Circus Circus Parking: Free Self Parking & Valet Fees

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Circus Circus Las Vegas was previously owned by MGM Resorts, though it has since been bought by Phil Ruffin. It is one of the most affordable properties on the Strip in Las Vegas, NV, to find parking, making it an attractive destination for travelers on a budget. Circus Circus parking is easy on the wallet – a rarity in Las Vegas.  

The property also features a casino, comfortable hotel rooms, a venue with arcade and carnival games, plus restaurants, so it is one of the popular hotels for families. 

Whether you are headed to the Hoover Dam or exploring the Las Vegas Strip, here is everything you need to know about parking before your stay or visit.   

Circus Circus Free Parking

Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is one of the few remaining Las Vegas, NV, casinos or resorts offering no-pay self-parking for all hotel guests and visitors. 

There are two garages and two flat lots where parking is free at Circus Circus. Making parking complimentary is part of the overall budget-friendly strategy at Circus Circus.     

Circus Circus Parking Garage

The main parking structure is the closest to the main entrance, so it makes sense for those staying in the Casino Tower or West Tower or those just visiting the resort to self-park at this location. 

It can be accessed from Las Vegas Boulevard by turning onto Circus Circus Drive and making a left just after the pedestrian bridge. 

Note: The top two floors are used by UNLV students on college game days. 

Outdoor Parking Lot

Circus Circus Outdoor Parking Lot

An outdoor parking lot is located to the south of the main parking structure. If you cannot find parking in the garage, this is the next best location to be close to the main entrance and Casino or West Tower rooms. 

Access the outdoor parking lot from Las Vegas Blvd using Circus Circus Drive or from Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, which tends to be a less busy street. 

Skyrise Tower Parking Garage

Skyrise Tower is quite a walk from the main entrance, though luckily, it has its own self-parking facilities. 

The Skyrise Tower garage can be entered from S. Las Vegas Blvd. using the main Circus Circus Drive or from Sammy Davis Jr. Drive as well.

Those who want covered parking when the primary parking structure doesn’t have availability can also self-park in the Skyrise Tower garage. 

Manor Motor Lodge Parking

Manor Motor Lodge Parking

The Manor Motor Lodge is a collection of motel-style rooms on the Circus Circus property with its own parking. 

The Manor Motor Lodge parking is most easily accessed from Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, though if you are coming from S. Las Vegas Blvd., you can still use Circus Circus Drive. 

Circus Circus Valet Parking

Circus Circus Valet Parking

Unfortunately, there is no free valet at Circus Circus. The valet services are charged by the hour or day, and it is customary to leave a tip. 

For up to 2 hours, you’ll pay $12, and for 2-4 hours, the fee is $14. Any vehicle parking for 4-24 hours is charged a daily fee of $16. After the first 24 hours, every 24 hours is considered an additional day for which you’ll pay the $16 regardless of which hour you leave. 

You’ll find the valet parking by following the street signs to the main parking area. 

It is important to note that the valet parking fees are often more expensive during special events and holidays.       

Parking Time


0 – 2 Hours


2 – 4 Hours


4 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Circus Circus RV Park

The RV Park at Circus Circus, the only RV area on the Las Vegas Strip, features 170 spaces, full hookups, and several other amenities, so it’s a great way to save and avoid paying the resort fees typical of Vegas hotels.

Oversized Vehicles

Oversized Vehicles

Oversized vehicles that cannot fit in the garage or lots can also use the RV area. 

There is a $20 per day fee regardless of the type of transportation vehicle. Ensure you contact the property ahead of your arrival, as it’s subject to availability.

Circus Circus Truck Parking

Unfortunately, Circus Circus cannot accommodate semi-tractor trailers. If they do not have a trailer, semi-tractor cabs are welcome in the RV parking area, though they will still have to pay the fee. 


Does Circus Circus Have Free Parking?

Yes, self-parking at Circus Circus is free for all guests and visitors. 

How Much is Valet at Circus Circus?

Valet parking at Circus Circus Las Vegas costs $12 for up to two hours, $14 for two to four hours, and $16 for 4-24 hours and each additional day. 

Do you have to be a hotel guest to get free parking at Circus Circus?

No, you do not have to be a guest of the hotel at Circus Circus to get complimentary parking and save on parking fees.

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