The Best Donuts in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a culinary paradise, so of course, they have some amazing doughnut shops! We’ve tried a lot of them, and our clothes are fitting a little snugly because of it. Whether you’re looking for a full dozen doughnuts or maybe some sweet lunch snacks, these are hands-down the best donuts in Las Vegas. 

Best Donuts on the Strip

District: Donuts, Sliders, & Brews

While this isn’t your typical donut shop, where you walk up to the counter and leave with a few dozen of your favorite variety of cakey or yeasty treats, the sweet treats are still crave-able. 

Don’t get us wrong, you can get amazing donuts at the District, but you can also get sandwiches and ice-cold beer! 

Located at Block16 Urban Food Hall at the Cosmopolitan, District offers donuts that compliment your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They specialize in a massive variety of small-batch-made, yeast-raised donuts and an AH-mazing Creme Brulee Cinnamon Roll. 

You can even get their donuts made into sandwiches and this work of art called kolaches, which is a sweet, fluffy donut baked around either sweet or savory fillings. 

Pinkbox Doughnuts 

Pinkbox Doughnuts operates with the slogan “So Good, You’ll Lick the Box,” and we can’t disagree. They have eight locations in Las Vegas, NV, with one of them being just off the Las Vegas Strip, making them a contender for the largest donut chain in Sin City. 

The doughnuts are baked fresh, and some of their locations are even open 24 hours, so you can grab a box of gourmet doughnuts any time of the day or night. 

They have all your favorites, like glaze doughnuts, cake donuts, apple fritters, and cinnamon rolls. They also offer fancy donuts, donut holes, and vegan donuts. There’s something here to please all donut lovers.   


Have you ever tried mochi donuts? They’re these amazing doughnuts that are light and bouncy but just a bit chewy due to the type of flour used to make them. They’re this hybrid between what you think of as real donuts and Japanese mochi treats. 

Mochidon is a mochi donut bar on the Las Vegas Strip and is a favorite among donut shops when you want something a little bit different but over-the-top delicious. You have to try them for yourself at their St Louis Ave location, just behind the STRAT Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Best Donuts Off the Strip

Randy’s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts has been world-famous since the 1950s, with a lineup of classic and gourmet donuts that’s unsurpassed. This donut bar has all your favorites. 

Are you looking to fill your box with hot and fresh donuts like an apple fritter, maple bacon long john, cinnamon roll, French crullers, and bear claws? They’ve got you covered!

Randy’s Donuts is open 24 hours and is located on Rainbow Blvd in Las Vegas, NV. 

Yonutz Fantastical Donuts  

Yonutz is a donut bar that takes traditional American donuts and raises the bar of outrageousness. 

They offer an entire line of Smash Donuts, which are donuts cut in half, stuffed with ice cream, and smashed back together with some gooey toppings added. The smash-style French Toast Donut and the Tiramisu Smash with Nutella drizzle are favorites.

This donut bar also offers a more traditional style of donuts, but even their “ordinary’ varieties are a little over the top. Fill your box with amazing doughnuts like the Boston creme, salted caramel Biscoff, Strawberry Cheesecake, or something simple like a classic vanilla dip. 

Find Yonutz Donuts on Centennial Center Blvd in Las Vegas, NV. 

Ronald’s Donuts

Ronald’s Donuts is one of the few doughnut shops in Las Vegas that specialize entirely in vegan donuts. If you’re someone who thinks there’s no way real donuts can be vegan, we’re 100% sure that Ronald’s Donuts will change your mind. 

This unpretentious donut shop is known for its fresh doughnuts with a wonderful, light, sweet flavor. Whether you’re a vegan for ethical reasons, can’t have dairy, or want to try something new, this location on Spring Mountain Rd in Las Vegas, NV, doesn’t disappoint. 

Blooming Buns Bakehouse 

Blooming Buns Bakehouse 

Blooming Buns Bakehouse is different from other donut shops in Las Vegas, NV. They don’t really offer glazed and cake donuts but instead offer what they call Brionuts, which are donuts made from buttery and rich brioche dough. The chocolate velvet mousse brionut is total yumminess. 

They also have beignets (the Mexican hot chocolate beignets are to die for!), filled bagels, honeycomb candy, and really good coffee. Find them on Durango Drive in Las Vegas, NV. 

Carl’s Donuts 

Carl’s Donuts 

Carl’s Donuts has been a favorite since the 1960s and is one of the Las Vegas doughnut shops that have stood the test of time. What you’re going to find when you walk through the door is a wide selection of super tasty donuts.

We always order an apple fritter, a cinnamon bun with bruleed cream, a bavarian cream, and a fruit-filled roll – plus, whatever else looks good during our visit. 

Find Carl’s Donuts on Sunset Rd in Las Vegas, NV. They open bright and early at 6 am, so all you real donut lovers out there can get your dozen extra early. 

Wicked Donuts 

Wicked Donuts has a vibe that is fun, a bit funky, and a whole lot of rockabilly. With a lot of passion for what they do, it didn’t surprise us that these donuts were some of the best we’ve ever had. 

Their menu is large, so if you’re wondering where to begin, we suggest the Wicked Boston Cream, the Lemon Meringue Pie (which is like a lemon-filled donut but better!), the Strawberry Love, which is a cronut version of strawberry shortcake, and the Caramel Sutra. 

They also have keto-friendly donuts and some tasty savory cheese croissant sandwiches to start your day! Find Wicked Donuts on Lake Mead Blvd in Las Vegas, NV. 

Best Donuts in Downtown Las Vegas

Donut Bar

Donut Bar is located right on Fremont Street and is arguably the best walk-up donut shop in all of Las Vegas. They’ve been featured on numerous media outlets and have a long list of awards under their donut-making belts. 

This is all great, but what it really comes down to is how their donuts taste. Let us just say that they’re going to exceed your expectations. 

Some popular favorites on the menu that the Donut Bar offers include Chocolate Euphoria, Caramel Latte, French Toast Donut, the Big Poppa Tart, Mud Pie, Blueberry Jelly Filled, and crazy creations like a donut stuffed with a Cadbury egg inside, and Butter Beer! 

If you’re in the mood for something more savory, the Donut Bar has this amazing donut grilled cheese. It sounds a bit odd, but it’s delicious! 

Notable Mentions 

There are so many great donut shops in Las Vegas. In addition to the ones we’ve named as the best, there are a few that we feel deserve an honorable mention. 

Poppy’s Donuts – located on Charleston Blvd

Donut Tyme – located on Charleston Blvd

Coco Donuts – located on Rainbow Blvd

Dee’s Donuts – located on Durango Drive

Original Doughnut Bar (we love their maple bourbon donut, but word on the street is they’re not currently open)

Saint Honoré Doughnuts & Beignets – a classic beignet shop where you can never get too much-powdered sugar. They’re also a couture doughnut shop.

Bottom Line 

The donut options in Las Vegas are endless. From cake batter donuts and glazed yeast donuts to donuts that look more like specialty cakes, there are lots of great donuts to fill your box. Don’t forget to grab a coffee to balance all that sweetness and enjoy! 

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