The Best Las Vegas Souvenirs Shops

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Las Vegas is an international hub for gambling, last-minute weddings, shopping, entertainment, and phenomenal food. No matter what brings you to Las Vegas, you should leave with a souvenir to remember your visit.

Choosing a Las Vegas souvenirs shop seems easy until you realize just how many there are! Visit one of these shops for the best souvenir shopping experience in the city.

 Las Vegas Souvenirs Shops

Best Vegas Souvenirs Shop On the Strip

Magnet Max

Magnet Max can be found on the Las Vegas Strip at Miracle Mile Shops. The shop is popular among tourists looking for Las Vegas souvenirs that won’t break the bank. A large collection of Las Vegas souvenir magnets are the star of the show, but there are plenty of other souvenirs to choose from too!

You’ll find t-shirts, tote bags, toys, and more alongside a neverending selection of unusual and funny magnets. Magnet Max is a great souvenir shop if you aren’t sure what you want because they have a little bit of everything!

Magnet Max

M&M’s World Las Vegas

M&M’s World Las Vegas is located inside a showcase mall on Las Vegas Blvd. The impressive four-level store was the first ever M&M store! This isn’t a traditional gift shop, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty of fun gifts and Las Vegas souvenirs.

Guests can create their M&M design or choose from several premade, Vegas-themed designs. This is more than just another gift shop. It’s an immersive customer experience.

The Coca-Cola Store

Coca-Cola has been a staple in American homes for decades. If you’re one of the many Coca-Cola lovers, this gift shop is for you! The store features a variety of Coca-Cola and Las Vegas-themed merchandise. 

Many of the products sold in the Coca-Cola store are vintage or limited edition items that can’t be purchased anywhere else.

If the gifts aren’t enough, the wide selection of Coca-Cola flavors will be! Try flavors from around the world and see Coca-Cola in a brand new light.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas has multiple gift shops around Sin City, but the store on Las Vegas Blvd inside The Venetian at Grand Canal Shoppes is the most impressive. The whole store is dedicated to celebrating fabulous Las Vegas!

You’ll find t-shirts, shot glasses, snow globes, onesies, and anything else you can imagine in Las Vegas memorabilia form. This gift shop is an absolute must-see during your first trip to Las Vegas, NV.

Best Souvenirs Shops in Downtown Vegas

Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park is a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment in Downtown Las Vegas. The park is made of repurposed shipping containers, hence the unique name. 

The best part about visiting the Downtown Container Park is wandering from one store to another with amazing food in between.

The park focuses on local retailers, so you’ll find a better variety than you would at other shopping malls. Las Vegas souvenir shops are among the many retailers in Container Park. Walk until you see something that catches your eye – it won’t take long!

Tokyo Discount

Tokyo Discount is a store on Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV, that brings Japanese culture to Sin City. The discount shop has all things Tokyo including Hello Kitty, Japanese snacks, Pokemon, and Japanese decor. 

The downtown location makes it easy to explore Tokyo Discount during your Las Vegas trip! 

Whether you buy something Vegas-themed or something straight out of Tokyo culture, it’s sure to be unique and high-quality.

Local Oasis

Local Oasis is a shop in the art district of Las Vegas that a local artist opened in 2020. The small shop sells art, gifts, and items from local brand owners. What better souvenir for your Vegas trip than a one-of-a-kind art piece?

It’s important to remember this shop doesn’t have a huge selection of cheesy Las Vegas souvenirs, but that’s why many locals and tourists love it.

Karma Connection

Karma Connection is a shop that specializes in all things psychic, crystals, and natural healing. If you’re interested in those things, you’ll find this store is overflowing with possibilities!

You can buy a new crystal to keep as your Las Vegas souvenir or get a personalized psychic reading.

This gift shop is usually filled with like-minded people with similar interests, so it feels quite warm and welcoming.

Gamblers General Store

Gamblers General Store

The Gamblers General Store has been appealing to casino lovers since 1984. The store is located on S Main Street, and it’s one of the only souvenir shops in Las Vegas that caters to people who love gambling.

You’ll find an inventory that includes playing cards, customized chips, and casino memorabilia. There’s even a book section with books that teach you how to improve your gambling skills. 

If you love to gamble or know someone who does, there’s no better place to get a great souvenir than Gamblers General Store.

Best Souvenir Shops in the Vegas Airport

Hudson News

Hudson News
Photo by Christopher Rauschnot On Google (Show full size)

Hudson News is the best place to get a gift when entering Las Vegas via Harry Reid Airport, formerly known as McCarran International Airport. They have a lot of the same stuff you’d find in gift shops outside the airport, but it’s way more convenient!

Grab a t-shirt, mugs, key chains, and several other airport-friendly last-minute gifts. You can also purchase drinks, snacks, and flight essentials!

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas (McCarran International Airport

Welcome to Las Vegas inside the airport doesn’t have the same selection as their store at The Venetian, but you’ll still be able to purchase the most popular souvenirs. 

This is a great place to kill time while you wait for your flight. Explore a great selection of gifts and stay entertained at the same time! 

Be prepared to spend a bit more money than you would at other Welcome to Las Vegas locations, though. As always, you pay a premium for the convenience of airport shopping.

Largest Vegas Souvenirs Shop

Bonanza Gift Shop

Bonanza Gift Shop

Bonanza Gift Shop is much more than just another souvenir shop on the Strip. It’s the world’s largest gift shop! The inventory at Bonanza doesn’t just compete with other souvenir shops. It blows those shops out of the water!

Bonanza has reasonable prices and a prime location, making it a fan favorite over the years. The world’s largest gift shop carries everything from t-shirts and collectibles to Native American Jewelry. Find a hilarious gag gift or the perfect postcard to send back home.

Visit the Souvenir Shops and Take Home a Piece of Las Vegas! 

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