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Last Updated on May 4, 2023

The Las Vegas Strip is rather long, and although most of it is walkable, it would take you quite a long time to get from one end to the other by foot. Because of this, many of the resort properties have constructed trams to help out their patrons. 

One of the most popular trams is the Mandalay Bay Tram which stops at three resorts located on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip past Tropicana Boulevard. The Luxor, Excalibur, and Mandalay Bay are all owned by MGM, which means they have no problems helping guests get to their sister casinos. 

Whether you are looking to go to Excalibur casino or any of the three resorts, here’s what you need to know about the Mandalay Bay tram.

What To Expect With the Mandalay Bay Tram

The Mandalay Bay tram is air-conditioned and runs on a cable rail system. It has several cars that are added depending on demand, with each car holding up to 32 passengers. The tram is typically very clean and well maintained, though occasionally, you’ll find a spill or two. 

Overall, the Mandalay Bay Tram is a great alternative to walking the distance between the three biggest South Las Vegas Boulevard casinos. 

Mandalay Bay Tram Map

Take a look at the Mandalay Bay tram map to see all of the stations and routes. 

Mandalay Bay Tram Station

Mandalay Bay Tram Station
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Each of the stops on the route has its own tram station. At Mandalay Bay specifically, you’ll find the tram station out the northeast corner of the casino past the House of Blues restaurant and the tattoo parlor. 

Mandalay Bay Tram Hours

The Mandalay Bay tram currently runs daily from 10am to midnight. The tram runs every 3-7 minutes, depending on the direction it’s traveling. 

Where Does the Mandalay Bay Tram Go?

Mandalay Bay Tram

The Mandalay Bay Tram goes from the Excalibur to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. When the tram is headed back from Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur, it makes a stop at the Luxor. However, keep in mind that it does not stop at the Luxor on its route from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay because that track is the express tram route. 

How Much is the Tram From Mandalay Bay?

Not many things are free in Las Vegas, but the Mandalay Bay tram is free of charge for anyone regardless of whether you are staying at MGM Resorts or not. 

Where Do You Get On the Mandalay Bay Tram at The Luxor?

The Luxor tram stop is located on the other side of the valet parking directly outside of the main casino entrance, which means to get on the tram, you’ll have to come out through the casino and cross the valet parking area. 

Other Trams on the Las Vegas Strip

Other Trams on the Las Vegas Strip

The Mandalay Bay tram is not the only tram on the Las Vegas Strip. There is also the Las Vegas Monorail with seven tram stops, including the Las Vegas Convention Center and the MGM Grand, though it does require a fee.

Additionally, the Mirage-Treasure Island Tram takes passengers back and forth between the two resorts. The Treasure Island tram hours are far more expansive than the Mandalay Bay tram opening early in the morning, with the last ride well after midnight. 

The Aria Express Tram connects the Bellagio, Park MGM, The Shoppes at Crystals Shopping Center, and Aria and is another one of the free trams in Las Vegas. 


Here are some additional frequently asked questions about the Mandalay Bay tram. 

Is the tram running at Mandalay Bay?

Yes, the tram at Mandalay Bay is currently running, although only three days a week now.

How much is the tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay?

The Mandalay Bay-Excalibur tram is free to the public.

Is the tram free in Las Vegas?

Yes, the Mandalay Bay Tram in Las Vegas is free to use.

The Las Vegas Strip features a ton of popular attractions, but not all of them are within a short walk. The Mandalay Bay tram and other trams in Las Vegas make it easier to get to all of the big casinos and other attractions. Next time you are on the Strip in Sin City, catch a ride on a monorail or express tram.

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  1. I called Delano to confirm the tram hours before my trip. I was told that it’s currently running seven days a week from 10 am to midnight.

    1. Thanks Kris, yes it runs daily from 10am to midnight every 5-7 minutes. We’ve updated the page.

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