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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

There are cameras all over the world that are open to public view. These webcams give you a look into what is going on even from across the globe. Because Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination, there are several live cameras around the area. 

Like New York, it seems that Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. As the world’s entertainment capital, there is always something to view on the live streaming webcams, no matter the time. Here’s where to find a Las Vegas Live Camera in each part of Sin City. 

Las Vegas Strip Webcams

Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as the Las Vegas Strip, is one of the most interesting places in the city, making these live webcams high on the popularity list. 

Las Vegas Strip Cam (New York New York) – Worldcams.TV

This rotating webcam sits on top of the New York New York Hotel and offers a live view of the south end of the Strip below. 

Bellagio Conservatory Cam – Earthcam

bellagio conservatory cam – earthcam

The Bellagio Conservatory Cam takes a peek into what’s going on in the conservatory and botanical gardens, which change throughout the year depending on the season. Don’t forget to check it out around Christmas when their extravagant holiday display begins. 

North Las Vegas Strip Live Webcam (Treasure Island) – Joseph Shenouda, Youtube

See the Mirage and the North end of Las Vegas Blvd from this webcam. You can also find distinctive Las Vegas landmarks like the High Roller in the distance. 

South Las Vegas Strip (MGM) – Worldcams.TV

This webcam on the top of the MGM shows the South end of the Las Vegas Strip, including the New York New York roller coaster, Luxor, and the Excalibur. This area is where street performers are often set up, so look out for them on this cam!

Las Vegas Strip Cam (American Eagle) – Worldcams.TV

This cam located on the American Eagle gives you the opposite view that the New York New York webcam shows. It faces the front of the New York New York hotel with places like Shake Shack and Park MGM in the view.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign – Earthcam

welcome to fabulous las vegas sign earthcam

The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is an iconic photo that every tourist to Las Vegas wants to take while they are in town. This cam shows the line of people after people taking photos in front of the sign. There is something rather relaxing about this live webcam. 

Downtown Las Vegas Webcams

Downtown Las Vegas is most well known for the Fremont Street Experience, which is what you can see on some of the Downtown Las Vegas cams. 

Fremont Street (Neonopolis) – Earthcam

fremont street neonopolis earthcam 1

The Fremont Street Experience is almost just as popular as the Las Vegas Strip. This live webcam sits upon the Neonopolis pointed towards the Cat’s Meow. You can also see under the Fremont Street Experience canopy the intersection of Fremont and North 4th Street and in front of The D. 

Las Vegas Karaoke Cam (Cats Meow) – Earthcam

las vegas karaoke cam cats meow earthcam

The Cats Meow has a live karaoke stage, and this webcam shows you all of the action. Whether you like to perform yourself or not, watching karaoke is nothing short of a good time. Participate in the action from afar with this live streaming webcam. 

Other Webcams in the Las Vegas Area

Of course, Las Vegas is more than just Fremont Street and Las Vegas Strip, so below are a few of the other areas surrounding the heart. 

Elvis Wedding Chapel (Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel) – Earthcam

elvis wedding chapel viva las vegas wedding chapel earthcam

Weddings are beautiful and quite common in Las Vegas, most particularly weddings officiated by Elvis. See the weddings in real-time with the Elvis Wedding Chapel cam located at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Big Eye in the Sky –

big eye in the sky

Big Eye in the Sky is a collection of images and videos from all around Las Vegas taken by drones and helicopters. Though it is not one of the standard Las Vegas webcams, it is a neat look at the city from above. 

FAST Traffic Cams –

You may not be viewing live webcams to look at traffic, but it is a common use for them. These traffic cams from will give you a better look at how traffic is flowing from all angles. 

Grand Canyon Cam – Earthcam

Grand Canyon Cam - Earthcam

The Grand Canyon is not technically in Las Vegas, but it is a tourist attraction often visited by Vegas goers. The Grand Canyon cam will give you a live view without the hike to get there. See beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the Grand Canyon


Are there street cameras in Las Vegas?

Yes, there are several street cameras in Las Vegas, with locations all throughout the city.

Take a Look at a Las Vegas Live Cam

Las Vegas webcams are a great way to see what is going on without being there. From seeing the casinos and hotels to street performers or even traffic, watch the live video any time of day or night for free to check out what is going on.

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