Cosmopolitan Parking: Self Parking, Valet & Fees

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one of the few resorts on the Las Vegas Strip that went a step above traditional, boring, concrete parking garages. Their underground parking area accommodates up to 3,800 vehicles. The Cosmopolitan parking garage entrance features bright foliage and modern artwork. 

The custom artwork continues inside the garage, which is kept sparkling clean, unlike many other parking garages in the city.

Each level of the parking garage features an electric counter that displays the number of spots available on that level so you can find a spot quickly. 

Whether you plan to self-park or valet at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, this comprehensive guide has all the info you’ll need for a seamless parking experience!


When you enter the self-parking garage, you’ll receive a parking ticket. Keep this ticket with you to avoid a $50 lost ticket fee. 

It’s easy to find parking with automated displays on each level that show the number of available parking spaces. Once parked, a registered hotel guest can turn their parking ticket in at check-in so they’ll be able to use their hotel card for the rest of their stay. Just bring your ticket to hotel services when you arrive, and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you aren’t a hotel guest, you won’t need the parking ticket until you’re heading back to your car. Stop at one of the self-service kiosks to enter your parking ticket and pay your parking fee. Cosmopolitan Rewards members and Nevada residents can enter their qualifying ID card to waive the parking fee.

Self-parking kiosks on garage levels B2 and B3 accept cash and credit cards, while levels B4 and B5 kiosks only accept credit cards.

Valet Parking Information

Parking Time


Hotel Guests


0 – 4 Hours


4 – 24 Hours


Each additional 24 Hours


Drop Off 

Dropping off your car at the valet is quick and easy, with access via Harmon off the Las Vegas Strip. The first stop light is clearly marked for Cosmopolitan. Convenient valet drop-off is easy to find if you stay in the right lane and follow the signs to the valet booth.

When you drop off your car, the valet attendant will give you a valet ticket. Registered hotel guests and non-hotel guests both need to keep this ticket with them. 

Cosmopolitan Valet Parking

Pick Up

When you’re ready to pick up your car, head to a self-service kiosk, where you’ll be prompted to enter your valet ticket. The valet system registers the ticket and prompts the valet team to retrieve your car. If you need to pay valet service charges, you’ll be prompted to do so now.

Remember to tip your valet attendant at pick-up and drop-off to say thanks for their service!

Parking Fees

Self-park at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is free for registered guests. Non-hotel guests can enjoy free parking for the first hour or the first 3 hours if they’re Nevada residents.

Parking Time

Price (Fri - Sun)

Hotel Guests


0 – 1 Hour


1 – 4 Hour


4 – 24 Hour


Each additional 24 Hours


Self-parking fees are then charged for 1-4 hours, 4-24 hours, and each additional 24 hours. Cosmopolitan Rewards cardholders receive free parking if they’re Sterling, Gold, or Platinum level. 

Hotel guests also receive a complimentary valet parking benefit. Nonhotel guests are charged for up to four hours of parking or 4-24 hours and then each additional 24-hour period for extended valet parking. Cosmopolitan Rewards members with Gold or Platinum status receive free valet parking.

Paid parking fees at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas do increase during special events and holidays that bring more people to the parking area. Hotel guests never have to pay those event pricing fees, though.

EV Parking at Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan offers EV charging in both the valet and self-park areas. There are two Tesla HPWC (s) chargers, 120v wall outlets, and Nema 14-50 chargers available.

Oversized Parking 

Oversized Parking at Cosmopolitan

Oversized vehicles that are too large for the self-parking garage can use valet parking at Cosmopolitan, but the parking garage has a pretty good maximum vehicle height at 8’ 2”. 

Cosmopolitan Parking Map

Access parking at Cosmopolitan by going west on Harmon from Las Vegas Boulevard. Take a right at the first stop light onto a street marked Cosmopolitan. If you stay to the right, you’ll go to the valet parking area. Staying to the left will take you to the self-park ramp into the underground Cosmopolitan self-parking area.

Free Parking at Cosmopolitan

Parking at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is always free for registered hotel guests. This includes complimentary parking in the underground self-park garage and complimentary valet service.

The best way to enjoy free parking at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas without being a hotel guest is with their Cosmopolitan Rewards card. Sterling, Gold, and Platinum Rewards members can self-park for free, while only Gold and Platinum members can valet for free.


Does Cosmopolitan have free parking? 

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel guests receive complimentary valet service and self-parking access. Some Cosmopolitan Rewards members also qualify for free parking.

For non-hotel guests who aren’t Cosmopolitan rewards members, self-parking is free for the first hour.

Is there EV charging at Cosmopolitan? 

Yes, Cosmopolitan has EV charging available that’s compatible with most types of Electric vehicles, including Teslas.

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