Las Vegas Masking Rules Where to Wear a Mask in Vegas

Masking requirements around the country are continuously changing, which means that visitors to Las Vegas are always asking if masks are required and where. As time has gone on, the policy has changed several times, but here is a breakdown of the current masking situation. 

Las Vegas Mask Rules

In general, according to the mask mandate put into place in August, masks must be worn in all indoor public places regardless of vaccination status. However, there are different requirements for different things around the city, so let’s take a look at the mask mandates for these three main areas. 

Masks on Public Transportation

Masks on Public Transportation

Public transportation requires you to be in close quarters with people who are not in your household, so by current requirements; all riders must wear masks while on any form of public transportation regardless of vaccination status. 

Public transportation includes but is not limited to buses, monorails, ride-sharing like Uber and Lyft, and taxis. Simply put, any transportation that includes anyone outside of your household will require masks. 

Mask Requirements in Vegas Shows and Events

business party in new normal with crowded people wearing masks

Las Vegas shows and events are where mask requirements get a little tricky. For shows and events that happen indoors, there is a mask requirement for all individuals. 

However, for large venues with shows or events with over 4,000 people, the venue can decide to either only admit vaccinated individuals or enforce the mask mandate. 

When it comes to events or shows that are only undercover or outdoors completely, masks are not mandated but may be required by the venue.

Should I Wear a Mask at Pools and Outdoor Venues?

Mask at Pools

The mask mandate only requires that masks be worn indoors. When it comes to events or shows that are only undercover or outdoors completely, masks are not mandated but may be required by the venue. 

You also do not have to wear a mask by the pool, but if you go to eat at a restaurant or decide to head into a casino, a mask will be required as you are indoors. 

Covid Status in Las Vegas

Covid Status in Las Vegas

Currently, Clark County is considered at a high-risk level, according to the Center for Disease Control or the CDC. The risk level is assessed each Tuesday after monitoring COVID-19 infection rates. 

Once a county has decreased its risk level for two weeks in a row, mask mandates can then be relaxed as the risk level relaxes. For more information on the spread of COVID 19, visit the Southern Nevada Health District or Clark County official websites. 

When Mask Mandate Will End

When Mask Mandate Will End

Currently, there is not an end date to the new mandate that began in August. As mentioned, the requirements are reviewed weekly based on transmission rates. The mask mandate for Las Vegas will end whenever Clark County no longer has a high transmission rate of COVID 19. 


Do you have to wear a mask in Las Vegas?

Currently, you have to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status in Las Vegas. 

Where are masks required in Las Vegas right now?

The current mask mandate requires residents and tourists to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas.

Are masks required in Las Vegas casinos?

Yes, masks are required in Las Vegas casinos regardless of vaccination status. 

Keep Up to Date on Masking Requirements in Las Vegas

As more U.S. residents receive their vaccinations, masking requirements and prevention measures continue to change based on transmission and spread. To keep up to date with the weekly reports, always consult the local counties and government websites to see the measures businesses have to put into place. 

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