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We’ve compiled a list of the best pet friendly hotels Las Vegas has available. Your pets are part of your family, so it’s only fair that they get to come along for all the fun when you visit fabulous Las Vegas. If you’re worried about finding pet-friendly accommodations, you can stop stressing.

Many resorts in Vegas will welcome your pets with open arms and treat them as wonderfully as they treat their human guests. 

To make your search a little easier, we’ve found the most popular pet-friendly hotels in Vegas, and we’ve found some options that fit every budget. We looked at accommodations, prices, amenities, and each hotel’s pet policy. Don’t leave Fido at home when you can stay at any of these great resorts. 

Top Pet Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Four Seasons

Best Overall Pet-Friendly Hotel in Vegas

Four Seasons - Best Overall Pet-Friendly Hotel in Vegas

There are a few reasons that the Four Seasons wins our vote as the best overall pet-friendly hotel. The first is that while many resorts allow you to bring your canine companions, finding one that also takes cats is more challenging. The Fours Seasons is one of only a few cat-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. 

The Fours Seasons is a bit different from the other luxury resorts on the famous Las Vegas Strip. This is a non-smoking, non-gaming hotel, meaning that there isn’t a casino, and the dining and entertainment options are limited. This isn’t a bad thing.

The Four Seasons focuses entirely on guest comfort and satisfaction. This beautiful hotel is adjacent to the Mandalay Bay Resort, so all the dining, nightlife, casino action, and entertainment are right next door. 

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

The Four Seasons Hotel welcomes dogs and cats up to 25lbs. We also like that they charge one of the lower pet fees of the major resorts in Las Vegas. To make your pet feel welcome, you’ll receive a plush pet bed and a special bowl when you check in.

Pet-sitting services are also available, so you know your four-legged friends are in good hands as you enjoy the pool, spa, and other amenities at the adjacent Mandalay Bay Resort. 

Bellagio Hotel 

Best Luxury Pet-Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas

Bellagio - Best Luxury Pet-Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas

The Bellagio is one of the most well-known luxury hotels in the world. Found in a central location on the Las Vegas Strip, the resort is close to everything you want to do and see. Plus, there’s also an incredible list of dining and entertainment options at the resort, including their famous full-service casino. 

The Bellagio is a dog-friendly hotel with a more generous weight limit than other resorts. You can bring up to two pets, with a maximum combined weight of 100lbs. If your furry friend is a little on the large and fluffy side, the Bellagio will make sure you all feel welcomed. 

The nightly pet fee is $125-$175 plus tax and fees, depending on if you choose a room or suite. Pet walking and dog relief areas are available at the North entrance and the main entrance by the Botanical Gardens. The Bellagio asks that you not leave your dog unattended in your room, and pet sitting services are available upon request. 

The Bellagio is part of MGM Resorts, which has an overall pet-friendly policy. They offer doggy butler services that include a text with a pic to let you know your furry buddy is doing great, they’ll arrange a dog walking service for you, and a special doggy treat box is available for an extra fee. 

As much as you love giving your dog cuddles and scratches behind the ears, the trip isn’t all about them. It’s about you too, and the Bellagio makes sure you feel pampered with a Mediterranean-style pool complex, world-class spa, exquisite dining, nightlife, and VIP room amenities. 

Vdara Hotel 

  Best Mid-Price Range Pet-Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas

Vdara pet friendly

The Vdara is an all-suite hotel, which is code for saying all their rooms are spacious, luxurious and provide all the comfort and amenities of a high-end resort at a mid-price range. It’s located just a bit off the Strip, and it’s a non-gaming property, so it’s a little quieter and more oasis-like than some of the other nearby resorts, but it is located in the City Center Complex, so there’s plenty to do nearby. 

The Vdara wins our choice as the best pet-friendly hotel in the mid-price range because it offers comfort and luxury to their human guests and the furry, four-legged ones. They offer special pet-friendly rooms, although it’s best to put in your request and reserve them ahead of time. This is also one of the only hotels in Las Vegas that has a designated dog park for you both to get a little fresh air and exercise. 

This hotel has a limit of two dogs, with a maximum combined weight of 100lbs. The nightly pet fee ranges from $100-$150, depending on the room or suite you’re staying in. And, make sure to take advantage of the pet butler services and enjoy a little time at the Vdara swimming pool and cabanas during your stay. 

La Quinta Inn

Best Budget Pet-Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas

La Quinta Inn las vegas

La Quinta Inn Suites in Las Vegas is a pet-friendly hotel that allows up to two dogs or cats to join you during your stay. They don’t have a stated weight limit listed within their pet policy, but they do say that only domestic animals and well-behaved pets are allowed. If your four-legged friend meets these requirements, then you’re good to go. 

It offers special pet-friendly guest rooms that need to be specifically requested. At only $20 per pet, the nightly pet fee is one of the most budget-friendly ones you’ll find in Las Vegas.

There’s lots of lush green grass for your four-legged guests to get some exercise on, but all pets need to either be on a leash or in a carrier at all times. 

For a budget-friendly hotel, the La Quinta has some great amenities. The outdoor pool is sparkling, and the fitness center is perfect for getting in the morning workout. Free wi-fi, free parking, and complimentary breakfast are included.

The rooms are clean, modern, and comfortable, so basically, everything you want from affordable accommodations in Las Vegas. 

The location is another perk. Located about two miles from McCarran International Airport and a few minute’s drive from the Las Vegas Strip, this is an affordable, comfortable option for pet-friendly guest rooms in Las Vegas. 

Pet Friendly Hotels on Las Vegas Strip

Virgin Hotel

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Another one of our favorite pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas is the Virgin Hotel. They offer special dog-friendly chambers that include a porcelain “watchdog” right outside your door. Many love them as one of the best pet-friendly hotels because they provide “pet-menities” like doggy beds, a special dish with treats included, and a signature bandana. Best of all, dogs stay free and there are no breed or size restrictions. 

Delano Las Vegas

Delano Las Vegas

The Delano Las Vegas is a luxury boutique hotel that will treat both you and your pet with the same personalized VIP service. The Delano is an MGM property, so they have dog-friendly rooms with modern conveniences that will make your stay in Las Vegas memorable. 

LINQ Hotel 

LINQ Hotel

The LINQ Hotel, a member of the Caesars Entertainment brand, is one of the Pet Stay Hotels in Las Vegas. The LINQ is a hotspot for entertainment options in Las Vegas with the High Roller, Fly LINQ Zipline, the Promenade Light Show, and more. Both you and your beloved pet will have an enjoyable time. 

PetStay rooms include dog bowls for large or small dogs, food mats, potty pads, but they should be booked way in advance because rooms are limited.

Nomad Las Vegas 

Nomad Las Vegas

The Nomad Las Vegas is an MGM resort located in the heart of the city on the Las Vegas Strip. They offer a doggy butler service and Buddy’s Box, a little care package box of treats for your dog. Only dogs are allowed, and there is a two-pet maximum per room. 

Downtown Las Vegas & Off Strip Hotels in Las Vegas

Residence Inn

Residence Inn Pet Friendly

The Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center can set you up with a pet-friendly accommodation. There is a limit of two pets, with a weight not exceeding 65lbs. This hotel sits just a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip and is close to the T-Mobile Arena. Each room features fully equipped kitchens and lots of room for you and your furry companion to stretch out. 

Hyatt Place Las Vegas 

Hyatt Place Las Vegas

The Hyatt Place Las Vegas on Paradise Road is a nice, affordable modern hotel that happily welcomes your family pet. Up to two dogs can stay with you for a reasonable additional fee. The free parking partially offsets the additional cost, and you’ll get to enjoy the large outdoor pool, indoor pool, fitness center, and complimentary continental breakfast while you’re there. 

What to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Hotel in Vegas

Las Vegas is actually a pet-friendly city. It isn’t challenging to find a pet-friendly room, but comfort, amenities, price, and location are all important for making the most of your time in Vegas. Before making a decision on the best pet-friendly hotel for you and your four-legged buddy, make sure you’ve checked all of these boxes. 

Great Location 

This is one of the biggest factors when choosing pet-friendly hotels or resorts in Las Vegas. If you want to be close to all the dining, evening entertainment, and casinos, then finding the best pet-friendly hotel on the Strip should be a priority for you. This will also put you not too far from the Las Vegas Convention Center if you’re visiting for a special event or business convention. 


If you’re working with a budget, you don’t want to blow it all on a room and leave yourself strapped for enjoying everything else Las Vegas has to offer. We’ve made a point of including pet-friendly hotels in every price range, so you know there are dog-friendly (and sometimes cat-friendly) options across the spectrum. 

When looking at the price, don’t forget to consider the pet fee. La Quinta is a great, affordable spot if you’re on a budget, and they don’t charge an exorbitant additional fee for having your pets along.

If luxury hotel features are what you’re after, expect to pay more, especially if you’re bringing along two pets. 

Pet-Friendly Amenities 

Sometimes traveling with your pet is like traveling with a child. At a bare minimum, they double the amount of luggage you’re bringing along. If you like to travel light, do a little research to find out which pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas offer extras like pet bedding, dishes, treats, a pee pad, and such. The Four Seasons has a nice pet package to make your companions feel cozy and at home. 

Other features to look for include things like pet relief areas, a dog park or dog runs, and dog-friendly policies for when you have your pet out of the room. Except for registered companion animals, there are pretty strict rules about pets being in dining areas, spas, and fitness centers. 

Some resorts, like those under the MGM brand, offer doggy butlers that will check in on your dog while you’re out enjoying yourself. This is a great service since most resorts ask that you not leave your canine companion alone in your room or suite while you’re away. 

Amenities for You 

Whatever it is that brings you to Las Vegas, you should make sure that the pet-friendly hotels you consider have the amenities that will help you make the most of your stay. For some, this might mean staying at a smoke-free, casino-free resort like the Four Seasons or Vdara, where there aren’t a lot of entertainment or dining options, but the rooms feel like a quiet oasis tucked away from the Vegas craziness. 

Or you might be looking for a luxury dog-friendly hotel in Las Vegas with all of the bells and whistles. We’re talking about luxurious outdoor pool complexes, a poolside bar, ensuite private bathrooms, a full-service spa, fitness centre, and room service for those times when you don’t want to leave your well-behaved pets alone. The Bellagio is an option that delivers on all of this. 


Are any Las Vegas hotels pet-friendly?

A surprising number of hotels in Las Vegas are pet-friendly, especially when that pet is a dog. Cat-friendly hotels are a little more difficult to find, but the Four Seasons and La Quinta Inn happily welcome both. Both have a limit of two pets and charge an additional fee for each.

What casinos in Las Vegas are pet-friendly?

Except for registered companion animals, pets are not allowed on the casino floors in Las Vegas. However, there are plenty of casino resorts that have pet-friendly rooms and suites. 

Some of the most well-known include the hotels under the MGM brand, including the Bellagio, Vdara, and Mandalay Bay. Not all MGM hotels are pet-friendly, however. The Aria Las Vegas, among a few others, don’t allow pets, except for companion animals. 

Caesars entertainment also offers Pet Stay rooms in many of their resorts, including the Las Vegas icon, Caesars Palace.

Where are dogs allowed in Las Vegas?

Dogs are allowed at many hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. However, most do ask that your dog stay in your room, except when out for a bathroom break or exercise. Dogs on leashes are also allowed in most public areas of Las Vegas. 

While pet-friendly resorts love your furry friends, this isn’t the case at all resorts and hotels in Las Vegas. The Aria Las Vegas and the Wynn Las Vegas are two resorts that don’t allow pets, except for registered service animals. It’s always wise to check with a hotel, attraction, or entertainment venue for details on their pet policy.

Bottom Line

There are lots of hotels that take pets in Las Vegas, most allowing up to two pets. Many of them only allow dogs, which is great if your companions are of the canine variety. We chose the Four Seasons as our top pick because they welcome four-legged guests of both the dog and cat variety. 

You don’t have to leave your pet at home, and you can rest assured that they will be welcomed and well taken care of in any of our top picks of best pet-friendly hotels.

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