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Last Updated on March 22, 2022

A fire-breathing dragon? A chihuahua dressed as a mini dragon that wears a straight jacket, shoots from a cannon, and levitates? This is just the beginning of the magical antics you can expect when purchasing tickets to Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. 

Before you choose the date to see this favorite Las Vegas show, find out a little more about Piff, his assistants, and how he became a beloved grumpy, magical dragon. 

Piff the Magic Dragon Las Vegas Show

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Piff, the Magic Dragon, is a favorite of the audience at the Flamingo Las Vegas. He has been performing weekly on stage at the iconic Vegas hotel for years. While the show’s name might imply that this is a solo show, this magician would be lonely on stage without his sidekicks Jade Simone and the chihuahua everyone loves, Mr. Piffles. 

As Piff the Magic Dragon comes to the stage, he seems a little grumpy, if not a tad cantankerous. After all, he’s a fire-breathing dragon, so you can’t expect him to be too cuddly. It’s all part of his act, though, and part of what makes him one of the world’s most loved funny dragons. 

With each show, the audience will find themselves amazed at the magical antics of Piff and Mr. Piffles, with a routine that is ever-changing and that has been perfected over to generate laughs and a genuine wow factor from audiences for years. 

Still, this show isn’t just about magic tricks. It’s also infused with funny wit and humor that’s unlike anything else you might see and experience in Las Vegas. 

Something else that sets Piff the Magic Dragon apart is that it’s a family-friendly show, but it’s also one that adults will enjoy even if they don’t have any children in tow. The show is appropriate for audiences age 8 and above, but some humor might be best suited for kids who are just a tad bit older. 

Magic Tricks

Piff the Magic Dragon performs a variety of tricks and illusions. Perhaps his most famous magic trick is his ability to breathe fire and stun audiences with new versions of classic moves, including card tricks. Still, his tricks just wouldn’t be the same without his friends on stage with him, including Mr. Piffles. 

Mr. Piffles has been through quite a lot for a little chihuahua but doesn’t seem to mind one bit. You can watch him levitate, shoot out of a cannon, and even become laminated of all things. Even if you’ve already seen this show, the performance changes, so you don’t want to miss the chance to see it again. 

Magic Dragon Theatre

piff the magic dragon with his dog mr. piffles

Piff the Magic Dragon, with his dog Mr. Piffles, has been performing at the Flamingo Las Vegas since 2015. In terms of Las Vegas, where everything is always changing, his long-standing run as a headlining magician is an impressive accomplishment. 

You can see this magic dragon performing his magic tricks at the Flamingo Showroom titled the Magic Dragon Theatre. Performances are scheduled regularly, with most showtimes happening on the weekend, but you might also be able to score tickets for a weekday show. Another great thing about this performance at the Flamingo Showroom is that showtimes are a little earlier, which is nice for families. 


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The Flamingo Showroom is a great spot to see Piff emerge from his Dragon cave and perform a marriage of comedy and magic right before your eyes. VIP seats, floor seats, and balcony seats are available. 

America’s Got Talent (AGT)

piff the magic dragon at agt

Piff the Magic Dragon has a long history of performing in Las Vegas, but what made him with his famous dragon suit, furry companion, and hilarious magical antics he performs on stage, such a well-known name was his appearance on season 10 of America’s Got Talent (AGT).

His performances, which more than once included bringing AGT judge Heidi Klum to the stage, would almost always earn him standing ovations. Piff the Magic Dragon made it pretty far into the show but fell just short of having enough votes to make it all the way to the end and was eliminated as one of the final ten. 

While his hopes of winning AGT might have been crushed for a moment, the Flamingo Las Vegas welcomed him to their showroom with open arms. Piff the Magic Dragon has been considered one of the best shows for magic, laughs, and clean fun on a Las Vegas stage. 

Golden Buzzer

Fans of America’s got talent might remember a part of Piff the Magic Dragon’s audition performance that makes him more than just a little special. Piff was one of the few contestants on the show that earned a Golden Buzzer. 

If you’re not in the know, the Golden Buzzer is a special pass that each judge can use only once during the auditions. Typically reserved for a contestant that moves them, when a judge on AGT presses this buzzer, it automatically sends the performer on to the live performance portion of the show. For Piff the Magic Dragon, it was judge Neil Patrick Harris that was blown away by the stunningly good magician. 

Who Is Piff the Magic Dragon?

who is piff the magic dragon

Magicians always have an air of mystery about them, so we always wonder what’s behind the act. If you’re looking for a real-life picture of the man behind Piff the Magic Dragon, here are a few of the details.

Real Name

Piff the Magic Dragon was born in the Uk with the name of Jon van der Put. Piff came along years later when he created the persona. However, Piff got his start not as a full-fledged dragon, but as a “reindragon” when he dressed up in a dragon suit to attend a friend’s holiday party. He painted his nose red, and although he didn’t realize it at the time, his alter ego was in the process of being born. 

Net Worth

While we don’t have access to his bank account, rumor has it that Piff the Magic Dragon (and the man underneath the costume) is worth about $2.5-3 million. With his continued success, we can only guess that he’s on the right track to becoming one of the best-paid magicians in America. 


Enjoy Magic and Comedy with Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo Las Vegas

Piff the Magic Dragon, along with appearances by Mr. Piffles, is one of the best family-friendly magic shows you can see in Las Vegas. Check the dates and get your tickets to see the magical dragon that “almost” won AGT, but still wins the hearts of his audience with each performance.

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