Dominique Ansels at Caesars Palace

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Dominique Ansel is a well-known name in the world of gourmet pastries. Many pastry chefs have found inspiration in the creations of James-Beard Award Winning Ansel. Even more, have tried to imitate his work. As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Now he’s opening the Original Cronut in Las Vegas.

Dominique Ansel is best known for creating the original Cronut nearly ten years ago. The Cronut created a buzz so loud that people waited hours outside for their chance to purchase a Cronut! Ansels newest pastry destination is right here in Las Vegas. Try the original Cronut, Las Vegas exclusives, and more delicious Dominique Ansel recipes on The Strip!

Dominique Ansel at Caesars Palace

Opening Date

The grand opening for Dominique Ansel at Caesars Palace was at 10 am on October 21st, 2022. 

The store front will then be open 7 am – 9 pm Monday – Thursday and 7 am – 10 pm Friday – Sunday.


The complete menu for Dominique Ansels Las Vegas location is still in the works, but a few items are confirmed. Ansel will be serving some of his most famous creations, including the original Cronut, the cookie shot, and frozen s’mores.

Ansel is also launching a new pastry line created exclusively for the Caesars Palace location! The Lucky 7 pastry collection features seven tasty items.

Lucky Penny Pig

Vanilla sable cookies sandwich a filling of milk chocolate cremeux, raspberry jam, and salted peanut feuilletine. The final result looks like a pig served with a lucky gilded chocolate penny.


A miniature edible watering can with a tiny chocolate ladybug on the handle tastes even better than it looks, which is quite a statement! The watering can is made of elderflower mascarpone mouse, fresh strawberry compote, strawberry gelee, fluffy chiffon cake, and a lychee meringue.


Calamansi coconut mousse, fresh mango, mango passion fruit gelee, and coconut dacquoise are used to create an edible goldfish. The fish is finished with hand-painted chocolate fins.

Four-leaf clover

Coffee mousse is topped with hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate cremeux, and crispy feuilleton. This decadent dessert looks like the lucky four-leaf clover you’ve been searching for.

Fortune cookie

The fortune cookie base is made of sable Breton, then topped with jasmine tea cremeux and lemon curd. White chocolate is added to the top to create a realistic-looking fortune. There are no bad fortunes when they taste this good!


A vanilla sable cookie is complimented with a Chesnut mousse, banana jam, orange marmalade, and banana cake. A delicate white chocolate feather is added to the top for a lucky finishing touch.

Evil eye eclair

The evil eye eclair puts a creative twist on a classic eclair. The French eclair is filled with cassis jam, and Verhona Caramelia whipped ganache.


The 1,100 square-foot storefront at Caesars Palace has a casual, inviting feel you’d find in an authentic french pastry shop. Guests will order at the counter, then take their order to go or stay and enjoy the atmosphere a bit longer.

A 20-person cafe seating area is accompanied by retail space. The whimsical decor will highlight Dominique Ansel’s signature orange color throughout. 

You’ll be drawn into the storefront by the smell of freshly baked pastries made each day. Eating at Dominique Ansel Las Vegas in Caesars Palace will be an unforgettable experience whether you stay to take in the space or place an order to go.

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