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The Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is a AAA Four Diamond Award Winning MGM Resorts property. With a great location, dining, nightclubs, shows, and the casino, Mirage parking is at the top of anyone’s mind who is planning a visit. Here’s what you can expect from the Mirage parking experience, along with current rates and directions to get there. 

Mirage Parking

Parking Fees

There’s nothing worse than going to leave the parking garage and experiencing sticker shock at how much it costs. Ok, there are worse things, but in the land of Las Vegas, where the party never stops, the last thing you want to think about is your parking fee. 

The parking fees at the Mirage Las Vegas are the same as other MGM properties in Sin City. Here’s a breakdown of how much Mirage Hotel parking costs, hour by hour. 

Self Parking Rates 

Self-parking at the Mirage Hotel & Casino is charged for time increments of 1-4 hours, 4-24 hours, and each additional day after the initial 24 hours. Once you pass the first 24-hour mark of being parked in the Mirage self-parking garage, you’ll be charged for any additional time in 24-hour blocks. 

This means if you’re parked for 26 hours, you’ll be charged for the first 24 hours, plus an entire additional day, even though you were only taking up a parking spot for two hours of it. 

The pricing structure is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Here’s the current self-parking fee chart (subject to change). 



1st Hour


1 – 4 Hours


4 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Valet Parking Rates 

Valet parking takes the stress out of parking in Las Vegas. You pull up, drop off your car, and the valet service takes care of the rest. 

The valet pricing structure at the Mirage is slightly different for non-hotel guests and those staying at the hotel. You essentially end up paying the same for an entire day of valet service either way, but there are shorter-term valet options for visitors who are just stopping by for a few hours. 

For visitors, the valet fee for their vehicle is based on a schedule of 0-2 hours, 2-4 hours, and 4-24 hours. As with self-parking, any amount of time that you use valet services past the first 24 hours, you’ll be charged per day, even if you only stay for a fraction of the day. 

Hotel guests are simply charged a flat-rate daily fee for valet. This fee also entitles hotel guests to in-out privileges at other MGM properties in Las Vegas. 

Parking Time

Price (Mon - Thu)

Price (Fri - Sun)

0 – 2 Hours



2- 4 Hours



4 – 24 Hours



Each Additional Day



Complimentary Self Parking 

Mirage Self Parking

It’s rare to score completely free parking on the Las Vegas Strip, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some parking discounts to be had around town. 

MGM Resorts, including the Mirage, offers all visitors one hour of complimentary parking in their parking garages. This is ideal for short-term visitors, but keep in mind that the first hour goes by fast once you’re inside the Mirage, so plan your time wisely. 

Additionally, Nevada residents who present a valid Nevada driver’s license or photo ID can receive up to three hours of free parking in the self-parking garage. 

MGM Rewards Members of Pearl, Gold, Platinum and Noir levels always receive free self-parking at all MGM resorts across Las Vegas. Gold, Platinum, and Noir MGM Rewards members also receive access to free valet parking benefits. Complimentary valet parking isn’t currently available at Sapphire and Pearl levels. 

MGM Rewards Mastercard cardholders have access to free parking and valet parking services, regardless of MGM Rewards status. 

Parking Garage

Directions to the parking garage from Las Vegas Blvd are pretty straightforward. When you’re driving down Las Vegas Blvd, you’ll find an arch at the north side of the property. This is Seigfried & Roy Drive. The Mirage arch will also be in close proximity to the famous Mirage volcano

Turn down this road. Go to the right if you want to self-park, or go to the left for north valet services. 

From I-15, you’ll take the Spring Mountain Road exit. This will have you heading toward Las Vegas Blvd. Take a right at Mel Torme Way. Go past the Treasure Island parking garage until you come to the Mirage parking structure. 

There is a third route using Industrial Boulevard, but this route is less commonly used. 

Using the Self-Park Garage 

When you pull into the self-parking garage at the Mirage Hotel & Casino, you’ll receive a parking ticket for your vehicle. Keep this ticket with you, and resist the idea of leaving it in your car. If you lose the ticket, there’s a chance you’ll have to pay a higher lost ticket fee when you exit. 

Hotel guests staying at the Mirage Hotel & Casino who self-park can choose to have their parking fee added to their room bill. Simply present your parking ticket to the front desk upon arrival. After that point, you’ll be able to use your room key at any entrance and exit of an MGM Rewards parking facility. Hotel guests have unlimited in-out privileges at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. 

MGM Rewards card members will need to scan their cards to receive their parking benefits when they exit. 

Mirage Valet Parking

Mirage Resort valet parking services are easy to access from the Las Vegas Strip. Simply enter through the Mirage arches off Las Vegas Blvd, and stay to the left. Follow the signs to valet parking. 

At your arrival, stay in your car until a valet attendant approaches you. Make sure you get a valet ticket so you can pick up your car when you’re done, and be mindful of tipping these hardworking people. 

MGM Rewards members are eligible for no-pay valet parking, but Pearl status and lower are excluded from this benefit. 

Event Parking 

The Mirage Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is home to some incredible shows and events. Where do you park if you’re planning on attending an event? You’ll just use the same self-parking or valet services that the rest of the guests and visitors to the Mirage use. 

Normal parking rates apply and note that the free parking at the Mirage Hotel & Casino is only for the first 1-3 hours, so plan on paying a parking fee for your car. Even Nevada residents who get up to three hours free should be prepared to pay since the show can run long. It might take a bit to get back to your car (and out of the garage), plus it’s easy to get distracted along the way! 

If you don’t want to mess with parking at the Mirage Hotel & Casino, you can always take the tram, shuttle, or use ride-sharing services. 

Mirage Oversized Parking

Mirage Oversized Parking

For oversized vehicles that can’t easily fit in the parking garage, the Mirage Hotel & Casino is home to one of two MGM Resorts’ oversized parking lots. 

To park your oversized vehicle in this super convenient location, it’s always best to plan ahead and reserve a spot. If there isn’t a spot available at the Mirage Hotel & Casino, additional oversized parking accommodations can be found at the Excalibur. 

Oversized parking is charged by the full day, with separate pricing structures for vehicles that are under 30ft in length and those that are over. 

Mirage Employee Parking

Mirage Employee Parking

Employees of the Mirage Hotel & Casino are allowed to park in a designated employee parking area. New employees who are not yet familiar with the employee parking area should contact someone in their department for information on where to park for their shift. 

Mirage Parking Map


Does Mirage have free parking?

The Mirage offers free parking on-site for the first hour of your visit, but you will have to pay for the remainder of your time there. Nevada residents can receive up to three free hours with a valid driver’s license or state photo ID. 

Bottom Line 

Come check out the Mirage Las Vegas, located right on the Strip. Enjoy an hour of free parking (three hours for Nevada residents), and explore all the Mirage has to offer. Make sure to stay around for the free volcano shows and enjoy dinner at one of the great Mirage Hotel restaurants

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