Caesars Palace Hotel Map

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

The Caesars Palace Hotel map includes both casinos, six towers, the Nobu Hotel, the Roman Plaza, and several bars, restaurants, and pools.

Caesars Palace Hotel Map

You can enter Caesar’s Palace right off of the Strip and find rideshare pick-up and main valet at the entrance. The Palace Casino Is closest to the entrance and has several bars, restaurants, and lounges nearby (in light blue).

The Forum Casino is located nearby the Nobu Hotel marked in purple on the map. You can also find the Forum Tower (in green) and parking garage in this section of the resort.

Head to the Roman Plaza and watch “Absinthe” (teal) or grab a bite to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen. You can find more entertainment at the Colosseum (light blue).

Each tower is close to all seven stunning pools and lounge areas. There are also several gardens nearby to enjoy.

The second floor of the Augustus Tower is found on the bottom-right of the map and features the wedding chapels, restaurants, and the salon, spa, and fitness center.

Caesar’s is a huge resort with endless opportunities for food and fun. Be sure to grab a map and don’t get lost during your stay!

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