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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

You know that excitement and feeling of giddiness you get when you look at the calendar and discover it’s national donut day? Think about how delicious life would be if every day were donut day. At the Donut Bar in Las Vegas, the celebration of donuts every day is a reality. 

Skip the lines at the cupcake shops and discover why the Donut Bar is an important part of a very good diet (or at least a delicious diet) when in Las Vegas. 

About Donut Bar in Las Vegas

Donut Bar is a multi-location business and is considered royalty among donut shops. There are a few competing donut shops in Las Vegas, some even with very similar names, but this one is a fan favorite with people lining up for their great selection of one-of-a-kind donuts. 

What fans love about Donut Bar donuts is that they’re true, classic donuts and not some sort of gimmicky take on the treasured American donut. The base recipes have been perfected, and they only use premium ingredients in their creations, and the resulting top-quality flavor definitely shines through. 

The Donut Bar developed what could almost be described as a cult following with their original location in San Diego and has been featured on numerous media outlets, including the Food Network, Ellen, Conan, Serious Eats, Guilty Pleasures, and more. 

This is the perfect place to escape for a mid-week donut treat where the friendly staff will greet you and do their best to fulfill all of your donut dreams. Bring your kids, family, boyfriend, or whoever you want to hang out with and share a little decadence with. 

One thing to keep in mind is that while they have set hours of operation, they only stay open until they sell out…which happens quite frequently. Arrive early or place your order online to avoid being disappointed after making a special trip, just to find that they’re sold out and closed. 

Also, expect long lines, especially on the weekends. Still, an apple fritter and cup of Stumptown coffee will make everything all better, no matter how long the wait. 

Donut Bar Las Vegas Menu

So, let’s talk about the details you really want to know…the menu! The Donut Bar offers flavors from classic and elegant to over the top with a twist. Here is a sampling of some of the most popular and most devoured selections on the menu.

Let’s start with some of the favorites on the menu. One of the reasons this is one of the most popular donut shops in Las Vegas is because of creations like the open face Strawberry Split donut, topped with fresh strawberries and a decadent helping of whipped cream. Eat it open face or take the top and smoosh it all together for a messy treat. 

The Creme Brulee is another house favorite that gets gobbled up quickly, and it’s also one of the many vegan options on the menu. In case you’re wondering, yes, this donut does have the perfect topping of a slightly crunchy caramelized sugar of the dessert by the same name. 

donut bar las vegas menu

Some other favorites on the menu include Nutella Overload for all of you Nutella lovers out there, along with DB’s Nutella and also the Maple Bourbon and the Maple Bacon. For specialty donuts, they even have a Homer Simpson donut and a matching Homer Simpson bathroom to boot. 

There’s another choice on the menu that deserves a spotlight of its own, and that’s the French Toast donut. These donuts are huge and made fresh to order. They’re served with warm maple syrup to pour over the top. If you were planning on sticking to your diet, you should just accept that it’s about to fly out the window once you feast your eyes on this. It’s a great way to start your morning, especially if you bring a friend to share in on the fun. 

There are plenty of vegan options on the menu, which are great not only for vegans but also for anyone with a dairy allergy. A few of the vegan options on the menu include the Big Poppa Tart, a Spiced Chai donut, a classic vegan version of the Apple Fritter, a vegan version of the Strawberry Split, Funfetti, Matcha Green Tea, Banana Caramel, and whatever else they happen to think of that day. 

If classic is more your style, go for the Chocolate Glaze, Old-Fashioned Original, Plain Glazed with Vanilla Bean, cake batter, or grab a Maple Cinnamon Roll for a sweet and delicious breakfast. Honestly, there are so many different donuts on the menu that we’d overwhelm you if we wrote about them all here. 

While the best sellers stay on the menu pretty much constantly, the menu does change slightly from day to day. You can always find more options for the day by checking their Facebook page or calling to place an order. 

You’ll also want to grab a cup of coffee, with or without cream, to balance out all of that sweetness. They offer brew from Stumptown Coffee Roasters out of Portland, Oregon. If you’re not familiar with them, prepare for one of the best cups of coffee that you’ve ever had. 


Prices vary depending on the type of doughnut, just like you see at other donut shops. Specialty doughnuts are usually a bit more, but prices usually range from $3-$5 per donut, which is actually about average for a donut shop in any major city. Compared to grocery store donuts, they might seem a little pricey, but the sheer size, taste, and freshness are worth it. 

Donut Bar Las Vegas Owner

donut bar las vegas owner copy

The Donut Bar franchise is owned by the duo of Chef Santiago Campa and co-founder Wendy Bartels. Jeff Thomas is the executive chef at Donut Bar Las Vegas, and you can thank him for the daily fresh creations. They opened the first location in San Diego in 2013 and have grown to include multiple locations, including Las Vegas. 


Your inner donut-eating junkie will be happy to know that this treasured donut shop isn’t difficult to find in Las Vegas. Located in downtown Las Vegas, NV, you can find the best donuts at the Donut Bar located at 124 S 6th Street, # 140. For reference, this is just a few minutes’ walk from the El Cortez hotel. 


How much are Donut Bar donuts?

Prices vary for these tasty treats, but you’ll find that most donuts are priced between $3-$5, which is an economical breakfast in Las Vegas and more than worth the long line.

Is Donut Bar a franchise?

The Donut Bar is listed as a franchise opportunity, but the franchising arm of the business filed for bankruptcy in 2020. Don’t worry, though. You can still have your donut dreams filled at their Las Vegas or San Diego locations. 

The Tastiest Donuts in America

There’s only one way to tell if their claim to have the best donuts is truth or a lie (we ate so many that we have to agree with them), and that’s to visit their Downtown Las Vegas location and try them for yourself. There’s a 100% chance that you’ll be glad that you did. Just make sure to head down early when they have more donuts and avoid being disappointed by sold-out selections.

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