Tropicana Las Vegas Parking Valet & Self Parking Fees

Last Updated on December 16, 2022

There are plenty of resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, but none offer parking that’s as simple and easy as the Tropicana. Tropicana Las Vegas parking is mostly free for hotel guests and non-guests alike.

With a great location that’s connected by pedestrian bridges to MGM Grand and Excalibur, Tropicana offers exceptional affordability and helps to reduce the dreaded parking stress that comes with staying in Las Vegas hotels. 

Tropicana Las Vegas Free Parking 

Tropicana Las Vegas Free Parking 

Tropicana Las Vegas is one of the few places on Las Vegas Blvd that offer options for free parking. In the past, Tropicana offered completely free parking both for non-hotel guests and those staying in a room in the hotel. Their policy has changed somewhat. 

Tropicana still offers no-cost parking in their parking garage and also in the parking lot on the east side of the hotel. These parking spaces are always free for guests staying at the Tropicana hotel, and for non-hotel guests, with the exception of certain holidays and events. In these areas, parking is free, no matter how long your stay. 

Tropicana Las Vegas is also one of the few resorts in Sin City that offer complimentary valet parking to its guests. 

Pay To Park 

Tropicana Parking

Free parking is hard to come by in Las Vegas, which means that many visitors are quick to take advantage of the free parking they can find.

As you might imagine, Tropicana lots and the parking garage are quick to fill up, which is great on the one hand but not so great on the other. 

Free parking can make it more difficult for those staying in Tropicana hotel rooms to find a spot to park, especially during sporting events and major events at the nearby T-mobile arena.

The Tropicana property is also adjacent and connected by a pedestrian bridge to two major resorts, which means many people park at Tropicana to visit other casinos, restaurants, shopping, and more on Las Vegas Blvd. 

To limit the number of parked cars of people that were in the lots and the garage that weren’t actually spending any time at the property, Tropicana implemented what they call premium paid parking. 

They now charge for parking your vehicle in certain lots, including Lot 1, which is closest to Tropicana Blvd, and also parking spots that are on Las Vegas Blvd.

While they now charge for these spots, the cost still isn’t exorbitant by any means, especially when compared to what you might have otherwise spent by parking at one of the other major resorts. 

Self and Valet Parking Fees  

Self-parking in the standard lot and garage is always complimentary for hotel guests. Visitors may be asked to pay a fee for these normally free spots during special events or holidays. 

Parking in the premium lots costs $5 for the first four hours and $10 for a $24 period. These rates are extended to those just visiting but may be more for them on weekends, holidays, and special events. 

Valet parking is also offered and also free for those staying at the hotel. It’s also free for those visiting, except during weekends, holidays, and special events, where Tropicana, at their discretion, may charge a valet parking fee. 

EV Charging & Parking 

EV Charging & Parking 

If you’re a guest staying at the Tropicana Las Vegas and looking for a place to plug in your EV, you’re not going to find a spot in the parking garage.

However, EV charging stations are available at both the MGM Grand and Excalibur, which are located right across the street from Tropicana and are easy to get back and forth from using a pedestrian bridge. 

Note that you’ll be required to pay the standard parking fee in these lots. However, the first hour is free, and that grace period is extended to up to three hours for Nevada residents that can show a valid state ID or driver’s license. 

Tropicana Parking Map 

Tropicana Resort & Casino offers a great location on the Las Vegas Strip while also being not too far from the T Mobile Arena and the airport.

Parking is easy as you can access the parking structure from the Strip. If you prefer valet parking, turn onto Tropicana Ave and proceed until you see a sign directing where to turn for valet services.   


Does Tropicana have free self-parking?

If you’re a guest at Tropicana, then parking in their standard lots and two-story parking garage is always free. On weekends, holidays, and events, there may be a charge for those not staying at the hotel. Premium spots are also available, starting at just $5 for up to four hours. This is a great deal if you can snag one, especially if you’ve already paid a fortune for premium tickets for the big game and want to keep parking expenses to a minimum. 

Does Tropicana Las Vegas charge a resort fee?

Yes, Tropicana Hotel & Casino Las Vegas does charge a resort fee when you stay in one of their rooms, but this provides access to amenities like wi-fi, the pools, parking, and more. 

Bottom Line  

Las Vegas is the place to indulge in maximum fun, warm sun, delicious food, and practically anything else you can imagine. Tropicana Las Vegas makes it easy, with affordable parking and a location that’s a short walk to other main attractions on the Strip for both adults and children. 

Enjoy your next stay in Las Vegas without worrying about spending a fortune on parking at Tropicana Las Vegas. Visit Las Vegas Food & Fun frequently for more travel tips and updates on your favorite Sin City destinations. 

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