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Last Updated on December 7, 2019

**Updated: Jan Rouven has plead guilty to possessing, receiving and distributing thousands of videos and images of child pornography. The Tropicana promptly cancelled his show and severed all ties with the Illusionist.

One of the best magic show deals in Vegas, Illusions starring Jan Rouven, is moving from the Riviera Hotel to the Tropicana in November 2014. He is moving from the small, older Starlite Theater to the Tropicana’s 1,100 seat theater. This is fantastic news for Illusions which seemed stifled only by the tiny stage and cramped seating in the Rivera.

Illusions Starring Jan Rouven

Jan Rouven, Illusionist

Jan Rouven is one of the best illusionists we’ve seen, with awards from…

  • 2014 Merlin Award, “Illusionist of the Year”
  • 2007 Magician’s Society award, “Entertainer of the Year”
  • 2004 Merlin Award, “Magician of the Year”

And, has followed in the footsteps of his fellow award winners by creating his own show in Vegas, like David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, and Criss Angel.

Illusions Water Tank Escape

Jan Rouven is a personable performer, talking directly to the audience, making jokes, and inviting audience participation many times throughout the show. He is incredibly likable and uniquely his own magician, with his unmistakable German accent and charismatic interactions.

The Illusions

The illusions are as amazing as anything David Copperfield does given the same budget and space. In such an intimate theater when you are literally 10 feet from the stage, you get an up close look at magic at its finest. True illusions performed in plain sight (not like the smoke and mirrors Criss Angel uses), leaving you with your mouth hanging open in awe, wondering, “How did he do that?”.

Illusions Jan Rouven

Jan Rouven’s Illusions include the Bed of Death, the Hand Stab, a Water Tank Escape, and a new illusion handed down to him by Siegfriend & Roy, called Origami.

Illusions Jan Rouven Bed of Death

At only $59/seat for 90 minutes of illusions, music, dance, and fun, it’s my pick for the best Show Deal in Vegas.

Illusions Show Details

  • Showtimes: 7pm Saturday – Thursday (Dark Friday)
  • Current Location Through Nov 17, 2014: Starlite Theatre, Riviera Hotel & Casino
  • New Location Beginning Nov 28, 2014: Tropicana Showroom, Tropicana

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