Restaurants Inside Las Vegas Airport

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Airport food doesn’t always have a great reputation, but this is Las Vegas, NV, and everything is better here. McCarran International Airport has lots of spots for dining and refreshments, from the ultra-casual quick eats like Jamba Juice and Burger King, which are found in practically every airport, to a few unique gems that you can only find in Las Vegas, NV. 

So, while you’re at the airport, don’t spend your time hanging around the baggage claim. Sit down, enjoy a meal or a couple of drinks and relax before your flight at one of these restaurants. 

Please keep in mind that some locations may be temporarily closed as Las Vegas is in the process of safely reopening

Terminal 1 A Gates

At the terminal 1A gates, you’ll find some fast and easy food options that are among the most popular at the McCarran Airport. Bagelmania and Moe’s Southwest Grill are two favorites. Here are a few more places to enjoy a little food or drinks while hanging around the terminal, waiting for your flight. 

Fast Casual Dining, Bars & Lounges 

The B Lounge 

The B Lounge at Airport

The B Lounge is the perfect spot to grab a pint or two when killing some time at McCarran International Airport. The “B” is for Budweiser, which becomes pretty obvious once you step inside and soak up the scene. There’s not a ton here in the way of food, but it’s a nice little spot for grabbing a brew and maybe catching a bit of the game. 

Stella Artois Bar

Stella Artois Bar at Airport

The Stella Artois Bar at the airport in Las Vegas, NV, is just a small bar that offers lots of Stella on tap. The seats aren’t plentiful, but there is enough to cozy up to a friend at the bar or make small talk with fellow travelers. In addition to grabbing a pint from the Stella Artois brewery,  there is a full bar, so if beer isn’t your thing, you can sip on a mixed drink of your choosing. 

Quick Bites at Terminal 1A

In addition to the fast bites listed here, you’ll also find Fresh Attractions, Jamba Juice, and Starbucks at this terminal. 

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill

In the mood for a little Mexican food while waiting at the airport in Las Vegas. It isn’t exactly a fancy Mexican restaurant on the Strip, but Moe’s Southwest can definitely satisfy your craving. The Homewrecker Burrito is a cult favorite, and it’s available in junior size if you don’t want to be too stuffed when boarding the plane. You’ll also love the build-your-own kits and FREE chips and salsa!


Bagelmania At Airport of Las Vegas

Siegel’s Bagelmania has brought New York-style bagels to Las Vegas, and they’ve been a favorite in the city for more than thirty years. Now they’re among the quick meals you can grab and eat at McCarran International Airport. 

Bagelmania has more than twenty different varieties of bagels and more than ten types of shmears. There are bagelwiches, too, like the Wake & Bake and Crandall’s Foxy Loxy. There’s also a selection of soups, salads, and other fresh, deli-style goodness to nosh on. 

Shake Shack 

Shake Shack At Airport

The Shake Shack has a few locations in McCarran International Airport, which is good because travelers love their food. Deliciously famous burgers, flat-top hotdogs, and frozen custard are among the favorites for a tasty pick-me-up between flights. 

Terminal 1 B Gates

In addition to restaurants, bars, and fast bites that we’ve listed here, you’ll also find a Shake Shack, Fresh Attractions, Mrs. Fields, and Starbucks at the Terminal 1B gates. 

Casual Dining & Bars 

Red Star Lounge 

The Red Star Lounge is a simple airport bar where you can sit down and enjoy a beer, wine, or your favorite drinks while waiting for flights. There’s nothing too fancy here, but if you’re hanging out by the Terminal 1B gates and want to relax while waiting for your flight, you’ll enjoy this laid-back spot in the Las Vegas airport. 

PGA Tour Grill 

PGA Tour Grill

The PGA Tour Grill is recognizable to people who frequently travel as a regular in the airport dining scene of major cities. It’s a reliable lounge to get some food and maybe a drink or two while at McCarran Airport. The selection of fresh and healthy items on the menu is a major attraction and a nice break from the typical fast food. There’s also a good selection of beer, wine, and cocktails to help your time at the airport pass a little more quickly. 

Quick Meals & Snacks at the B Gates 

360 Gourmet Burritos

360 Gourmet Burritos

Fast, easy, and freshly made burritos to stuff into your belly before your flight. The menu at 360 Gourmet Burritos isn’t huge, but there are enough combinations of burritos, bowls, and southwestern flavors at this quick spot that you’re sure to find something that hits the spot. 

The Great Steak & Potato Co.

The Great Steak & Potato Co.

The Great Steak & Potato Co. at Terminal 1B is the spot to sink your teeth into an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich. The bread is freshly baked, smells delicious, and is enough to wake you from your flight-induced brain fog. Other types of quick comfort food can be found here, and despite the name, there are some vegetarian options too. 

Port of Subs 

If you’re wandering around, trying to decide where to eat at McCarran Airport, you can’t go wrong at Port of Subs. This is a simple, traditional sub shop that offers more than a dozen varieties of classic subs. Plus, a sub requires no utensils, so it’s easy to eat as you’re rushing through the airport, heading to your gates. 

Einstein Bros. Bagel 

This isn’t your typical bagel shop. Where else can you get a jalapeno bacon or cheesy hashbrown bagel while rushing to catch a flight at the McCarran Airport Las Vegas? There are bagel sandwiches that range from light and healthy to ooey-gooey and artery-clogging. You can trust whichever route you take that it’s going to taste really good. There are also family meal kits that are perfect for hanging with the kids at the airport and few decadent sweet treats. 

Terminal 1 C Gates

We detailed some dining choices for the Terminal 1C gates here, but there’s also Fresh Market on the Go, Fresh Attractions, LAS MKT, Jamba Juice, Auntie Anne’s, Burger King, Nathan’s Famous, and Wendy’s in this area of the McCarran International Airport. 

Causal Dining & Bars 

Jose Cuervo Tequileria

nachos at Jose Cuervo Tequileria

Sometimes when you’re waiting for flights, the idea of some Mexican food paired with your favorite tequila sounds really good. If you’re hanging out by the C gates at McCarran International Airport, you’ll find exactly that Jose Cuervo Tequileria. Enjoy nachos, tacos, and all your other south-of-the-border favorites at this spot. 

Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill 

Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill

A little bit of tropical paradise inside the McCarran Airport, Las Vegas? Why not? Forget that you’re in an airport, or even in Las Vegas, NV for that matter, and let the whimsy of Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill transport you to someplace tropical with lots of energy, no matter where your boarding pass says you’re heading. 

Quick Meals at the C Gates 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

You’re going to need some refreshment and maybe a little caffeine as you make your way around the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the perfect spot to refuel. Enjoy coffee, tea, and seasonal specialties exactly how you like them. 

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen 

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen

Delicious Italian food that’s also fast and easy? No, you’re not suffering from travelers’ brain fog. You’ve found Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen, and it’s time to dig into your favorite pasta, pizzas, and more. 

The Great American Bagel & Bakery 

The Great American Bagel & Bakery

Bagels and baked goods are the perfect partners, especially when you’re looking for something good to eat at the airport in Las Vegas. Enjoy the classics, but don’t forget to order a drink to wash down all the bagel-y goodness. 

Pei Wei Asian Diner 

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Unlike the hotels in Las Vegas, good Asian food isn’t as easy to find at McCarran Airport. Pei Wei Asian Diner makes sure your cravings are satisfied with a menu full of fast, delicious Asian-style favorites. Don’t forget to try the dumplings!

Terminal 1 D Gates

Terminal 1 at the D gates is loaded with great dining options, including some of the best restaurants in McCarran Airport. In addition to the ones we’ve listed here, you’ll also find the Great American Bagel & Bakery, Port of Subs, Quiznos Subs, Cinnabon, Fresh Attractions, Jamba Juice, the Byte Kiosk, Starbucks, and Sprinkles Vending machines, among a few other popular favorites. 

Casual Leisurely Dining & Bars at the D Concourse 

Burke in the Box 

Burke in the Box Burger

Burke in the Box is good for grabbing a bite, no matter what meal of the day you’re looking for. You’ll find breakfast selections on the menu like French toast sticks and an egg platter, and then there is your standard selection of lunch and dinner options like burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, and a few varieties of pizza. This really isn’t much of a standout menu, but it’s pretty good for airport food. 

Rachel’s Kitchen 

Rachel’s Kitchen

Rachel’s Kitchen is a favorite among Vegas locals, but the location at McCarran Airport means you don’t even have to make your way through the city to find one of this treasured eatery’s locations. This location is a bit more scaled down, with grab-and-go options like super fresh sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and more. Although it’s a quick spot to eat at McCarran, absolutely nothing is sacrificed in taste or freshness. 

Ruby’s Diner 

Ruby’s Diner

In the mood for something a little retro? Ruby’s Diner feels like a flashback to the mid-twentieth century in the middle of a modern airport. The food here is classic and comforting. Think along the lines of the perfect burger paired with a chocolate malt. There are more contemporary menu options like fresh salads and breakfast sandwiches to fuel up before you catch your flight. 

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill 

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill

Let’s be honest, airport food isn’t always the best, but Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill in the Las Vegas airport is a definite exception. Here you can eat all sorts of deliciousness like pizzas with your favorite toppings, salads, wraps, and classic dishes with a gourmet flair. If you want to sit down and actually enjoy a meal at McCarran Airport, this is a great restaurant, especially for sharing with friends. 

Wolfgang Puck Express 

Wolfgang Puck Express

What would Las Vegas be without the presence of a celebrity chef restaurant, even at the local airport? Wolfgang Puck Express isn’t a fancy, sit-down celebrity restaurant like you’d find in one of the hotels, but it is one of the best places for travelers to enjoy a delicious bite to eat with Wolfgang’s seal of excellence. Enjoy a quick grab, healthy meals, including salads, soups, and a nice glass of wine before you dash to your gate. 

More Dining Choices at the Las Vegas Airport

When you’ve got some time to waste at the Las Vegas Airport, the first thing you do is scour the dining choices to find what’s great to eat at McCarran. In addition to restaurants and quick stops we’ve mentioned here, you might recognize a few of these restaurant and lounge names as you wander around looking for a place to stop, relax and refuel. 

  • Centurion Lounge 
  • Chili’s
  • Metro Pizza
  • Crafted Bar
  • Estrella Jalisco Bar 
  • Baja Fresh Express 
  • California Pizza Kitchen 


What is there to eat in the Las Vegas airport food court?

So many things! The McCarran International Airport is a high-traffic site, so you know there are going to be lots of great dining options. Among the selection of restaurants in McCarran airport, you’ll find great food at a long list of lounges, quick bite spots, fast food restaurants, and a few takes on popular Vegas restaurant food. Of course, there’s also a Starbucks or two, so you can get your caffeine fix on your way to the terminal.

Should I eat before going to the airport in Las Vegas?

This is totally up to you. It’s no secret that Las Vegas has a vibrant restaurant scene, so if there’s a favorite that you want just one more time before heading to your terminal and boarding your plane, you should go for it. If you’re waiting for your flight and want to enjoy a quick meal or drink, the McCarran Airport Las Vegas has plenty of options for you.

How far is the McCarran International Airport from the Las Vegas Strip?

The distance between the Las Vegas Strip and the airport is a little over 2.5 miles. Traffic in Las Vegas can be crazy and unpredictable, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to catch your flight. If you arrive too early, you can always sneak in a bite or a couple of drinks while you’re waiting.

Bottom Line

The great places to eat aren’t just in the hotels in Las Vegas. When you’re hanging around McCarran Airport, you have access to some great eats. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time, and then cruise terminal 1 and the various gates to find the spot that’s going to satisfy your cravings for food and refreshing drinks.

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