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Last Updated on July 14, 2022

Scents can invoke all kinds of emotions and are one of our senses that influences our behaviors. You may notice when you visit various Las Vegas casinos that each has a unique scent. This is because Las Vegas casinos pump their signature scents into the air through ventilation systems, but it isn’t just to make the air smell nice. They have a motive, and we know all about their secrets. 

Let’s take a look at why casinos use scents, the science of scent marketing, and exactly what smell popular Las Vegas casino hot spots use.

Why Casinos Use Scents

There are multiple reasons casinos use scents. Though scents used to be pumped into the air to cover up the strong smoke smells, more recently, they have a much bigger purpose. 

Regional Fragrance

Regional Fragrance

Many casinos in Las Vegas are themed, so using a scent regional to their theme helps draw visitors into the moment. Whether you actively notice it or not, every region has its own scent. 

For instance, coastal regions have a salty sea breeze scent, while you may encounter woodsy scents in mountain regions. Themed casinos in Las Vegas utilize the scents of the regions they are based on to immerse visitors further and “sell” their recreation of popular tourist destinations. 

Feelings Created By Scent

Feelings Created By Scent

Our sense of smell is one of our strongest senses and, as we established earlier, is highly connected to our feelings and emotions. 

Every scent can create different feelings, especially if that aroma happens to be connected to a memory. The smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen may bring up feelings of comfort and hunger, while it could also make you feel love because your wife always makes it on Saturday mornings. 

A lot of studies have been done on the feelings created by specific smells, and surprisingly, they have even made some connections between certain aromas and their effect on gamblers. 

For instance, uplifting, warm scents such as geranium have been found to alleviate nervousness and anxiety, which could be helpful for a casino because their patrons are often spending more than they should on games that are typically at the mercy of chance. 

Other findings include that cleanliness scents increased gamblers’ satisfaction with a casino. 

The Science of Scent Marketing

The Science of Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is a marketing strategy that uses olfactory stimuli to influence customers’ buying habits. To accomplish this, a scent marketing company will create a smell that embodies the company’s values, target audience, and brand identity. 

For instance, a company that targets beach-goers and values passion, fun, and simplicity might have a clean, salty ocean smell so that when their customers get a whiff, they feel like they are in a pleasant environment they are familiar with. 

Casinos in Las Vegas use scent marketing to increase the amount of money gambled, keep customers within their property, and even transport you to the destination they are themed after, like Northern Italy, for instance. 

Although scent marketing is a relatively new aspect of the science of marketing, plenty of research has been done. The science on why scent marketing is highly effective is fascinating. 

A study done in 2021 published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management showed that the diffusion of a scent congruent with brand image improved intention to revisit, perceptions of products and services, and guest satisfaction.

Another study completed in 2018 surveyed customers about the effectiveness of scent marketing. The majority found that a pleasurable scent did, in fact, influence their buying decisions. 

These were two recent studies, but the idea had already been brought up by Alan Hirsch, a neurologist, and psychologist, in the early 1990s. He found that gamblers put more money in slot machines for longer when there was a pleasant aroma surrounding them versus no scent whatsoever. 

What we can gather from the almost two decades of research that has been done on scent marketing is that not only have they proven it effective, but the one thing they have all found is that the reason it works is that we smell with our brain and not our nose. 

This means that we can connect every smell from your basic perfume to the subtle scent of your lover’s arms with an experience and subconsciously use our smell in our decision-making process. 

Almost every Las Vegas casino has harnessed this power which is why they all have invested in creating their own unique scents. 

Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Scents

Aroma Retail is a magical place where you can get popular casino scents to enjoy at home. They offer these scents in room sprays, scent diffusers, candles, and more. See which casino scent reminds you of winning big at the slot machines or your last vacation and make your home smell like your favorite resort. 

MGM Resorts

Now Park MGM, MGM Grand, and other MGM properties simply label theirs as “Resort Scents,” but you can find the exact same scents as you’ll find within their properties with “Asian Garden” and “Volupta.”

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace uses a scent called The Empire, with floral notes like rose petals and citrus, including lemon and mandarin. 

The Mirage

The Mirage calls its scent Tropical Coco Mango, and as the name suggests, it smells like jasmine, orange, coconut, and pineapple. 

Mandalay Bay 

Similar to the tropical aroma of The Mirage coconut concoction, Mandalay Bay Casino’s scent is Coconut Spice with coconut, pineapple, and banana. 

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is unique as is its scent, which is Blue Ice, a mix of base notes of marine air along with cucumber, melon, lily, and rose.


The Cromwell just oozes seduction with their Allure Noire scent, which has strong aromas such as tobacco leaves, warm leather, black pepper, cognac, and nutmeg. Just one sniff of this, and we swear we have more money!


The Cosmopolitan aroma, Desert Breeze, isn’t what you would expect it to smell like. It has notes of sea breeze, orange blossom, and solar amber. 

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch has created its own oceanic aroma right in the middle of the desert with its Pacific Breeze scent containing Sicilian bergamot, ocean musk, sea lily, and crisp calone (floral with a touch of fruit).

Bask In Your Favorite Casino Scent at Home

Aroma Retail makes it easy to bring the feeling of stepping out of the Las Vegas sun and into the world-renowned resorts right to your own living room. Whether you just want a scented area and opt for a candle, or you decide to go with whole-home scent diffusers, get your favorite smells of Vegas without the plane ticket.

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