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Last Updated on March 23, 2023

You’ve booked your flight to Las Vegas, and you’re planning an itinerary, then it hits you – how will you get to your hotel from the Las Vegas airport?! Airport transportation is often an afterthought, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Review your Las Vegas airport transportation options to determine what fits your budget and preferences the best.

From an airport shuttle to the city bus system, there’s no shortage of options when you’re going from Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran International Airport) to your hotel!

Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttles are one of the most common forms of airport transportation that’s affordable and eco-friendly. Airport shuttles are shared rides that can carry multiple people going to different destinations on the Las Vegas Strip or in downtown Las Vegas.

Taking an airport shuttle will make for a longer ride since other passengers are on board to be dropped off, but it’s a great time to take in the scenery! Shuttles typically cost $15 to $20 from the Las Vegas airport to your destination.

Shuttles are an eco-friendly choice because it avoids the need for multiple cars taking each person. Instead, the shuttle can make multiple stops on the same trip. Several companies offer airport shuttles, but some resorts have a free airport shuttle service for incoming guests.

If your resort offers a shuttle bus service, you could enjoy a free ride from the airport to the resort!

Shuttles can be taken from where you’re staying back to the airport at the end of your trip.


  • Affordable or free
  • Eco-conscious transportation
  • Shuttles are always available.


  • Longer wait to get to your destination.
  • Shared-ride 

Uber & Lyft Ride Share

Uber & Lyft Ride Share

Taking rideshare from the Las Vegas airport to your destination is a great choice for people who don’t want to plan ahead. When you’re ready to leave the airport, simply input your destination into the rideshare app and get matched with a driver. It’s that easy!

Rideshares come in a range of sizes, from small sedans to large SUVs, to accommodate a group. You can enter the number of riders to get matched with the right driver.

Rideshare rates change depending on the demand, driver availability, and how far you’re going. If you’re traveling with a group, splitting the cost of the rideshare makes it affordable for everyone!

Many rideshare drivers are looking to make money off the flourishing tourism market in Las Vegas, so you’ll never have to wait long to get matched with a driver.


  • Flexible pricing depending on the type of ride you choose and how many passengers there are
  • Private transportation
  • Easy to get a ride when you’re ready to leave the Las Vegas Airport


  • Prices change based on demand.
  • Riding with an independent contractor – rideshare companies screen drivers, but not as strictly as other transportation options


Riding a taxi was the go-to option if you didn’t want to take public transportation before rideshare apps became popular. There are still plenty of taxis around the Las Vegas airport if you need a ride. A cab cue near the baggage claim makes hopping in a taxi one of the easiest forms of transportation from the airport.

Taxis can take you anywhere in the city. Taxi rates are calculated as a flat rate based on your destination, or they’re based on the time the ride takes. 

Taxis have become less popular as more young travelers prefer rideshares or public transportation options, but the taxi industry doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


  • Easy to find a ride without prior reservations or research
  • Private transportation
  • Drivers are typically put through a more extensive background check than rideshare drivers.


  • Fluctuating pricing – it’s harder to budget for
  • Taxi drivers can take a “scenic route” to run the meter up and charge more for your ride.


If you want to make a statement and achieve the Las Vegas experience of your dreams, taking a limo service from the airport is a great way to start! Limo reservations can be made for as many people as are in your group. Limos are available in various sizes to accommodate your needs.

Limos come with a chauffeur who can meet you at the airport, load your bags, and accommodate your needs from the airport to the hotel. Taking a limo is pricy, but it’s undeniably a cool experience!


  • Arrive in style
  • A luxurious experience to kickoff a Vegas trip
  • Chauffeur 


  • Expensive
  • Must be booked in advance

Car Rental

Renting a private car when you leave the airport is the norm in a lot of cities, but it’s not always the best choice in Las Vegas.

Renting a car is great because you get to drive yourself without seeing other passengers or a hired driver. On the other hand, you become responsible for navigating around the city and finding parking

A car rental is a good choice if you plan to stay off the main Las Vegas Strip or if you have things on your itinerary that aren’t in the heart of the city. If you stick to the Strip and downtown, you’ll spend a lot more money paying to park a rental car everywhere you go.


  • Privacy 
  • Access to transportation during your trip
  • No waiting for a ride once the car has been rented


  • Higher cost
  • Limited vehicle options unless booked in advance
  • You’re responsible for navigation and parking in the city.

Las Vegas Bus System

Las Vegas has a city bus system that’s better than most. Multiple bus routes run along the Las Vegas Strip, downtown, and to/from the airport. Taking the bus is one of the cheapest ways to get from the Las Vegas airport to your hotel. 

The biggest downside to taking the bus is the wait times. Buses run frequently, but you can still expect to wait for your turn to ride during peak times. Other riders will be on the bus, too, so you won’t get to relax on a private ride the same way you could in a taxi, limo, or rideshare. 

If you want to save some cash, enjoy the ride and use it as a chance to see the city!


  • Affordable
  • Great opportunity to take in the sites


  • Longer wait times
  • Public transportation


Is there a free shuttle from McCarran Airport?

The Harry Reid International Airport, which was formally called McCarran International Airport, does offer an airport shuttle service, but they are not free. Some Vegas hotels, especially those on the Las Vega Strip, do offer free airport shuttles for guests with advanced reservations.

Are Ubers allowed at the Vegas airport?

Rideshare options like Uber and Lyft are allowed at the Las Vegas airport. When you’re ready to leave the airport, simply use your favorite rideshare app to be matched with a driver that will take you to your Las Vegas destination.

Making Your Las Vegas Vacation Unforgettable

No matter how you choose to get to your Las Vegas hotel from the airport, it’s what you do during your stay that really matters! Las Vegas truly has something for everyone. You just have to know where to look.

Las Vegas Food & Fun has done the hard work so you can make every minute of your vacation count! Check out more recommendations like these for a hassle-free trip from the time your plane lands until you board the flight home!

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