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Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas, where you can taste and experience the mastery of Michelin Star-winning, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

You know him from his global hit reality television, but here you get the chance actually to taste each of the Gordon Ramsay Signature dishes on the restaurant’s lunch and dinner menus.

Serving a menu of modern lunch and dinner entrees, including Gordon Ramsay Signature Classics, get ready to taste and experience dishes like his beef wellington, pan-seared scallops, lobster risotto, and, yes, the sticky toffee pudding. 

We hope you’ve worked up an appetite because you’re not going to leave hungry. 

Inside Hell’s Kitchen Vegas 

When you walk into HK, you immediately think you might encounter Gordon Ramsay passionately instructing one of the chefs.

There’s a definite fire and ice thing, with red and blue design details clashing against each other, much like how the red and blue kitchens compete in the show. 

Rumor has it the restaurant seats more than three hundred guests, so things can get quite crazy on a busy night. Although, you’d never know it by the cool and calm demeanor of the service staff and the perfected choreographed dance that goes on in the open kitchen. 

There’s also a private dining room that can be reserved if your party would rather not engage with the crowd.

There’s a contemporary bar serving a long list of elegant cocktails, beer, and wine, along with two private dining rooms and two chef’s tables. It’s obvious that world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay left no detail to chance in his Las Vegas restaurant that looks very much like the studio set of his reality television show. 

Hell’s Kitchen Menu & Prices

Modern Lunch Menu  

The modern lunch menu at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen is very similar to their dinner menu, with just a few small changes. 

For example, you can still enjoy a lunch prix fixe menu, but the portion sizes are a bit smaller and appropriate for a light afternoon meal. 

Our favorite for lunch at HK is the crispy skin salmon. It’s served with beluga lentils, which we would never have thought of serving with crispy skin salmon, but it works really well. 

The Caesar salad is also perfect for lunch. It features parmesan cheese frico, and you can add grilled chicken or chilled shrimp for a more filling meal that will power you through a day of shopping or exploring Las Vegas. We also ask to have a little lemon zest added for a bit more zing.

For a lunch entree, expect to pay anywhere from $32.95 for the Jidori Chicken to $79.95 for the Wagyu Ribeye. Keep in mind that appetizers, sides, desserts, and beverages are extra. The lunch prix fixe menu costs $65.05 per person. With the wine pairing, the price is $124.95 per person. 

Dinner Menus  

Dinner is prime dining time, with the red and blue kitchens both hard at work creating delicious food. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Signature dishes. 

Pricing is on par with other nice restaurants on the Strip. The dinner Prix fix menu is $89.95 per person. If you’d like a wine pairing along with your meal, the cost is $148.95. Dinner entree prices range from about $35 to $80, depending on what you’re craving for the night.

Prix Fix Menu 

HK offers a prix fixe menu that’s designed to highlight the best of Gordon Ramsay Signature dishes. The menu is a three-course meal, including a first course, the main course, and, let’s not forget, the dessert. The Prix Fixe menu may change, but this gives you a little snapshot of what to expect. 

  • First Course – Choose between pan-seared scallops with shaved fennel or the heirloom tomato burrata salad with Thai basil, extra virgin olive oil, and white balsamic vinegar.
  • Main – Beef Wellington with potato puree, glazed root vegetables, and a red wine demi-glace. Add foie gras or lobster tail for an additional cost. 
  • Dessert – None other than Gordon Ramsay’s famous sticky toffee pudding with dulce de leche ice cream. 

Wine pairings are also available with the prix fixe menu. 

Chilled Seafood & Appetizers

You want to make the most of the experience when you’re dining on the famous Las Vegas Strip, especially at a TV-famous restaurant like HK. We suggest starting with an appetizer that you can linger over until your entree arrives. 

Start with something from the chilled seafood selections, like the shrimp cocktail with gin cocktail sauce or oysters on the half shell. 

From the appetizer menu, our favorites are the seared foie gras with stewed cherries and Scottish shortbread and the lobster risotto with delicate butter-poached lobster and crispy onions. 

Salads & Soups

We’re big fans of the salads and soups at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, especially if you’re in the mood for a light meal or want a little something to hold you over before you head to the show, 

For salads, there is the Quinoa Salad with Honeycrisp apples, cranberries, candied pecans, and ricotta Salata, Caesar Salad with garlic croutons and lemon zest, and the Heirloom Burrata Salad. 


On the entree portion of the menu, look for Hell’s Kitchen Signature dishes, like Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington with potato puree, glazed root vegetables, and red wine demi-glace.

Another popular dish is the Braised Short Rib, that’s served with crispy potato cake and bloomsdale spinach. If you’re in the mood for a steak, we recommend the filet mignon with roasted tomatoes and bearnaise sauce.

Whatever you choose for your entree, you don’t want to pass over the yummy side dishes. These aren’t your standard wimpy side dishes, but instead very flavorful, comfort-food style sides that you might even want seconds of. 

  • Baked Macaroni & Cheese – smoked gouda and crispy prosciutto
  • Wild Mushrooms with shallot white wine glaze
  • Haricot Vert with bacon Viniagrette 
  • Potato Puree with creme fraiche


We admittedly have a terrible sweet tooth, so it’s rare that we ever leave a restaurant in Las Vegas without at least a little nibble from the dessert menu. We’ve never been disappointed with a dessert from HK, and we’ve pretty much tried them all. 

The sticky toffee pudding is great and something that you really must try if you’re a fan of Gordon Ramsay. It’s served with dulce de leche ice cream that’s perfectly creamy and not too sweet, so it’s a perfect complement to the pudding. 

The Salted Peanut Decadence is delish and served with salted peanut ice cream. For something a bit different, the Coconut 3-ways is really nice. It features coconut sorbet, passion fruit caramel, and coconut cake. 

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu 

One of the things that we really enjoy about Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace is that they offer a really nice vegetarian and vegan menu.

Many restaurants in Las Vegas offer at least a few vegan selections, but this is an entire menu of well-thought-out entrees that taste wonderful and are a bit different from what you’d normally find. 

An example is the White Beans in Purgatory, which is warm white beans with spicy tomato sauce and cashew cream cheese, served with warm grilled bread.

We also really like the Vegetable Risotto, which is truffle risotto with tofu puree and crispy artichokes. The Pan Seared Tofu Scallops are also good and something that you won’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas. They’re served with English pea puree and pickled fennel. 

Cocktails, Wine & Beer  

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is more than just a place to grab a great meal on Las Vegas Blvd, it’s also a really nice contemporary bar serving elegant cocktails, drawing inspiration from around the world. 

We tried the Scottish Kiss, which is Auchentoshan American Oak Scotch, Primm’s No. 1, Domaine de Canton, and a kiss of brown sugar. It tastes very sophisticated and went down a little too easily. 

The other cocktail we tried was the Smoke on the Blvd, which was made with Woodford Rye, a bit of Aperol, Amara Averna, and sweet vermouth. It’s then smoked with cherry wood to take it over the top. 

Of course, there’s also a wonderful wine menu, with selections from the Sonoma coast, Napa Valley, and several other wonderful wine regions of the world. 

Dress Code at Las Vegas Hells Kitchen

Dress Code at Las Vegas Hells Kitchen

The dress code at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen is business casual. This is a contemporary bar and restaurant, so you want to look nice. Skip the jeans and athletic wear, and definitely don’t wear your flip-flops. 

When dressing for dinner, it’s also wise to consider what you’ll be doing after your meal. If you’re planning on spending the evening at the Caesars Palace casino, it’s fun to dress up a little bit. 

Located at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Hell’s Kitchen is located in Caesars Palace on the famous Las Vegas Strip. It’s hard to miss Caesars Palace, with it being one of the largest hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, and its unmistakable hints of Roman architecture. 

Caesars Palace is located at 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd. Once you’re inside Caesars Palace Las Vegas, you want to head to level one of the Roman Plaza. Once there, you won’t be able to miss the giant pitchfork and iconic Hell’s Kitchen logo. 

The Show

Hell’s Kitchen is best defined as global hit reality television. The show, starring world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, takes viewers on a journey as they watch the struggles and triumphs of aspiring chefs as they cook their way through challenges and come face to face with the famous temperament of chef Gordon Ramsay. 

Hell’s Kitchen debuted in 2005 and has gone on to produce more than twenty nail-biting seasons of watching the battle between red and blue kitchens serve Gordon Ramsay’s and Hell’s Kitchen’s signature dishes. 

Although the contestants do visit the Las Vegas restaurant as part of the show, the actual filming is mostly done on a studio set not far from Caesar’s palace. If you were hoping to be part of the filming during your meal in HK, we hate to disappoint you, but that’s not likely to happen.


Reservations are definitely recommended for dining at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen. You can make reservations by calling them at 866-733-5827. You can also make reservations online at the HK website. 

If you have a larger party or wish to reserve a private dining room at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, you’ll also want to contact them ahead of time so they can do their best to accommodate your request and needs. Plan ahead because reservations for the private dining room fill up fast.


Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen is one of the rare restaurants in Las Vegas that operates the same hours every day, regardless if it’s the middle of the week or the weekend. 

Join HK for lunch, starting at 11 AM. They’re also open a little later than most other restaurants at Caesars Palace. The dining room is open until 11 PM nightly for dinner service. 


Can you eat at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas?

Yes, you can eat at HK in Las Vegas. They offer both lunch and dinner menus, and you’ll find lots of great, classic Gordon Ramsay dishes on the menu. The Beef Wellington with red wine demi-glace makes an appearance on both menus, as does the famous sticky toffee pudding. 

Where is Hell’s Kitchen filmed in Las Vegas?

HK isn’t filmed in the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, at least for the most part. Currently, the studio set used for production is located in Las Vegas, not far from Caesars Palace, where the restaurant is located.  

Is Hell’s Kitchen a real restaurant?

HK is a real restaurant serving refined cuisine. It’s located on the Las Vegas Strip inside Caesars Palace. The Hell’s Kitchen restaurant isn’t where the reality show is filmed. 

When was Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas filmed?

HK has been in production since 2005. We can’t wait to see who the winner of the next season will be. 

When did Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas open? 

The dining room at HK in Las Vegas officially opened in 2018, so that tells you that the Las Vegas Strip restaurant has not been the studio set location for the global hit reality television series that has been airing since 2005. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a fiery dining experience in Las Vegas, we highly recommend Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. Taste Hell’s Kitchen Signature dishes, sip on an elegant cocktail, and take in the ambiance that’s like no other on the Las Vegas Strip. 

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