NEWS: 4 New Experiences at Plaza Hotel in June 2023

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Everyone knows how much fun the Las Vegas Strip is, but we’re firm believers that downtown Las Vegas is underrated. The downtown area has so much Las Vegas history to uncover and offers a different experience than the Strip. Plaza Hotel, one of the largest hotels downtown, is bringing new life to the property with 4 new experiences opening in June 2023. 

This massive renovation project has us waiting with bated breath for the big reveal of each experience on opening day!

Reimagination of Main Street at Plaza Hotel

Pinkbox Doughnuts

We can’t wait to step through the larger-than-life 3D donut at the entrance to Pinkbox Doughnuts. The doughnut shop will sell 70 doughnut flavors in a 16-foot-long display case. 

The 1,200-square-foot space will boast pink stripes on the floor, pink drips on the walls, and 3D sprinkle decor. They certainly commit to the pink theme, which we love! There are sure to be plenty of tasty doughnut options, but the iconic PINKY Doughnut will have to be our first purchase. 

For our vegan friends, there will be multiple vegan doughnuts on the menu at all times!

Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher Slots will be a 2,500-square-foot gaming space full of the newest, most advanced slot machines. One thing that makes Brian Christopher Slots unique is that it will be the first smoke-free, social media-friendly gaming space in downtown Las Vegas.

There are multiple photo backdrops throughout the space, and we can’t wait to strike a pose!

If we’re being honest, the gambling scene downtown has been a little…lackluster…in recent years. This exciting addition to Plaza Hotel will (hopefully!) be a much-needed change of pace that brings some fun energy back to downtown gambling.

Oscar’s Patio

Speaking of bringing something new downtown, Plaza Hotel is doing it again with Oscar’s Patio. The patio will be the very first al fresco fine dining spot in downtown Las Vegas. Up to 225 people can dine on the patio and sip cocktails with a one-of-a-kind view of Fremont and Main Street.

We can’t read the menu for Oscar’s without our mouths watering, and there’s no doubt the chef-crafted dishes will taste even better on the rooftop. Oscar’s is best known for their aged steaks, fresh seafood, and old-time Las Vegas ambiance. 

Carousel Bar

The new Carousel Bar is designed to be the centerpiece of Mainstreet at the Plaza Hotel. The bar will serve specialty cocktails and an excellent selection of beer and wine. There are lots of fun, Vegas-themed elements in the bar design that we can’t wait to experience in person!

Moving carousel horses, spinning martini glasses, spinning lights above the bar, and a giant deck of cards are a few design details that have our inner child jumping for joy.


What is the Reimagination of Main Street?

The Reimagination of Main Street is a project at Plaza Hotel designed to transform the hotel’s iconic Main Street.

When will the 4 new experiences at Plaza Hotel open?

The 4 new experiences are expected to open in June 2023.

What are the 4 new experiences coming to plaza hotel in 2023?

Plaza Hotel is opening 4 new experiences on Main Street, including a doughnut shop, a carousel bar, an al fresco fine dining patio, and a smoke-free, social media-friendly gaming spot.

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