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Last Updated on November 8, 2022

Ready to dodge brain freezes and find your favorite Fat Tuesday flavor? Here is everything you need to know about Fat Tuesday in Las Vegas, including what to expect, a complete list of locations, a menu overview, and some general pricing information.

Fat Tuesday is a daiquiri bar that started on Bourbon Street in New Orleans in 1984 and became wildly successful from its large selection of premium frozen drinks that they served so quickly. They now have bars in party destinations across the world, but they have always kept their recipe and experience the same. 

Of course, being a city known for a 24/7 party, Las Vegas has its fair share of Fat Tuesdays, and it has become a right of passage to get at least one of their fun, frozen drinks while in town. 

When you walk into almost any Fat Tuesday in Las Vegas or around the world, you will immediately be greeted by heart-pumping dance music and a long wall of frozen drink machines. Each of the drink machines contains a different frozen cocktail recipe. 

To order, you’ll walk up to the bar and choose a size and which of their tasty recipes you want. The bartender will then pull the lever and fill up your cup to the very top. Once you have your drink, feel free to stay and chill, dance to the beat, or take it to go as you walk the Las Vegas Strip!

Some locations are small and streamlined, serving only drinks, while others have a kitchen, full restaurant, and spacious seating, so keep that in mind when deciding which location to visit. 

Las Vegas Fat Tuesday Locations

Grand Canal Shoppes At The Venetian

The Grand Canal Shoppes are located at The Venetian Resort on Las Vegas Blvd. You can find Fat Tuesday on the second floor near the entrance to Tao nightclub. Though it is one of the smaller ones, as it only has a few seats and limited flavors, it is quite convenient and easy to grab and go. According to filed permit paperwork, there is supposedly another Fat Tuesday coming to the Grand Canal Shoppes in 2022. 

Fashion Show

Though the Fashion Show Mall location is not open yet, it is coming soon! No details have been released on the exact opening date or what the location will include, but according to the official website, we should be expecting it sometime this year in 2022. You can visit Fashion Show Mall at 3200 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89109, next to Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.  

Miracle Mile Shops

The Fat Tuesday at Miracle Mile Shops is near the south entrance from the Las Vegas Strip across from the Guess store. However, they announced that another location within Miracle Mile Shops will be coming before the end of 2022. Miracle Mile Shops is at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Grand Bazaar Shops

Grand Bazaar Shops Fat Tuesday
Photo Credit: vegaschanges.com

Within Grand Bazaar Shops is another one of the newest Fat Tuesdays in Las Vegas. It is a grab-and-go style offering its most popular flavors. Find the location across from Wahlburgers. Grand Bazaar Shops is situated on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and East Flamingo Road in front of Bally’s.

Resorts World

Resorts World

Resorts World Las Vegas, at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and West Desert Inn Road, opened in November of 2021, and the new property includes a small Fat Tuesday booth just outside the casino near the taco stand. It is the perfect place to stop and grab a frozen drink while on the journey between The Venetian and The STRAT. 

Casino Royale

The Casino Royale bar is another one of the walk-up style bars but is a bit bigger and one of the most popular. It is right on the sidewalk of the Strip next to White Castle, so it is easy to find and perfect when you are sweltering in the Las Vegas heat. 

The Forum Shops

The Forum Shops

The Forum Shops is connected to Caesars Palace and has a location on the casino level near the Atlantis Show. This Fat Tuesday doesn’t stay open as late as some of the others since the stores in The Forum Shops close early. It is also currently under renovation with no precise re-opening date.  



The STRAT is on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip and has a small grab-and-go Fat Tuesday bar in the Tower Shops on the second level next to McDonald’s. This one is the northernmost on the Strip.  

MGM Grand

MGM Grand Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday at the MGM Grand is larger than many other locations and has a small seating area. You can find it between the front desk and the parking garage in the Underground Mall.  

Mandalay Bay 


Find another bar at Mandalay Bay in The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, which is the walkway connecting Mandalay Bay and Luxor. There are a few bar seats here, but we recommend grabbing one to go on your way to one of the fantastic shows at Luxor.

Harmon Corner

Harmon Corner is right next door to the Miracle Mile Shops and features a collection of retail, dining, and, you guessed it– a Fat Tuesday. This is another one that is just a walk-up service bar. 


Neonopolis Fat Tuesday

After continuing to open tons of locations all on the Strip, there is now finally a Fat Tuesday in Downtown Las Vegas within Neonopolis. It is also one of the larger bars and is situated under Cats Meow near the Slotzilla Zipline. 

Fat Tuesday Menu

The majority of the Fat Tuesday menu is their signature frozen drinks which they divide into three categories– 190 Octane Squad, The Entourage, and Fave Combos. Each category has multiple flavors. 

The 190 Octane Squad has the original cherry and green apple. These are the flavors that started it all back in the 80s. 

The Entourage includes strawberry, Electric Lemonade (a crisp combination of lemonade, blue raspberry, and rum), Cat 5 Hurricane, pina colada, mango, peach bellini, margarita, Mardi Gras mash, Amaretto and pineapple, and Eye Candy (like Electric Lemonade but without the lemonade). Entourage flavors are ones that have all been developed through the years. 

Finally, there are the Fave Combos which include: 

  • 44 Magnum: 190 Octane + Cat 5 Hurricane
  • Miami Vice: Strawberry + Pina Colada
  • Jet Fuel: All of the 190 Octane Squad flavors put together
  • Pain in the Ass: Cat 5 Hurricane + Pina Colada
  • Spring Fling: Strawberry + 190 Octane
  • Pimp Juice: Cat 5 Hurricane + Mango   

Individual Fat Tuesdays may also have additional flavors. We have seen Mudslide and Raging Bull (vodka & Red Bull), among others around town. Some Las Vegas Fat Tuesdays don’t offer every flavor, especially when it comes to the smaller ones. However, all the flavors are ridiculously delicious, so if you can’t decide, create your own combination!

You also have the option to put an additional shot on top as a floater. Liquor selections include a variety of call and top-shelf liquors like Patron, Skyy Vodka, Jagermeister, Everclear, Malibu, Jack Daniels, and more. 

Though most people go for a frozen drink, you can get jello shots, mixed shots like cherry bombs, regular mixed drinks, and beer, too. 

Fat Tuesday Pricing

Though exact prices can vary between each of the Las Vegas stores and depend on if they are running any specials, the pricing is reasonable compared to other Las Vegas bars and for what you get. 

There are several different sizes, each of which has a different cost. The smallest and cheapest is their regular 22-ounce plastic cup. 

However, we recommend going with one of the souvenir cups, which are not only fun but the best value since every refill is discounted as long as you bring the reusable cup back. 

The most popular souvenir cup is the yard dog (a tall 48-ounce cup), but you can also get a 100-ounce Super/ Monster Yard at some bars. The sports bottle option is pretty cool, too, because it comes with a koozie that protects your frozen drink from the sun. 

It should be noted that the extra shots, or floaters, are an additional flat-rate cost, no matter which cup or size you end up going with.  

Fat Tuesday is a right of passage in Las Vegas, so find the location nearest to you, get your souvenir cups, and get the party started. Just don’t lose the cup so you can get your refills, and always check the individual Fat Tuesdays for operating hours as they frequently change, and each one is different. Cheers!

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