually included. 

One more thing to consider in the category of cost is whether there’s a cancellation fee, and if so, when does it kick in. The best deals are when a tour offers free cancellation, but in most cases, you’ll find that they offer free cancellation only up to a certain point, such as 48 to 72 hours before your scheduled tour. 

Explore Red Rock Canyon with a Fabulous Tour From Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon is a stunning natural area that’s rich in history and scenery. It’s also located just outside of Las Vegas and makes for a great day trip, away from the traffic and noise, when you’re spending some time in Sin City. Make your reservations for Red Rock Canyon tours Las Vegas today. 

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