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Last Updated on October 21, 2022

Pink Jeep Tours is one of the most popular touring companies in Las Vegas, NV. They offer open-air Jeep tours of the city of Vegas, along with adventure excursions to natural wonders outside of Las Vegas. Whether you’re in the mood for bright lights and neon signs, or you more prefer an off-road adventure to the rainbow vista created by mother nature, Pink Jeep Tours offers something for everyone. 

Las Vegas Pink Jeep Tours

There’s so much to see in Las Vegas. Where do you even begin? How about with an open-air Jeep or helicopter tour of Sin City?

Bright Lights Las Vegas at Night Tour

There’s nothing quite like Las Vegas at night, especially when you’re cruising along in an open-air pink Pink Adventure Tours that takes you to see all of the iconic Sin City sights at night with one of their most popular Las Vegas Tours

You’re picked up right from your hotel in a famous pink Jeep. Your first stop is the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, where you’ll have plenty of photo ops as you prepare for the adventure ahead. From there, you head toward Downtown Las Vegas, and on the way, will pass the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the show “Pawn Stars,” cruise along wedding chapel row, and then onward to Fremont Street. 

Your tour guide will share knowledge, trivia, and more than a bit of humor as you make your way to the Las Vegas Strip, where the lights of the city really come alive. The night tour of the Las Vegas Strip includes a stop at the exploding volcano show at the Mirage and a ride on the High Roller, which offers spectacular views of the city at night. 

Land, Air & See: The Vegas Strip Jeep & Helicopter Private Tour 

Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas offers this incredible private small group tour that takes you by land and air to see all the neon lights that Vegas is famous for. Your adventure begins in an open-air pink Jeep Wrangler, with your first stop being the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. This sign is famous not only in Las Vegas but around the world and has had cameo appearances in more than a handful of movies. Take the opportunity to snap a pic or two (or ten!) while you’re there. 

This Pink Jeep Tour takes you to all of the same spots as the Bright Lights Las Vegas at Night Tour, including the famous pawnshop, Fremont Street, and a ride on the High Roller. While the view from the High Roller is incredible, it only gets better when you climb aboard for your private helicopter flight. 

At first, it looks like the Las Vegas landscape is just shimmering lights, but it doesn’t take long for the sights of the entertainment capital of the world to come into focus. Tour operators point out all of the famous landmarks that you’ll see from the air, including the Bellagio Fountains, Caesars Palace, the bright beam that shines from the Luxor Pyramid, the Stratosphere Tower, and more. Hotel pickup and drop-off service in Las Vegas are included with this tour. 

Red Rock Canyon & Eldorado Canyon Pink Jeep Tours

Are you ready for a little escape from the city? Pink Jeep Las Vegas tours offer a half-day excursion to Red Rock and Eldorado Canyons, each lasting an average of three to four hours, so you can spend some time exploring and appreciating nature and still have plenty of time to enjoy Las Vegas during the evening and at night. 

Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Off-Road Tour by Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Off-Road Tour by Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas

If you’re in the mood for a little rugged adventure, this Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Tour is for you! Climb aboard a pink Jeep Wrangler when you’re picked up from your Las Vegas hotel and head to Red Rock Canyon, where your tour guide expertly navigates rugged terrain that’s accessible only to off-road vehicles. 

You’ll enjoy the scenic 13-mile loop through the canyon, along with views of Wilson Cliffs, the Red Spring Mountain Range, Calico Hills, and a stop at the Visitor’s Center, where you have the opportunity to explore, learn more about the area, and learn about films that feature the Mojave Desert as their backdrop. Don’t forget to bring your camera on this guided tour because there are endless opportunities for incredible photos. 

Traditional Red Rock Canyon Tour 

Traditional Red Rock Canyon Tour 

If rugged off-roading isn’t your thing, Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas offers another option for exploring Red Rock Canyon. Enjoy the ride in a Pink Tour Trekker, and learn all about the area and its history from your tour guide as you head to Red Rock Canyon. 

The first stop on this tour is the Visitor’s Center, where you can learn more about the area and possibly meet desert tortoises! After exploring the Visitor’s Center, you’ll tour all the areas of Red Rock in the Pink Tour Trekker, including the Spring Mountains, Calico Hills, and a stunning view from the Red Rock overlook. This is a great tour for outdoor lovers of all ages who want to experience the natural side of the world just outside of Las Vegas. 

Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine Tour 

Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine Tour 

Eldorado Canyon sits about 45-minutes outside of Las Vegas, and a trip there in an ultra-comfy Pink Tour Trekker makes for a wonderful daytime excursion. The Eldorado Canyon tour takes you deep into Nevada’s history with a trip to what was once one of the state’s richest mines. 

During this tour, you’ll learn all about the history and geology of the area and how it was once among the most prosperous mining locations in the western hemisphere. The ride in the Trekker is smooth and comfortable, and there are lots of photo opportunities on this tour, along with views of the Colorado River. 

Pink Jeep Bucket List Tours 

Las Vegas is close enough to some of the magical wonders of the southwest that a visit to Sin City is a perfect opportunity to knock off a few bucket list items. Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas offers tours to the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the Valley of Fire, and Death Valley. 

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour 

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour 

This full-day adventure from Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas takes you to Grand Canyon National Park West Rim for a 9-hour tour filled with sights, history, and endless natural wonders. Included in this tour is a drive past Lake Mead, an adventure through Joshua Tree Forest, Eagle Point, Hualapai Village, Guano Point, and an optional stop at the Grand Canyon Skywalk. 

Lunch at Hualapai Village is included in this tour, along with bottled water and all park entrance fees. As always, the unprecedented views are free for all to enjoy. 

Grand Canyon South Rim Tour 

The west rim of the Grand Canyon always gets lots of love, but the south rim is just as deserving. Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas takes you on a full-day, 12-hour adventure into the depths of the beautiful Grand Canyon South Rim. 

Points of interest of the South Rim tour include Mather Point and the Yavapai Point Observation Station. An experienced tour guide accompanies you to share knowledge and history on the area and also to answer all of your questions. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the full-day adventure from Pink Jeep Tours. 

Grand Canyon West Hoover Dam Combo Tour 

Grand Canyon West Hoover Dam Combo Tour 

Who doesn’t love a great combo deal? Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas makes all of your southwest sightseeing dreams come true with a 10-hour day tour that takes you to both Grand Canyon National Park and the Hoover Dam. 

This tour takes you to the west rim of the Grand Canyon, where you’ll have a chance to experience the views from the observation deck of the skywalk and see the beauty of the Colorado River. This tour also includes a visit to the Hoover Dam, where you can walk along the bridge and also experience a bird’s eye view of Lake Mead. 

Lunch, all park fees, and transportation to and from your Las Vegas hotel are all included in this tour. 

Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas

Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas

The Hoover Dam is considered one of the great engineering marvels, and Pink Jeep Tours is ready to whisk you away on a tour to see it all up-close. You’ll learn everything there is to know about the Hoover Dam from your tour guides, and you’ll also get the chance to get out and walk along the bridge, seeing the massive construction up close. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Hoover Dam, along with Lake Mead and the Colorado River. 

Death Valley Tour 

Death Valley Tour 

Pink Jeep Tours offers a Death Valley Tour from Las Vegas that’s like no other. You enjoy the ride all the way to Death Valley in an ultra-comfortable (and air-conditioned!) Jeep Tour Trekker, and learn all about the extremes of the area’s climate and landscape. 

You’ll visit the Rhyolite Ghost Town, the Open-Air Museum, a stop at Hell’s Gate, Badwater Basin, and walking tours at the Salt Creek Boardwalk. Death Valley is an area that’s known for extremes, and the Pink Jeep Tour company offers one of the most scenic and comprehensive tours to the area. 

Valley of Fire State Park Tour 

Valley of Fire State Park Tour 

There are few natural sights in the world that match up the Valley of Fire, especially when the sun shines just right on the warmly-hued rocked formations. With this tour, you ride from Las Vegas, NV, through the Mojave Desert in a Jeep Trekker. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at one of the most photographic sights in the southwest. You’ll see the Seven Sister, Elephant Rock, the White Domes, and ancient petroglyphs on this tour. A picnic lunch, bottled water, and park entrance fees are all included in this tour. 


How much is a Pink Jeep Tour?

The cost of a Pink Jeep Tour in Las Vegas, NV, depends on the experience. Tours of Vegas and nearby areas cost anywhere from just over $100 into the $300 range. Private tours are also available, but those typically cost in the range of $1000-$2000.

What do you wear to a Pink Jeep tour?

You can wear anything you want on a Pink Jeep Tour, but you want to keep the weather and physical activity in mind. It’s best to dress casually and appropriately for the climate. Comfortable shoes with non-slip soles are a must if you’re going to do any hiking or walking. Plus, the sun gets scorching in Las Vegas, NV, so don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen!

Are there Pink Jeep Tours that go to Death Valley?

Yes, Pink Jeep Tours offers tour packages that go to Death Valley from Las Vegas. You’ll also see lots of the beauty of the natural side of the southwest on your journey. 

Climb in, buckle up, and prepare to have some fun. Pink Jeep tours offer sightseeing adventures for everyone, both inside and outside of Las Vegas. Don’t let the opportunity pass by to see some of the most amazing sights in the world, all from the comfort of Pink Jeep. Experienced Pink Jeep tour guides are waiting to take you on an adventure today!

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