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Last Updated on December 14, 2022

Aria Resort is one of the busiest locations on Las Vegas Blvd. Aria parking is even busier! The prime location in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd draws more than just hotel guests into the self-parking garage at Aria. 

Whether you plan to utilize the self-parking garage or relax with a valet, you don’t want to start navigating your way to the parking area when you’re on Las Vegas Blvd. Use this guide to prepare for the parking fees and locations before arrival for a seamless parking experience! 

Aria Self Parking

The self-parking garage at Aria is a well-kept, brightly lit garage that you’ll feel safe walking through. The multilevel parking garage has elevators on each floor for easy access to the hotel entrance.

The 2nd floor of the garage has direct access to the casino, which is convenient if you’re just visiting Aria to experience the high-energy casino action.

Accessing the self-parking garage at Aria is easier than most self-parking lots on the strip! Take City Center Place Street, also known as W Aria Place, from Las Vegas Boulevard. Stay in the left lane and turn into the self-parking garage, which is marked.

When you arrive, you’ll get a self-parking ticket. Keep this ticket with you! If you’re a hotel guest, the front desk will swap your ticket for your room key, which can then be used to go in and out of the parking garage. Parking charges will go straight to your room bill.

Hotel guests can enjoy free in-out privileges at all MGM Resorts properties in the same 24-hour period. That means if you’ve paid to park at Aria, you can use the parking facilities at other MGM properties on the same day with no added cost.

If you aren’t a hotel guest, you’ll put your parking ticket into the self-parking pay kiosk when you’re ready to leave. 

Nevada residents can enjoy free parking for up to 3 hours by scanning their unpaid parking ticket and a valid driver’s license at the exit gate.

Valet Parking at Aria

Drop Off

You can drop your car off at two different valet locations at Aria. The first is the main entrance from the Las Vegas Strip. Take City Center Place Street and stay in the right lanes. There are signs marking the valet drop-off area.

The second valet drop-off is at the north end of the resort. This drop-off area is accessed via Harmon Avenue. From the Las Vegas Strip, go west on Harmon. This will take you towards The Cosmopolitan. Aria is on your left, but you want to stay to the right. Valet signs will take you up a ramp, over an overpass, and into the Aria valet parking area.

Pick Up

When you drop your car off, you’ll receive a valet ticket. Use this ticket when you want to pick up your car by heading to a valet kiosk. The kiosk will let you pay for the valet and signal the valet to retrieve your car and bring it to your location.

It’s standard to tip the valet driver at drop-off and pick-up. The tip is not included in valet parking fees paid at the kiosk.

Parking Fees

Self Park 

Parking Time

Price (Mon - Thu)

0 – 60 Minutes


1 to 4 Hours


4 to 24 Hours


Over 24 Hours


Aria Resort offers free self-parking for the first hour. Unfortunately, it’s rare to be at a resort in Las Vegas for less than an hour!

Self-parking rates are charged for 1-4 hours, 4-24 hours, and each additional day past 24 hours. Fees may be higher during special events.

MGM Rewards Card Members with pearl, gold, Platinum, and noir levels receive complimentary self-parking at all MGM Resorts properties.


Parking Time

Price (Mon - Thu)

Price (Fri - Sun)

0 – 2 Hours



2 – 4 Hours



4 – 24 Hours



Every Additional 24 Hours



The parking fee for valet parking is always more than the fee for self-parking. Aria Resort is no exception.

Valet parking fees can be charged for 0-2 hours, 2-4 hours, 4-24 hours, and each additional 24 hours. Gold, Platinum, and Noir MGM Rewards members receive free valet parking at all MGM properties.

Weekday rates are cheaper than weekend rates for valet. The rates may increase even more during a special event.

Oversized Parking

Aria parking garage doesn’t have any spots to accommodate an oversized vehicle. If you’re staying at Aria and have an oversized vehicle, you can park at Excalibur or The Mirage. 

Oversized parking spaces are limited. Contact the concierge at Aria to confirm availability before you arrive.



Does Aria have free parking?

Aria does not offer free parking to patrons, but some MGM Resorts Rewards members may qualify for free parking.

Where is self-parking for Aria?

The Aria Las Vegas parking garage is easily accessed from Las Vegas Blvd via City Center Place Street.

Does Aria have oversized vehicle parking?

Aria does not have oversized vehicle parking on-site. Aria guests who need oversized parking can utilize the parking lot at Excalibur or The Mirage, subject to availability. 

Bottom Line

Now that you can navigate parking on Las Vegas Blvd, it’s time for some Sin City fun! Vegas Food & Fun can connect you with all the best dining, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping in the city. Remember – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so make the most of it!

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