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One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Vegas is lounging by the hotel swimming pool, enjoying the warm sun, and splashing around. The Circus Circus pool complex is one of the most fun for hotel guests, including families with kids of all ages.  Here are all the details about the pool, cabanas, amenities, and more.

The Circus Circus Pool Area

Two Pools

Circus Circus features two sparkling, heated pools at their main resort complex. The pools are kept at a comfortable 80°, and they’re large enough to accommodate a good number of people without it feeling too crowded. Although, during peak hours when the hotel is busy, the pool area can become quite busy, especially with kids and families. 

There isn’t a lazy river at the Circus Circus pool, but there’s still lots of fun to be had. Adjacent to the pool area, you’ll find an all-ages water playground, complete with a splash zone, splash buckets, waterfalls, and slides you can ride all afternoon. 

For lounging poolside, there are plenty of chairs to relax in. Make sure to bring your sunscreen because umbrellas are scarce. However, the palm trees that line the pool area offer shade and reprieve from the heat. 

You can bring your own towel if you want, but the hotel provides a towel service. 

Jacuzzi Area 

If you want to relax in water outdoors that’s a little warmer than the pools; the hotel also offers whirlpools to enjoy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the bubbles. The whirlpools are more suited for adult use than they are for children. 


Cabanas are available to rent at the Circus Circus pool. Cabanas offer enough space for four adults to rest and relax comfortably. Cabanas include amenities such as chairs and lounges, a mini refrigerator, a safe, a storage area, and a flat-screen television. 

Cabanas at Circus Circus are $50 to rent for the day, making them one of the most affordable poolside cabanas in Las Vegas. 

Circus Circus Pool Remodel

The Circus Circus pool area recently underwent a remodel. The remodel started in late 2019, with the complete renovations being unveiled earlier in 2022. 

The renovations were intended to make Circus Circus one of the best fun attractions for adults and kids alike. So far, the water park, with its splash pad and splash buckets, has been a huge success, along with the three waterslide attractions and expanded pool area that now accommodates twice as many people as it did before. 

Food Truck

If you happen to get hungry while hanging out by the pools, the Splash Snacks Food Truck takes care of your cravings. This is a quick-eats food truck, and sometimes you’ll find other food drink vendors at the pool. 

The food is suitable for adults and kids, just as long as you don’t expect any fancy poolside dining. The Splash Snacks Food Truck is located at the pool is a major plus because you don’t have to run back to your room or indoors when you need a little snack. Of course, you will need to bring some money to the pool, but nothing at this food vendor is super expensive. 

Outside Beverage Rules 

The Circus Circus property has a rule regarding outside beverages at the pool. Pool visitors are allowed to bring in one outside beverage each. The beverage must be in a plastic or aluminum container. Absolutely no glass is allowed at the pool for safety reasons. 

Visitors are not allowed to bring coolers to the pool or cases of beer. However, if you pay to rent a cabana, you will have access to a small refrigerator to keep your beverages cool. 

Circus Circus RV Park Pool 

Circus Circus is home to the only RV park on the Las Vegas Strip. This is great for travelers who don’t want to mess around with booking a hotel room on the Strip but instead stay in their own RV and still be close to all the entertainment, dining, and sightseeing Vegas is known for. 

Guests of the Circus Circus RV park have free access to a heated pool and jacuzzi area located at the RV park, which is reserved only for those staying there. 

The RV park swimming pool is smaller and doesn’t feature cabanas or a water playground like the one at the main resort, but there are some advantages to enjoying this pool instead. Like how families and adult travelers can enjoy the pool outdoors without it being as busy as the main resort pools. 

RV park guests who want to use the main resort swimming pools, splash pad, and three exciting slides can purchase a pass from the hotel desk for $10 per person. There are also other great waterparks to check out in Las Vegas.

Entrance Into the Pools

Entrance to the Circus Circus pool complex and water playground is reserved for hotel guests only and is free for those staying in one of the hotel’s rooms. Hotel guests will receive four wristbands per room per night of their stay, which allows them to enter the pool area, splash zone, and three exciting slides. 

If you’re staying in a room at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino and need more than four wristbands for you and your guests, additional bands can be purchased for a reasonable fee. 

While guests of the Circus Circus RV Park have access to their own pool, it’s not quite as fancy and fun, lacking some of the amenities of the main pool complex. If RV Park guests want access to the main pool area, splash pad, and adrenaline-pumping water racing slides, they can purchase wristbands for a reasonable $10.  

Contact the guest services desk at Circus Circus at 1-800-634-3450 for more information. 


Splash Zone & Pool


Pool & Splash Pad

Open Daily 10 AM-5 PM

Slide Tower  

Open Daily 12 PM-5 PM

The swimming pools and splash pad at Circus Circus are open daily from 10 am until 5 pm. The slides are also open daily but open two hours later, at noon. 

Circus Circus reserves the right to close the pool or the water playground for any reason, and it’s often closed during inclement weather. 

Getting To the Pools

To get the pools from the hotel lobby, you want to take the promenade level until you walk past the Adventuredome and arcade. Then, continue walking to the Skyrise Tower, where you’ll find an enclosed bridge that will take you right to the pool. 

Circus Circus Location

Circus Circus is located at 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, conveniently located on the Vegas Strip. 


Which rooms have a view of the Circus Circus pool?

For the best view of the pool at Circus Circus Vegas, you want to stay in one of the Skyrise Tower rooms, which are also located closest to the pool complex and the all-ages water playground. 

Does Circus Circus have a pool indoors? 

Like most hotels in Las Vegas, Circus Circus does not have a pool indoors. They do have two pools outdoors, which are heated, so they’re nice even on the days when the weather is a little cooler in Las Vegas. 

Is there a cost at the Circus Circus pool?

There is no cost for anyone staying in a room at Circus Circus Las Vegas. Each room gets four passes to the pool and splash zone each day. Those staying at the Circus Circus RV park can enter the pool for $10 per person. Visitors who are not at the pool with someone staying at the hotel are not allowed. 

Bottom Line 

The pools at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino are an attraction you don’t want to miss. Relax in the chair, soak in the whirlpools, splash in the pools, and more. Stay tuned for more information about all the fun things to do and see at Circus Circus Las Vegas. 

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