The Mansions at MGM Grand

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

The MGM Grand has a little secret. Tucked away and hidden in plain sight is what was once one of the best-kept secrets in Las Vegas. The Mansions at MGM Grand are among the most luxurious and exclusive accommodations in Vegas. Today, the Mansions are more well known, with all the talk centered on the luxury, extravagance, and exclusivity of these A-lister villas. 

The MGM Mansion Villas

MGM Grand Mansions

Imagine, if you will, a little bit of Tuscany hidden away from the world. A private, exclusive oasis with lush greenery and 18th century-inspired countryside villas. Now imagine that this little slice of heaven was located right in the heart of Las Vegas, at the largest single hotel in the world. The Mansions at the MGM Grand Hotel are precisely this – pure luxury and escapism amid all the Vegas action. 

The Mansions are located in a private nook on the property of the MGM Grand. Most people don’t realize they are even there at first, which is how they’ve earned the description of being hidden in plain sight. It’s not necessarily difficult to find the Mansion at the MGM Grand, but the entrances to them are highly guarded by security staff, and only those who are staying there or have been invited by guests are allowed entrance. 

The Mansions are exclusive and accessible by invite only. Even those with the financial means to afford such luxurious accommodations need more than just their clout to reserve a stay at one of Mansion’s 29 exclusive villas. The MGM Grand traditionally invites their highest rollers, referred to as “whales” in the world of gambling, to stay at the Mansion. Some celebrities are regularly invited to stay as well. 

While you might not personally receive an invite to be a guest at the Villas, you are more than welcome to stay if a guest invites you. If you’re ever invited to stay at the Mansion, stop what you’re doing and change your plans because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

When invited to stay at the Mansion, you will have your choice of four different Villas. The Villas range in size from 2,400 sq ft – 12,000 sq ft. 

One-Bedroom Villa

The one-bedroom Villa is located in the stunning Atrium, where guests can enjoy a view of the Italian Gardens from their balcony or veranda. Each one-bedroom villa features a large parlor area, dining room, a spa-style bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, and a separate steam sauna/shower. 

Two-Bedroom Villa

The two-bedroom Villa features all the amenities of the one-bedroom Villa with the addition of a second bedroom and more square footage. Each of the two bedrooms are large and feature top of the line, luxury bedding. This Villa is perfect for small families or entertaining friends in your elegant, prestigious Villa. 

Three-Bedroom Villa

The three-bedroom Villa is an experience of pure luxury. This Villa includes three spacious bedrooms, two of them with one king-size bed each, and the third room with two queen-sized beds. In addition to bathrooms with steam showers and separate jacuzzi bathtubs, guests of the three-bedroom are pampered with access to an indoor swimming pool, dining room, media room, study, massage room, salon, and private elevator access. 

Four Bedroom Villa

The largest of the Mansion Villas, the four-bedroom Villa, is pure decadence. Three large bedrooms each feature a luxury king-size bed, with the fourth bedroom having two queen-sized beds. This is the ideal Mansion Villa for large groups, entertaining, and experiencing the ultimate VIP lifestyle in Las Vegas. In addition to all the amenities of the three-bedroom Villa, guests of the Garden Villa also have access to the Mansion bar and billiard room. 


Italian Garden 

One of the most beautiful features of the Mansions at MGM Grand is the Italian Garden. Each Villa of the Mansions overlooks a lush, green Tuscany-inspired garden atrium. Beautiful greenery, sparkling fountains, and immaculate landscaping make it difficult to remember that you’re actually in Las Vegas and not strolling through a quaint Tuscan village. Guests who stay in one of the eight private Garden Villas have direct garden access. 


The Villas at the Mansions have their own private pool that is exclusively for MGM Mansion guests. The Mansion pool Las Vegas is smaller than the other pools on the property, but it comes with a sense of exclusivity and impeccable service from staff that lingers in the background, waiting to cater to your every need and whim. 

Mansion Dining Room

The Mansion features its own exclusive dining room where guests can dine without crowds, sometimes having the entire place to themselves. Each day the Mansion Dining Room offers a high tea where finger sandwiches, scones, preserves, along with the finest teas. You can enjoy high tea served on the beautiful dining room patio, the Loggia, or request to be served in your Villa. 

Guests of the Mansion Dining Room can expect an exclusive, specially curated menu of continental and Asian-inspired dishes. The menu at the Mansion Dining Room changes seasonally to honor the freshest ingredients and culinary trends. 

Special Services

Guests of the Villas at the Mansion MGM have access to exclusive, VIP special services. Guest can enjoy:

  • Private spa services
  • Limousine transportation, including to and from the airport
  • Butler service
  • Concierge service 
  • Security guarded entrances to the Mansion complex

MGM Mansion Rates

The Villas at the Mansion are one of the few Vegas properties that are accessible through invite-only. Invites are generally extended only to the MGM’s high rollers and some celebrities. There’s a saying that if you have to ask how much it costs to stay at the Mansion, chances are you aren’t someone who would receive an invite. 

Still, curiosity exists about how much it costs for such VIP, luxurious accommodations. The MGM Grand isn’t very forthcoming about these rates, but best estimates say that you can plan on spending upwards of $5,000 per night for a one-bedroom Villa and up to $15,000 – $20,000 for one of the largest Villas with a premium location. 


What is the Mansion at MGM Grand?

The Mansion MGM Grand is an exclusive, picturesque private resort located on the premises of one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas. The resort, modeled after the Florentine architecture of the 18th century, the Mansion features 29 private villas, along with VIP perks including 24-hour butler service, a private spa, private pool for Mansion guests only, and an exclusive dining room. Currently, a villa at the Mansion is available only through invite. 

How much does it cost to stay at the MGM Mansion?

The cost of a villa at the Mansion can range anywhere from $5k-$20k a night. This doesn’t include extras like what you might spend at the casino, on dining, special services, and generous tips. 

Is MGM Grand better than Bellagio?

Both the MGM Grand and the Bellagio are highly rated by guests who have stayed at them or enjoyed the casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues at each. The MGM Grand and the Bellagio have individual attributes that will appeal to some travelers but not others. 
The MGM Grand offers accommodations that range from very budget-friendly to the exclusive, invite-only villas of the Mansion. The cost of a standard room at the Bellagio tends to cost a bit more. The MGM Grand is also the largest hotel & casino in Las Vegas, regarding the number of rooms they have available, and the casino is one of the most well-known. 
The Bellagio offers its beautiful fountains and stunning views. The Bellagio, which is also an MGM property, is home to an incredible variety of dining options, from quick, simple bites to high-end restaurants that can take weeks, if not months, to get a reservation at. At the end of the day, it all depends on what your budget is, what your hotel preferences are, and what type of experience you’re looking for from your time in Las Vegas. 

Bottom Line

The Mansions at MGM Grand are among the most exclusive luxury accommodations in Las Vegas. They might not be accessible to the average Joe, but if you ever receive an invitation to stay in or visit, the word on the street is to do it. The villas of the Mansion are a private oasis where you’re treated like a true VIP.

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