Las Vegas is full of over-the-top things. Everything in Las Vegas is taken to the next level, from the shows to the decor in the casinos. You can find some great bars in the city as well as some extravagant sweet treats, but did you know you can have them both at the same time? 

At I Love Sugar Las Vegas, they offer the Candy Martini Bar where they are whipping up martinis, and other cocktails chocked full of your favorite candy in true Vegas fashion. You can indulge and dive into an adult beverage and your favorite childhood candy all in one. 

Discover one of the best places to drink your dessert in Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know before you go!

Candy Martini Bar Menu

The Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas menu at I Love Sugar is quite extensive, offering something for everyone! Let’s take a look in more detail at every section so you can know what to expect.

Giant Candy Martinis

Giant Candy Martinis

The giant candy martinis are what this martini bar is known for. You have probably seen them all over your Instagram and Facebook because they are so fun and exciting. You’ll find ten delicious giant candy martini concoctions on the menu. 

One of the fan favorites is the Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got, which has apple vodka, melon liqueur, apple liquor, peach schnapps, and sprite. It is rimmed with green apple Pucker Powder and topped with pink, blue, and green Rock Candy and candy necklaces. 

Another loveable selection is the Cotton Candy Mule with vodka, ginger beer, fresh mint, and lime. The Cotton Candy Mule is topped and rimmed with the I Love Sugar house-made cotton candy. 

Many of their candy martinis are topped with flavored gummy candies like Thee Gummy Bear martini, a mix of apple vodka, strawberry liquor, grape liquor, green melon liqueur, and sprite topped with 12 different flavors of gummy bears and an orange Pucker Powder rim. 

For the chocolate lovers out there, there’s a martini for you, too. The In Love With The Coco has vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa dark, coffee liquor, hazelnut liquor, is rimmed with cocoa powder, and is topped with chocolate-covered malt balls, pretzels, and gummy bears. 

All of the giant candy martinis are designed to split between 2-3 people, so bring your friends. The drinks are also made with dry ice for a dramatic presentation. 

Candy Cocktails

Candy Cocktails

The candy cocktails on the menu are just as delicious and stunning as the giant martinis but smaller and include various spirits. You’ll find another ten candy cocktail selections on the menu, including the Chocolate Butter Cup Blitz, a drink with chocolate-covered graham crackers, mini peanut butter cups, and Hershey’s syrup. 

The Whiskey Baller is another great selection with your choice of whiskey pairs with Coca-Cola topped with giant and miniature gummy cola bottles. This drink is surely the most unique whiskey and coke you’ll find on the Las Vegas Strip. 

If you are looking for a margarita that will blow your mind, opt for the Lil Miss Salty Candy Margarita. It’s a sweet margarita rimmed with salt and cotton candy Pucker Powder with a mound of house-made cotton candy on top. 

No matter which you choose at Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas, you’ll get a decadent libation, and a candy-sweet treat all in one, not to mention the photo op since all cocktails come with the fog!

Drunkin’ Bears

Drunkin’ Bears are the adult take on your favorite childhood snack. I Love Sugar takes their gummy bears and infuses them with vodka or tequila. Every order comes with ten bears that will pack a punch but go down sweet and easy. 

Sugar Shots

Sugar Shots

The Sugar Shots aren’t your average shooter. You have three options of perfectly crafted shots like the Funky Pink Flamingo, a 2 ounce shot of Pink Starburst infused vodka rimmed with pina colada Pucker Powder served with three Pink Starbursts for a finishing treat. The Pop It Like It’s Hot is another favorite shot with 2 ounces of Original flavored Blow Pop infused vodka rimmed with blue raspberry and strawberry Pucker Powder and served with extra Pucker Powder to dip in a Blow Pop.

Other Refreshments

If sweets aren’t your thing, you can still find your favorite go-to. They serve a variety of beer and wine like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sparkling Moscato, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, and Coors Light, among others. For those who don’t want to indulge, you can order soft drinks or yummy pink lemonade. 

Get Drinks To Go

Don’t have time to stay? The Candy Martini Bar at I Love Sugar Las Vegas has a to-go menu with a selection of three of their giant candy martinis, three cocktails, or Drunkin’ Bears. Grab your favorite and head to your next stop!


The pricing structure of the Candy Martini Bar at I Love Sugar is pretty easy. The giant candy martinis come in at $42 since they are huge and meant to share, while the candy cocktails are $19. 

Drunkin’ Bears come in at $12 for ten bears, and the Sugar Shots are $14 for larger than average 2-ounce shots. Wine is served by the glass for $14, beers are $8, and non-alcoholic refreshments are $4. The to-go pricing is the same as the regular menu, and the experience you won’t forget is free! Keep in mind that pricing can always change, so check with the establishment for any changes. 

Hours & Location

The Candy Martini Bar is located on the second floor of I Love Sugar, an extravagant 14,000 square foot candy store in Las Vegas. You’ll find I Love Sugar in the LINQ Promenade in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Both the Candy Martini Bar and candy store are open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to midnight. On Friday and Saturday, they still open at 9 am but are open until 1 am for some late-night fun. 

Get Your Camera and Taste Buds Ready

You’ll need your camera and your taste buds ready at the Candy Martini Bar in I Love Sugar Las Vegas. Every drink is crafted to perfection with extravagant toppings and a dry ice fog that will stand out in your memories. Snap a few photos and experience the sugar rush at the I Love Sugar Candy Martini Bar in Las Vegas!

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