Lady Gaga Las Vegas Residency in 2018-2022

Last Updated on March 26, 2023

Park MGM hotel and Dolby Live Theater have been home to the Lady Gaga Las Vegas residency since 2018. The superstar singer is returning once again in 2023 for another residency! While we wait for Lady Gaga to return to the stage with her dancers and eye-catching costumes, let’s indulge in a little nostalgia by taking a look at her 2018-2022 residency shows. 

Lady Gaga Las Vegas Residency

Lady Gaga Enigma + Jazz & Piano

While it’s unknown what the 2023 Lady Gaga Las Vegas residency show will look like, the 2022 show was an incredible performance that got great reviews online. The 2022 residency show was made up of two parts, Enigma and Piano & Jazz.


The Enigma show was a two-hour-long performance that put some of her biggest hits on display with a theatrical storyline. Lady Gaga wore sci-fi-inspired costumes during Enigma, and the overall message was focused on healing and finding yourself.

This portion of the show began with a motion-captured character who’s introduced as Lady Gaga’s alter ego, Enigma. The start of the show highlights old Lady Gaga classics like Just Dance, Poker face, and Love Game.

dolby live theater at park mgm Lady Gaga Enigma + Jazz & Piano

The theatric show takes you through a story of Lady Gaga becoming a star with the songs Dance in the Dark, Beautiful Dirty Rich, The Fame, Telephone, and Applause. Things take a turn when Gaga discovers the paparazzi are dangerous and performs Paparazzi. This is followed by a captivating performance of Aura as the paparazzi on stage torture her character. 

The third act of the show opens with Schiebe. Judas, Government Hooker, and a cover of David Bowie’s hit I’m Afraid of Americans all share meaningful messages. Finally, Enigma helps Lady Gaga heal. During this final portion of the show, there were performances of new hits alongside music from older albums, including The Edge of Glory, Alejandro, Million Reasons, You and I, Bad Romance, and Born This Way. 

The Enigma show finished with an encore performance of Shallow.

Jazz & Piano

The Jazz & Piano show has songs from the Great American Songbook. Fans got to watch Lady Gaga perform stripped-down versions of 4 of her own songs and 16 covers of vintage jazz & piano hits. During this portion of the show, Lady Gaga’s costumes and stage design pay homage to the glamour and elegance of old Hollywood.

Lady Gaga Jazz & piano shows might not be something you imagined before, but hearing the performances brings a whole new level of appreciation for her incredible musical talents. 

Dolby Live Theater

Dolby Live Theater, formerly Park MGM Theater, is the second-largest theater on the Las Vegas Strip. The theater was renamed in 2021 when an agreement was reached with Dolby Laboratories. Dolby is a company that creates video-powered tools for producing, distributing, and playing back HDR videos. As part of the agreement, the sound system at the theater was upgraded to Dolby Atmos technology.

Dolby Live Theater has been home to some of the best entertainment in Las Vegas and a focus on iconic Las Vegas residencies. The amphitheater was designed to provide a good view and audio from every seat. With the upgraded sound technology, the concert experience is better than ever.

Lady Gaga Las Vegas Tickets

Lady Gaga Las Vegas park mgm

Since specific dates for the 2023 Las Vegas residency have not been released, tickets aren’t on sale yet. The residency will happen sometime after her current tour, The Chromactica Ball, ends on September 17th in Miami.

If tickets are sold similarly to how they were for her 2022 Las Vegas residency, fans can expect VIP packages and plenty of available seating options for each show! We will update you with ticket pricing and availability once the dates have been released.

Avoid purchasing from third-party sellers and ticket broker companies. Instead, purchase through the site recommended by Park MGM and Lady Gaga’s official website.

Other Las Vegas Residencies in 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, is called the entertainment capital of the world for a reason. Get access to more concerts in one place than you could find anywhere else, thanks to Las Vegas residencies! While you wait for Lady Gaga to make her return, check out these 2023 residencies.


Where is Lady Gaga’s residency in Las Vegas?

Lady Gaga’s residency will be held at Dolby Live Theater inside Park MGM.

Is Lady Gaga playing in Las Vegas in 2023?

Yes, but the show dates have not been released yet. Lady Gaga is currently touring with individual shows around the globe.

Can I buy tickets for the Lady Gaga residency 2023 dates?

No, tickets aren’t available for purchase yet.

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