The Strat Hotel Map

Last Updated on May 6, 2022

The Strat Hotel Map features the retail level directory and the casino level directory. You can find many shops, food and spirits, and entertainment experiences on the retail level and gaming, grub, bars, and lounges on the casino level.

The Strat opens to the famous Skypod Experience marked in orange. All of the skypod excursions are at the front of the map near the hotel entrance.

Most of the Strat Hotel‘s shops, restaurants, and entertainment is clustered together, giving easy access to all your favorite Vegas activities.

Food, spirits, and even an oxygen bar can be found marked in dark blue. There’s even an arcade and a virtual reality experience (in white).

The casino level is home to several lounges, bars, and activities in the Skypod section. Beyond that, you can find gaming (in green) and more restaurants (in dark blue).

The Strat Hotel Map

The Strat Hotel has an awesome blend of food and fun, but be sure to grab a map and know the difference between what each level brings to the table.

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