The Best Karaoke in Las Vegas

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

Looking to get in a little stage time and sing while in Las Vegas? Well, you are in luck because there are some excellent karaoke bars in Sin City, both on the Las Vegas Strip and throughout the city. 

After searching through menus, offerings, pricing, and amenities, we found the best karaoke Las Vegas offers. Each place brings liveliness and is unique in its own way, so there is a karaoke bar for everyone. 

Take a look and see which one is just what you are looking for.

Karaoke on The Las Vegas Strip

The Barbershop

The Barbershop is a speakeasy tucked away in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas that not only has delicious drinks flowing and bumping music but also functions like an old-school barbershop, complete with haircuts and shaves. This is not one of those speakeasies with just a regular bar behind a false front but is its own unique concept. 

They have live music every night, but on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. is a fan-favorite, Faded Karaoke. Their in-house karaoke band, The Wild Wolves, accompanies anyone that wants to take the stage to sing karaoke. Have you ever sang karaoke with a live band? It definitely takes it up a notch! 

Just keep in mind that you must make a reservation for both barbershop services and the bar.

The Piano Bar

The Piano Bar in Harrah’s Las Vegas, which is situated on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd, may be known for twin sisters Kim and Tamara on the dueling pianos, but DJ Rusty’s All-Star Karaoke nights are just as much of a party. Warm-up your vocal cords and sing your heart out at The Piano Bar Wednesday through Sunday, starting at 6 p.m. 

Kamu Ultra Karaoke

There is no one that does it quite like Kamu Ultra Karaoke in Las Vegas. Located in the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian, from the moment you walk into Kamu, you will be stunned at the experience. 

Whether you bring big groups for events, a few friends, or are on a date night, you’ll get a private karaoke room complete with plush couches, state-of-the-art karaoke technology, including the ability to play your own music through Bluetooth, and food, drink, and bottle service delivered right to your room. 

Their food is Korean-inspired, with dishes like Kimchi Fried Rice and Korean Fried Chicken. Kamu is perfect for events like bachelorette parties and is a late-night hotspot. 

Get one of their VIP suites which are themed, and relive your glory days, sing some Lady Gaga, and take in the stunning 17,000 square feet of fun around you.  

Just something to keep in mind, though, this is one of the karaoke places on this list that is definitely higher priced, but you will get true Las Vegas luxury. 

Ellis Island Karaoke Bar

Ellis Island Casino, Hotel, & Brewery also has a karaoke bar and is only 1-2 blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip. Karaoke begins every night at 9 p.m, right outside the casino. To sing and pick your song or request one from over 10,000 songs by downloading the Songbook DB app. You can also get some of the most affordable drinks in town to quench your thirst.

Karaoke in Downtown Las Vegas

Cat’s Meow Las Vegas

The Cat’s Meow Las Vegas has been one of the best karaoke bars in the area for more than 25 years. Located on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, the Cat’s Meow draws crowds every day of the week. 

They have live DJs and emcees who are spinning a blend of music from the 1950s to today’s chart-topping hits, including country, hip-hop, disco, classic rock, and more. 

Their wide music selection is one of the things that gives Cat’s Meow its spark, in addition to also always having drink specials, reasonably priced snacks, and no fee for singing! 

Check out their available karaoke songs and find your favorite tune on their website ahead of time so you can really bring down the house. 

Don’t Tell Mama

Don’t Tell Mama isn’t technically a karaoke bar, but hear us out! 

Every night is open mic night, and if you want to karaoke, just bring your own lyrics, and a live pianist will accompany you. We have rarely seen their pianist stumped, so come with your favorite song in mind. 

Another unique thing, though, is that all of the staff are up-and-coming talented musicians and singers, so feel free to request a song from your servers or bartenders with a tip! 

Don’t Tell Mama is on Fremont Street within close walking distance to Cat’s Meow, so party goers can hit two different karaoke places in one night!  

Ninja Karaoke

Ninja Karaoke is a Japanese-themed karaoke bar located in the Arts District of Las Vegas, which is sandwiched between downtown and the Strip. 

They offer both a main stage and private rooms for karaoke so that you can choose your own adventure; if you have a big group that all want a turn, we recommend the private room. 

To pick your songs, they use an app called Healsonic, which has over 150,000 songs available in 15 languages and is updated monthly. It is simple to use even after having a few.

Whether you go with a private room or jump on the main stage, Ninja Karaoke has good vibes, affordable drinks, including bottle service and favorites from Japan, and even hookah. 

Go Wednesday through Monday from 6-8 p.m. for happy hour, which gets you two drinks and two hours of karaoke for $20. It’s a steal!

Millennium Fandom Bar

Millennium Fandom Bar is right near Ninja Karaoke and hosts its own Fandom Karaoke on Thursday nights, complete with soundtracks from movies! 

This is truly a bar that is all about themes, cosplay, and pop culture, so start thinking of some costume options now! And don’t forget to try one of their specialty themed cocktails.  



Dino’s is known as the last neighborhood bar in Las Vegas and has been a karaoke hot spot that has kept the drinks following for over 25 years. Just south of the Millennium Fandom Bar, Dino’s may not look like much, but it is loads of fun. 

Though Dino’s is open 24 hours a day, karaoke is held Thursday through Saturday, starting at 10 p.m. As expected, along with wildly fun karaoke, they have cheap drink specials and a pool for only 0.50 cents a game! 

Dino’s is also the home to the PBR game, a guessing game played with the bartender with a prize of a free PBR– it’s a right of passage to participate!  


On most nights, Oddfellows is a dance club for “people who don’t like dance clubs” (their words, not ours!) located in downtown Las Vegas. They host multiple themed events each week, and every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. is Karaoke Night. 

The selections for you to choose from include quite an eclectic mix of music, and every singer gets to spin the precise wheel, which means you’re in for a good night!

Karaoke Around Town

GoGo Karaoke

GoGo Karaoke

GoGo Karaoke is located about 15 minutes east of the South End of the Las Vegas Strip, so it might be more out of the way for some. However, it is a great place for highly affordable private karaoke rooms, especially for happy hour. 

They also have some excellent food with an extensive menu of Korean and American favorites as well as beer, wine, sake, Soju cocktails, and a well-rounded karaoke song offering. 

If you are looking for fun on a budget, this one should be high on your list. 

J Karaoke

J Karaoke is on the west side of town near Chinatown Plaza, so it is a bit off the beaten path. J Karaoke has private karaoke rooms and a great bar with fantastic drinks, a full food menu, and amazing, friendly service. Don’t forget to reserve your booth!

Karaoke Q Studio

Karaoke Q Studio

Karaoke Q Studio on the southwest side of town is just about 15 minutes from the Strip, depending on where you start, but most karaoke lovers say it’s worth the drive. 

They have reasonably priced karaoke rooms for rent by the hour, excellent drink specials, tasty food, and a fantastic song list, but you can also connect your own phone and play whatever you would like!  

Bottom Line

No matter your karaoke style, one of these karaoke bars that made our list is sure to become one of your favorite places. Want to keep up the music theme of your night and head to a piano bar? We have rounded up the best piano bars in Las Vegas as well! Take a peek!

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