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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

The Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas is a monumental homage to the iconic beverage brand. Located right on the Las Vegas Strip, this is where you can find all of your favorite Coca-Cola products, taste exotic Coke flavors from around the world, cuddle with a polar bear, and have a fun experience that’s great for the entire family. 

The Las Vegas Coca Cola Store Experience 

Hours spent exploring Las Vegas Blvd mean you’ll be more than ready for a refreshing visit at the Coca-Cola Store as soon you reach the giant Coke bottle at the Showcase Mall. From the moment you walk through the doors, the world outside disappears, and you’re transported to another realm at this immersive retail destination. 

The Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas is different from most other entertaining experiences in the city. For starters, visiting the Coca-Cola store is free and fun, which is a great perk, especially for families with kids. 

Of course, there are plenty of ways to spend money at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas, including impulse buying all of the irresistible Coca-Cola brand merchandise. Grab your favorite drink and discover one of the most unique and entertaining experiences for soda lovers in Las Vegas. 

Meet the Coca Cola Polar Bear 

meet the coca cola polar bear

All Coca-Cola lovers are familiar with the brand’s iconic polar bear mascot. Visitors at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas will have the chance to meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear in person, give the furry creature a giant hug, shake its hand, and take a few pictures of your meeting with Coca-Cola’s hottest celebrity. If you have kids in your group, they will love meeting the Coca-Cola Polar Bear face to face. 

The Coca Cola Fountain 

the coca cola

On the second floor of the Coca-Cola Store, Las Vegas, is the famed Coca-Cola soda fountain. It’s here that you can explore your love of the Coca-Cola brand and relax with some true refreshment. 

For many people, the fountain is their favorite part of the Coca-Cola Store, and with good reason. This is where you get to sip on all the different flavors of Coca-Cola brand drinks, including international beverages that you’ve probably never tasted before. 

Tastes of the World 

One of the most cool experiences at the Coca-Cola fountain is the Tastes of the World tray.

This worldly soda tasting experience consists of two trays, each lined with eight different sodas, for a total of 16 different tastes for you to try from all over the world. So much soda is way too much for one person to drink, so bring a few thirsty partners with you for the super fun tasting experience. 

There’s a numbered key that tells you details like where the drink is from and what the flavor is. Some of the international flavors include the Beverly Soda from Italy, Sparletta Sparberry from Zimbabwe, Fanta Pineapple from Greece, and Lift Manzana from Mexico, along with a great selection of other flavored carbonated drinks on the World Tray. 

Float Trays at the Coca Cola Store Las Vegas

So, let’s say you’re not really feeling adventurous enough to try all the exotic flavors from around the globe on the Taste of the World Tray. Don’t worry, there’s an option for you that’s just as delicious, along with being sweet and creamy too. While you’re visiting the second floor of the Coca Cola Store Las Vegas you can order up the third tray on the menu – the Float Tray. 

The Float Tray is a selection of eight different flavored sodas, all topped with vanilla ice cream. Some flavors are traditional, like a root beer float, while others are more unique, like the Fanta Grape Float. Either way, they’re all tasty – especially when you’re craving something cool and sweet. 

Merchandise & Gifts 

Merchandise & Gifts 

The Coca Cola Store Las Vegas is more than a place to enjoy a nice cool soda on a hot day. It’s also a place where you can shop till you drop, filling your bags with more Coca Cola product and accessories than you can possibly imagine. If there’s any place in the world to get Coke themed merchandise, it’s at this location in Las Vegas. 

The retail space is expansive and features a complete line of Coca Cola merchandise, including cool mugs and glasses, shirts, polar bear plushies, Coca Cola Las Vegas memorabilia, and one of a kind collectibles and other stuff that you won’t find anywhere else during your visit to Sin City. 

The retail merchandise area is a great place to explore, either by yourself or with friends and family. 

Custom Bottles at the Coca Cola Store 

custom bottle

Another one-of-a-kind gift (for yourself or someone else) that you can get at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas is customizable Coca-Cola bottles. The customization is done on 8-ounce glass bottles of Coke and can be designed for practically any occasion. 

Pick a theme, or go with the classic red background. Then personalize your bottle with up to 18 characters. Perfect for giving someone a one-of-a-kind gift with their name on it or for special events. You don’t have to worry about your party drinks being boring with these fun, customized Coke bottles. 

Coca Cola Store Las Vegas Location & Hours 

The Coca-Cola Store is located on Las Vegas Blvd at the Showcase Mall, just down the street from the MGM Grand Hotel. Its great location makes it the perfect spot to escape to for a while during your Las Vegas adventure. The exact address is 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd. Hours of operation are currently 10 am – 10 pm daily for the shop, with reduced hours for the beverage bar. Hours are subject to change. 

Also, note that the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas follows the guidelines set by the local health and government authorities regarding masks and other Covid mitigating measures. Check with their website for up-to-date information regarding policies for you and your family. 


How much is the Coca-Cola tasting in Las Vegas?

The price of the Tastes of the World Tray at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas is typically under $10 but is subject to change. You get two trays filled with a total of sixteen sodas from around the world. The Tastes of the World trays are a main reason why people visit the famous Las Vegas location.

What is the biggest Coke bottle in the world?

The largest bottle of Coke is located in front of the Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas! Originally built in the 1990s, the giant bottle stood in front of what was then known as Everything Coca Cola. Today it still stands in front of what is now called the Coca-Cola Store, and it’s the spot where countless adults and kids loved taking a fun picture before venturing into the world of everything Coca-Cola to taste, explore, people watch, and shop!

Share a Coke and More Than A Few Smiles at the Coca Cola Store Las Vegas

There’s lots of fun to be had in Las Vegas, but sometimes you’re ready to step away from the casino, endless restaurants, and over-the-top nightlife scene to enjoy something a little more low-key and relaxing, but also fun. The Coca-Cola Store is more than just sodas. Bring your friends or family, and plan on having a great time while sharing a Coke. 

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