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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

There is a ton of shopping options in Las Vegas, but one of the most exciting stores to make its way to Sin City in recent years is IKEA. IKEA is a home goods and furniture store founded in 1943 in Sweden. It is now headquartered in the Netherlands with stores all across the globe.

As the population of the Las Vegas area reached 2 million, the minimum requirement for IKEA to open a store, plans were made for one of the largest IKEA locations in the country. It officially opened its Las Vegas doors in 2016 and has attracted locals and visitors ever since. 

Take a look at what to expect at IKEA Las Vegas, including food options, location, hours, amenities, and more! 

What To Expect at IKEA Las Vegas

If you have never been to an IKEA store before, it may be overwhelming at first due to its enormous size. However, there is a lot to explore, buy, and experience at IKEA Las Vegas, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know before you go. 


Pretty much every IKEA store, including the one in Vegas, is divided into two levels– a warehouse and a showroom. 


When you enter the front doors, you’ll first want to take the elevator or escalator up to the second floor. 

This is where you will find the showroom. In the IKEA Las Vegas showroom, you’ll walk through their winding paths seeing mock-ups of fully furnished and decorated rooms and pre-built furniture selections. 

Each room, from kitchens to living spaces, bedrooms, and offices, is outfitted almost entirely with products for purchase.



The path through the showroom will eventually lead you to another elevator and escalator, which will take you down to the warehouse. 

The warehouse is where you can shop for everything that you love in the showroom. At the beginning of the warehouse, you’ll find smaller housewares such as dishes, frames, linens, decor, and more. 

The path through the warehouse will then go through where you get larger items like furniture, which comes in boxes with the pieces and instructions to build it. At the very end is the checkout just before the exit doors. 

Finding Items 

Finding the items you see in the showroom is a part of the IKEA experience that often has newbies confused. 

When you walk through the showroom, all the items available for purchase will have a white hanging tag. On the tag is where you will find the item’s location so that you can find it once you get downstairs. 

We recommend taking a picture of the tags of the items you want to buy or writing down the location and name of the item so that you can remember and hunt for it later. 

There are kiosks on the warehouse level, so you can look up any item’s location if you happen to forget, and plenty of staff to help if needed. Find staff in their iconic yellow or blue branded shirts. 

The IKEA Naming System

As you start looking at product tags, you’ll notice that every item has a unique name that most of us can’t pronounce correctly. 

IKEA has stuck to its Swedish and Danish roots when naming its products. At IKEA stores, each category of products is assigned a different category of Scandinavian words. 

For instance, bookshelves, coffee tables, sofas, etc., are named after cities or towns in Sweden, while kitchen utensils are named after foods, spices, and functional terms. Bathroom items are named after lakes and rivers. 

Luckily, there is a product description under the name on every product tag. 

Food at IKEA Las Vegas

Walking through a store as large as IKEA Las Vegas, you are bound to get hungry. Don’t worry. They have you covered.

IKEA Restaurant

IKEA Restaurant

The IKEA restaurant is at the end of the path through the showroom on the second level. It is cafeteria style with a large dining room and very affordable prices. 

By far, the most popular thing on the menu is their Swedish meatballs served with mashed potatoes, green beans, and lingonberry jam. However, you will also find other options such as salmon, bagel & lox, chicken tenders, salads, vegetarian-friendly selections, and sweet treats alongside Swedish drinks, coffee, and soda. 

Simply enter the line, grab a tray, order what you would like, select your extras, pay, then find a table. You’ll discard your tray in the centrally located tray return racks. 

Exit Bistro 

If you didn’t make a stop at the restaurant, you have a second chance at some IKEA food. Right beside the exit door, you’d find a small counter bistro that has grab-and-go food items like hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and cinnamon rolls. Try the cinnamon rolls! They are our favorite! 

The Swedish Food Market

The Swedish Food Market is located near the exit next to the Exit Bistro but can also be accessed from the entrance by immediately turning left. At the Swedish Food Market is where you’ll find the same great Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam found in the IKEA Restaurant, as well as other Scandinavian foods and treats. The Swedish Food Market is like a mini Scandinavian grocery store located right within IKEA. 

IKEA Las Vegas Store Amenities and Features

Several amenities and store features make everything more accessible and easier to shop. 

Carts and Bags

They provide a variety of carts and large bags to carry around your items. However, it is important to note that they do not bag your items at checkout. You must bring your own reusable bags, carry the items out individually, or purchase one of their large blue bags. 

Accessibility Features

Wheelchairs for those with mobility challenges are available to rent for free at customer service on the first level. There are also elevators and accessible bathrooms throughout the store.

Discounted Items

Find discounted items in a section just before the checkout to save a little cash. These items are either returned, old floor models, or damaged, so be careful with your selections!

Assembly and Delivery

IKEA items, especially furniture, require assembly after purchase. They offer TaskRabbit, which is a service that will send someone to build your items. There is also delivery for a fee if your items do not fit in your vehicle. 

Home Services

In addition to home goods, IKEA has home services, including custom kitchen and closet planning. Depending on where you live, they will also come and install your new kitchen or closet as well.

Going Green

IKEA has some “green” features as well, including electric car charging in their parking lot and more than 3500 solar panels that help power the Las Vegas location. 

Click and Collect

Don’t have time to wander through the store? The Click and Collect amenity allows you to choose your items off their website and pick them up in-store near customer service. 

IKEA Las Vegas Småland

Småland is a kid’s play center offered for free for an hour to customers with children. The kids can play in ball pools or toys, color, or watch movies while the parents head off to shop. Only children who are self-toileting and between the height of 37 and 53 inches are eligible. Parents will receive a pager, and a ticket at registration which will be used for child pick up and to contact you should anything arise.  

IKEA Family Rewards Program

IKEA Family is a rewards program that is free to sign up for. IKEA Family members receive discounts on certain products, which change regularly as well as special offers for the IKEA restaurant. If you forget your rewards card, you can print a temporary one at the kiosk near the restaurant. 

IKEA Las Vegas Location and Hours

IKEA Vegas is located at 6500 IKEA Way, Las Vegas, NV 89148. It is about a 15-minute drive from the Strip, depending on traffic and your starting location. 

The Las Vegas IKEA store opens at 10 p.m. and generally closes at 9 p.m., except on Sundays when it closes at 8 p.m. The store also occasionally has special hours for holidays. The restaurant is open when the doors open but closes thirty minutes before the store closes. 


How many IKEA’s are there in Las Vegas?

There is only one IKEA in Las Vegas. In fact, the Las Vegas Ikea is the only one in the state of Nevada!

How big is the Ikea in Las Vegas?

IKEA Las Vegas is two stories and more than 350,000 square feet, making it one of the chain’s largest stores in the United States.

Visit IKEA Las Vegas

No matter what space in your house or business you are furnishing or decorating, IKEA Las Vegas has what you need. From lighting fixtures like lamps and chandeliers, and accessories such as candles, decor, and utensils, to furniture such as chairs, beds, sofas, and storage, IKEA offers it all at an affordable price. 

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