Venetian Parking: Fees & Map for Valet & Self Parking

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

Venetian Hotel & Casino is the 3rd largest hotel on the Strip, with 4,034 rooms. Even if you don’t book a room at the resort, there’s so much to explore, from the casino to live shows. Needless to say, a lot of people need a place to park! The Venetian offers both a self-parking garage and valet parking. 

Let’s explore Venetian parking fees, parking garages, drop-off locations, and the most frequently asked questions so you can have a smooth parking experience.

Valet Parking

Drop Off

You can drop off your car in two locations at Venetian Hotel and Casino. The first is at the resort’s main entrance under the porte cochere, which is easily accessible off the Las Vegas Strip. Secondly, you can drop your car at the Grand Canal Shoppes through the Venetian parking garage.

Keep the ticket you receive when you park your car for an easy pickup experience!

Pick Up

Picking up your car is just as seamless as dropping it off. Head to the valet stands pick up locations at the main entrance of Venetian Resort or the stand on the 3rd floor of the Venetian parking garage.

You’ll need the ticket you received during drop-off to pick your vehicle up.

Self Parking Garage

The Venetian Las Vegas self-parking garage is a massive 14-stories tall with plenty of space to accommodate hotel guests and non-guests alike. You can access the Venetian self-parking garage from the Strip or the back of the resort.

To access the Venetian self-parking garage from Las Vegas Boulevard, turn onto the small unnamed street that goes towards Venetian. The street sits next to a small lake in front of the Venetian Hotel, so you won’t miss it! Follow the street under the pedestrian bridge and follow the signs to enter the Venetian self-parking garage.

Accessing the Venetian garage from the back of the resort is quicker than going from the front since there’s less traffic and pedestrians. To find the back entrance, take Koval Lane, which runs adjacent to the Strip. These backside entrances to resorts are often called the Koval Lane entrances. Stay on Koval Lane until you see the small street running under the Las Vegas Monorail track. The street isn’t named, but there are plenty of signs pointing toward the Venetian self-parking garage.

Self-parking at Venetian has mixed reviews online. Many visitors report a long walk from the self-parking garage to the hotel room. Others report that they couldn’t find an open space until the 8th floor or higher. While this isn’t ideal, it isn’t the end of the world either. Wear comfortable shoes and find the closest elevator to take you to the 3rd floor of the self-parking garage once you’ve parked. From there, you can access the resort.

Venetian Parking Fees

Parking fees are a big concern for tourists in Las Vegas. Whether you’re parking for an hour or a few days, it can add up fast! Venetian Las Vegas takes the stress away by offering complimentary parking garages to all guests. That’s right – all parking is free! Venetian Resort is one of the only remaining resorts on Las Vegas Boulevard with free parking

The valet fee is $35/day for both guests and non-guests. Only Gracie Rewards Elite members receive free valet parking.

Free parking is open to hotel guests only.

Oversized Parking

Oversized Parking

Oversized parking is available at Venetian, but a limited number of spots are available. There is a height limit of 8’3” for oversized vehicles at Venetian. Additionally, no hookups are available for RVs or other live-in oversize rides.

Since there are limited oversized vehicle options, guests are encouraged to contact Venetian concierge services at 702-414-1000 before arriving. Oversize parking spots are free, just like the self-parking garage.


Is Parking at Venetian Free?

Self Parking at Venetian is free to guests! Valet is free to Gracie Rewards Elite members.

Does Venetian Have a Valet?

Yes, Venetian offers valet for $35/day for hotel guests and non-hotel guests.

Does Venetian Offer Oversized Parking?

Yes, oversized parking is available for vehicles over 6’8”.

Are There Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles?

Yes, Venetian has GE and Tesla charging stations.

Is the Venetian Parking Garage and the Palazzo Parking Garage the Same?

No, the complimentary parking garage at Venetian is not the same as the Palazzo parking garage. You can access Venetian from the Palazzo garage, though. That’s why it’s often reported that Venetian offers two complimentary parking garages. In reality, the second garage belongs to Palazzo

Bottom Line

With completely free parking, Venetian offers one of the best parking options on Las Vegas Boulevard. Enjoy your stay, and let the Venetian take care of the parking stress for you.

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    1. Your best bets for Venetian Theater parking are either the main entrance by Valet, or the Self Parking Garage from Krueger Drive. I pointed out the two locations nearest the theater on this map.Venetian Theater parking

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