Flamingo Hotel Map

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

The Flamingo Hotel Map includes both casinos, two pools, several shops and resort amenities, as well as several bars and restaurants.

Enter the Flamingo hotel from four direct entrances right off the Las Vegas Strip. You can find valet parking, the parking garage, and monorail entrance just off of Linq Lane on the other end of the resort.

Flamingo Hotel Map

Find the red on the map if you want a tasty treat at the food court, buffet, or any of the delicious Flamingo restaurants and bars. Restaurants are sprinkled throughout the casinos, pool, and shopping on the map.

Both pools (in blue) make up most of the map, and share the space with a Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. There’s also a wedding venue nearby the Flamingo habitat.

If you need easy access to restrooms, you can find them in orange on the map.

The Flamingo is a fun, retro resort. We recommend you grab your map while making your way around the extravagant poolside.

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