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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

The tragic story of the Titanic has fascinated generations. The Titanic was an unprecedented luxury liner of its time in 1912, but its maiden voyage’s story ends as one of tragedy as one of the most famous wrecks in history. You know the story, and now you can experience the wonder of seeing genuine artifacts, relics, and pieces of the ship up close at the Luxor Titanic Exhibit. 

Titanic Artifact Exhibition 

Anyone with a curiosity about the Titanic can easily find pictures of the ship, passengers, and wreckage online. Seeing the artifacts in person is an entirely different experience. The Titanic Artifact Exhibition is where you can immerse yourself in the Titanic storyline and experience the history in an up-close and personal way. 

The Titanic was once compared to a floating palace and unlike anything seen before in its time. An air of wonder and awe surrounded it for its magnificence and opulence. Before its maiden voyage, the ship was described as being built to be practically unsinkable, but a fateful night in 1912 proved otherwise. Today, we can get a glimpse of this magnificent piece of history at Titanic The Artifact Exhibition. 

The Titanic Artifact Exhibition is 25,000 square feet of museum space devoted entirely to the famed luxury ocean liner. A collection of more than 250 artifacts tell an intimate and haunting story of the Titanic and the events that happened during its short maiden voyage more than a century ago. The Exhibition is one of the largest collections of Titanic artifacts in the world. 

The Artifact Exhibition Highlights 

The Exhibition showcases historical artifacts that have been recovered from deep beneath the North Atlantic wreck site’s surface water. Artifacts on display include passenger luggage, dinnerware, an unopened champagne bottle, and floor tiles from the smoking-room, among others that tell the tale of romance and affluence that surrounds the Titanic. 

Actual pieces of the ship have also been recovered and are on display at the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. On display is a piece of the ship’s hull, the ship’s whistles, and a window frame from Verandah Cafe. You’ll also find full-scale recreations of the Promenade Deck, with a frigid atmosphere that mimics what the passengers felt on the tragic night. A recreation of the Grand Staircase and other significant features give a new perspective of what it would have been like to be aboard the Titanic. 

Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition, is one of the more popular attractions at the Luxor in Las Vegas. It’s an experience that all ages can enjoy, with the detail of each grand re-creation and the artifacts that tell both a romantic and chilling tale of the lives and times and the ship’s passengers. A visit to this Vegas attraction is both an entertaining and educationally rich experience. 


Exploring authentic artifacts and photos of the Titanic might not seem like your typical Vegas experience. Still, one of the most famous museums paying tribute to the ocean liner is located right on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Located on the Atrium level of the Luxor Hotel, Titanic the Artifact Exhibition isn’t hard to find. Easily accessible from the Luxor’s parking garages, you need only head up the escalators to find the museum located right next to the food court. The Luxor is also easy to find, located near Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Blvd. 


You can choose to tour one or both of the exhibits. You can purchase tickets online or at the box office.  Combo tickets that include admission to both are $42 and are available on-site only.  Admission ticket prices for a single exhibit are as follows:

  • General admission ticket – $32
  • Locals who present a valid ID – $29
  • Seniors over the age of 65 – $30
  • Military – $30
  • Children aged 4-12 – $24
  • Children age three and younger – free

You can also purchase an audio guide for your tour for an additional $5. 

Titanic Exhibit Hours

You can visit the Titanic Exhibit Thursday-Sunday, from 11 am – 6 pm, but the last admission for the day is at 5 pm. The museum is closed Monday – Wednesday. 

Titanic at Luxor Parking 

Luxor is a member of the MGM Resort Properties. Currently, MGM is offering free self-park at all of their hotels and resorts in Vegas. When visiting the Titanic Exhibit Hall, park in the resort garage and walk across the walkway where you’ll find the Luxor entrance. From there, take the escalators upstairs and pass through the food court. On the left is where you’ll find the Titanic Museum. 


Bottom Line 

The Titanic Artifact Exhibition Las Vegas is one of the largest, most complete collections of Titanic memorabilia, combine with detailed recreations that tell the historical tale of the life, times, and tragedy of the famous luxury steamship. Experience the wonder and piece of history at the Titanic Museum at the Luxor in Vegas.

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