MGM Grand Hotel Map

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

The MGM Grand Hotel Map includes both theaters, CBS Television City, a casino, and many restaurants and shops to enjoy. There’s also a map of all three MGM towers.

The MGM Grand has self-parking, rideshare, and Uber located on the second floor. You can also access the monorail nearby, and find valet parking at the main lobby entrance.

MGM Grand Hotel Map

All MGM amenities are clustered together (in orange) on the map so you won’t have to wander around when looking for the pool and spa.

Comedy clubs, theaters, and other entertainment are scattered on the map marked in green. Most of the nightlife (in red) is found around the casino, making it easy to take a break and grab a cocktail.

Each tower has a tower pool and several meeting spaces nearby (in orange). If you need access to rideshare then head to tower one.

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