Vegas Loop - LVCC Loop Vs Downtown Loop Shuttle

If you are going to take a trip to Las Vegas, you are going to need to know a little bit of the lay of the land. There are two Vegas Loop options – one being one of the more popular ways to get around Downtown Las Vegas and another underground Vegas Loop option that currently runs between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Resorts World Las Vegas. 

What is the Loop?

What is the Loop?

In Vegas, “the Loop” can be two different things: the Bus Loop and the LVCC Loop. Most people also know the LVCC Loop as the Elon Musk Route. The Bus Loop and LVCC Loop are not the same thing. They’re both providing direct access to popular points around Sin City and offer fast and convenient transportation.


The LVCC Loop is an underground tunnel that lets you get free shuttle service around the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was created by Elon Musk’s Boring Company as a way to make it easy to find convenient transportation featuring all-Tesla vehicles driven by a chauffeur. 

Soon, this Loop could provide fast and convenient commutes for Vegas workers. It makes a typical walk time of 45 minutes shrink down to 15.

Currently, there are only a small number of stations between the LVCC Campus and Resorts World Las Vegas, but it’s important to remember that the Elon Musk Loop is not going to stay this small forever. 

This is the very first iteration of the Loop. The original “final plan” of the Loop was going to include 51 stops, but the number of proposed stops has now expanded to 69 different locations. 

If fully completed, Musk’s Loop service will make it possible to trim 45-minute commutes down to as little as 15 minutes or less. This could make Vegas easier to navigate than ever, not to mention more tourist-friendly. Planned future stations include Harry Reid International Airport and Allegiant Stadium.  

LVCC Loop Stops

Another part of the Loop is currently its own standalone part. It’s for the Las Vegas Convention Center or LVCC. The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop sends people to several key LVCC destinations as well as areas near Resorts World Las Vegas. 

Stops include:

  • Resorts World Passenger Station Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Convention Center Riviera Station
  • Las Vegas Convention Center West Station
  • Las Vegas Convention Centr Central Station/New West Hall Connection
  • Las Vegas Convention Center South Station

LVCC Loop Map

The yellow line indicates the current LVCC Loop route, while the blue lines represent the projected routes in the future.

LVCC Loop Map

Downtown Loop Shuttle

Downtown Loop Shuttle

The Loop is an affordable shuttle service that runs through Downtown Las Vegas and helps transport people throughout Downtown Las Vegas. The Bus Loop has a bunch of stops, including the Arts District, Brewery Row, City Hall, Symphony Park, and the Fremont Street Experience. 

Las Vegas Bus Loop Stops 

The main Las Vegas Loop stops are designed to be near major hotspots throughout the Downtown Vegas area. These are the stops the Loop currently has:

  • Fremont East Entertainment Street. This is right near the Fremont Street Experience. 
  • The Arts District. A favorite part of the Loop!
  • Arts District South.
  • Mob Museum.
  • Symphony Park.
  • Las Vegas North Premium Outlets.
  • Pawn Plaza.
  • Brewery Row.

There are also plans for future service extensions to offer convenient access to more casinos. As more passenger stations get made, this list will continue to grow. Current stations are also conveniently located close to other nearby transport connections. So, it’s easy to get to and from Las Vegas Boulevard through the Vegas Loop.

Downtown Loop Map

Downtown Loop Shuttle Map


How much does the Las Vegas Loop cost?

The LVCC Loop is free to different parts of the Vegas Convention Center. If you are discussing the Loop Bus route (which is different), a pass to the Resorts World Station will cost between $4 to $4.50. The Vegas Loop tickets can be purchased on the Loop’s website. 

Is the Vegas Loop being built?

Yes, it is! The Musk Loop’s currently being expanded throughout more of Las Vegas, so there’s more fast and more convenient transportation for visitors. With that said, there still needs to be a bit of patience during construction. 

The LVCC Loop is currently fully functional through its existing campus and is also looking into eventually connecting to the regular Loop shuttle in Las Vegas. Future plans will also see more than 50 different Vegas Loop Station options for people to choose from.

Key Takeaways

  • The Loop refers to a special Tesla shuttle service to offer easier, shorter walk times throughout Las Vegas.
  • The Las Vegas Downtown Loop service features current stops throughout the Downtown area, including Fremont Street and North Premium Outlets. 
  • The LVCC Vegas Loop features stops designed with convention attendees in mind. 
  • The LVCC Vegas Loop officially opened up in April 2021, though expansion is continuing well into the near future. 
  • Future plans for the LVCC Vegas Loop include a complete Resort Corridor that connects passengers with resorts, a main hub, and access to the Strip. 
  • With hope, the LVCC Vegas Loop system will be fully completed within five years.

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